Blood donations / Supplying labor camps

The idea behind our projects was to provide unique services to the community, as the team unanimously agreed that the element of success needs not necessarily be money, but a different measure altogether. As shallow as this may sound, money as a success measure could’ve turned the whole thing into a competition between the groups, burying the very ‘soul’ behind our projects.

Project Objectives and Methodologies:

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1) The blood drive aimed to create a convenient platform to bring together potential donors with a medical crew in order to support the local hospitals with blood packs. We started by contacting various hospitals to find out the procedures, terms and conditions needed to launch the event, fully knowing that it being a medical matter things will not go as smoothly as we hoped. Our contacts at the hospitals were kind enough to talk us through the requirements and pointed out the things we needed to keep in mind. We decided that it would be best if we held the event in the student lounge at the BIBF; a room large enough to be a venue and has a strategic location. The venue also allowed us to persuade spectators to participate, as we demonstrated that a measly 10 minutes of your time could save a couple -if not more- lives.

The blood drive was a complete success by all means and measures:

  • Due to short notice, the hospital offered to only accept 20 blood packs within a 2 hour time frame. By the time the drive was over, 13 individuals successfully donated blood, whilst 18 were disqualified due to various reasons such as smoking, alcohol, low blood pressure, and other blood related sicknesses. This brought us to a total of 31 participants.
  • Individuals that were not able to donate blood due to various reasons had the opportunity to have a quick medical checkup and consultation on their individual conditions.
  • The hospital congratulated us on a successful blood drive given the size of the venue and the very little time we had for arrangements.
  • Another prevailing success was gained by raising awareness of the importance of checking your blood for diabetes or other diseases caught by blood tests, something that a lot of people underestimate.

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2) Our second venture was to support labor camps; to supply and shed light on the difficult situations that the migrant workers live in, a hardship that remains fairly unknown to a huge number of citizens.

This project consisted of the collection of clothes, dry and canned foods (such as lentils, rice, and beans) and toiletries to migrant worker labor camps. Most of these camps are deprived of the very basic necessities that we take for granted. We placed a number of boxes in BIBF to collect the abovementioned items from the staff and students, which we in turn distributed to the labor camps that were among the worst in the country. We decided on splitting the group into two as it was best that a couple of members did the collecting while the other half was in charge of sorting out the items and managing distribution.

Supplying the migrant workers was also a success given that:

  • To our delight we were surprised with the amount collected: 4 boxes full of supplies. The boxes overflowed and donors had to use plastic bags and stash them next to the boxes.
  • We initially coordinated with the Migrant Workers Protection Society to visit 2 sites. We ended up visiting 3 labor camp sites that the society mentioned needed the most help.
  • Communicating with the migrant workers was hard as most don’t speak a single word of Arabic or English, but the happiness in their eyes spoke louder than any word could that day.

Advice for future teams doing similar projects:

  • Be sure to get the proper procedures, approvals and confirmations in time. Establishments such as hospitals are unpredictable and have certain terms and conditions that need to be met.
  • When it comes to lengthy procedures, do not make assumptions and always pursue facts and written communications. Do not hesitate to take brave decisions to save the situation by triggering contingency plans.
  • Choose a convenient location that everyone passes by. We had a healthy number of onlookers who donated on a whim because the event caught their attention.


Lessons learned about managing projects:

  • Communication: Projects give individuals the opportunity to share and discuss ideas without a bias outlook since you all share a common goal. Although each individual has a different personality, effective communication creates solidarity which is key for any project’s success.
  • Coordination: Assign each individual to a task he excels at, or at the very least comfortable with. Forcing roles on team members creates bottlenecks as the individual struggles to pull his weight. Therefore it’s best to coordinate accordingly; after all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
  • Plan, plan and plan! No amount of planning is excessive. Exhaust all your options and weigh your pros and cons. Use your planning phase to assess your risks, to have a clear and concise action blueprint, and to come up with contingency plans. If plan A doesn’t work, don’t fret, the alphabet has 25 more letters!


Bonus Tip: Have fun!



Fawaz Alabdulla – Ahmed Jahromi – Ahmed Buhejji – Hisham Engineer – Mohamed Alkhalifa.


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Brief description of the project


A_m_b_l_y_o_p_i_a_ _is also called ‘l_a_z_y_ _e_y_e_’, it’s a disorder of sight. It involves decreased vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal, or out of proportion to associated structural problems of the eye. There is much more damage to or impact on vision in that eye than is predicted. This disorder has been estimated to affect 1–5% of the population. The project’s scope is to visit one primary school in Bahrain and examine 200 kids. Since it’s a Community Service project, no revenue is expected.

Our team shall conduct screening in a primary school “Abdurrahman Kano International” to help diagnose early stages of this disease. This session will be a pilot, if successful to be proposed to the Ministry of health to become a nationwide program.

The aim of this study is to raise awareness in the public for the overall vision care in Bahrain. Detecting cases and treating them in time will save vision for the population and improve the quality of life for countless generations to come.

Factual analysis of success in terms of project objectives and meth­odologies used

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To conduct initial screenings in a public school in Bahrain for 1st graders the screening will be carried in three stages. 1. A vision test for the entire population. Phase 2. Identify any students with vision less than score 6 to advance to the next stage Dry refraction. Phase 3: identify any positive cases of any time of refractive errors to be referred to Salmanya Hospital.

To elevate the awareness of the general vision health and educate the kids

End result of this program will lead to Zero present of Amblyopic in Bahrain.

  • Study Area: Primary School
  • Study Subjects: 1st graders in Abdulrahman Kanoo Elementary School in Bahrain
  • Study design: Case-control and triage of patients by a practicing licensed in Bahrain Optometrist.
  • Sample Size: 200 kids
  • Sampling technique: Three stages of screenings using state of the art calibrated and certified Medical Equipment.
  • Data Collection methods: three phase Screening that will identify and segregate the entire targeted population


Advice for future teams doing similar projects


In charity projects such as ours Education and planning plays a vital role in the team commitment, which in turn will guarantee success.

In such projects many factors can go wrong it is essential to develop a micro detailed Risk assessment plan to manage any risks associated with the project as well as securing all compromises and contingencies needed to ensure success and smooth completion.

Checks and balances very important to measure and track before the project, in preparation stages and during the execution of the project.


Time line and deadlines must be realistic and synchronized with project scope and objective. Best starting point is during the brainstorming stage to keep in mind the time line achievable goals.

Select the right project manager with a bird’s eye view vision that can give freedom for creativity and still monitor the overall scope and progress.


Two or three lessons learned about managing projects


Legality of our project and securing all permits and licensing helped the success of the project from the initial stage.


Kids Friendly Team members the female motherly presence factor Helped secure total cooperation of the kids in the screening and assured smooth execution. Special thanks to Manal and Nujood from our team.


Passion and Team Commitment about the cause and the project overall objective Gave us tremendous will power to never give up and succeed.


Useful references and Photos:



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Mini Bites for Orphans

The project was a combination of two individual ideas put forward by the team members. It consisted of the direct offering of cookies in the aim of collecting donations and using the collected money to sponsor our own art event for Al Sanabel Orphan children at one of Bahrain art centers. The team has made it on purpose to take advantage of its flexibility to offer the cookies in different areas of the country. That helped us more than if we would have sat on a kiosk trying to do the same.

While planning the project we ensured to set clear and SMART objectives for our project that could help us assess the success and progress of our work. The project was named successful given that we were able to meet the pre-set objectives of:

  • Collect a total donation of 700 BHD: The team was able to actually collect the sum of 1084 BHD since people were receptive to our idea. Part of the money was used to cover the cost incurred by the project and a total of 703 BHD was donated in cash to the charity organization.
  • Achieve the total of 400 likes on social media: After we finished the event we sent out a thank you message for the donors and the charity organization. Using our personal social media accounts that message was delivered to more than 16000 person and we got 644 like in return (engagement of 3.95%)
  • Organize the art event on time: In fact the art event was organized on time. Children had the chance to see the mad scientist, do the foam mosaic as well enjoy dinner and takeaway gifts.


Advice for future teams doing similar projects:

  • Ensure that the number of cookies offered for donation is explored at full capacity. We believe that if we took the risk of ordering more cookies we could have collected double the donations and doubled the kids joy.
  • Set a formal communication plan since effective communication is an essential key in project success.
  • Always have a backup plan (contingency plan) as you never know what might occur during the project’s life.
  • Documentation is a key. Have everything documented from the initiation till the closure of the project to ensure staying on track.
  • Due to the short notice of the invitation, not everyone will respond positively henceforth, try to broaden your targeted number of invitees.


Two or three lessons learned about managing projects:

  • Planning: Planning took the biggest part of the project. The event by itself needed two hours to be completed but meetings, discussions, planning; scheduling and follow up took almost two weeks of time.
  • Team management: The major part of the project manager is to ensure that people are given meaningful work. This is essential in order to keep people motivated as well to ensure fairness among team members. In addition the project manager should always listen to his team members ideas. This is essential especially in big teams, it might sound time consuming, but it can only add value to the project and encourage people to be more engaged.
  • Be ready for the unexpected: Make sure you draft the risk assessment plan as early as possible and ensure its revision before the big day. Things like kids fighting can really happen and risk your project if you are not ready to handle them.


Shall you also want to donate to Al Sanabel Orphanage please go to

Movie for a Cause-Supporting Autism



Project Description:

Many different ideas and proposals were generated for our field project, however we had less than two weeks to prepare and implement so it had to be something not too big and feasible. We decided to do a Charity Movie Night and to partner with the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties and Alia for Early Intervention to raise funds and awareness supporting autism.


We had a screening of the movie “Temple Grandin”, a biopic of a woman with autism who became one of the most prominent female animal scientists. In addition to the movie screening, we had an informational speaker who gave us a short interactive presentation about autism. We managed to generate funds by selling entrance tickets, as well as selling food and beverage to the audience. We also made donations open to anyone who wanted to contribute, even if they were not able to attend the event that way we were able to maximize fundslogo


Project Objectives and Methodologies:

Our project objectives were to raise funds, and to create awareness about autism.

We started planning for the event on 7th of April 2015 and we scheduled our event to be on the 15th of April 2015, so we only had a total of 8 days to plan, schedule, organize, and implement our plans for the event! So we had to have a very hands on approach with this project in order for it to have been successful.

We split our tasks and gave each other functional roles that were split into marketing, operations, logistics, finance, public relations and having a project manager to overlook all the tasks. Even though we distributed tasks we had a cross functional team strategy which allowed us to help each other when necessary.

Our primary tasks were to secure a location as well as have proper advertisement.

Since we had such little time, we wanted to spread the word as soon as we could. We created an Instagram account “@movieforacause” and used other means of social media  in addition to posting flyers on notice boards and digitally as advertisement. We also managed to get a local news crew cinstagramover the event.

In terms of the location we managed to secure a venue within a day from planning with Bahrain Polytechnic, a local university, who gave it to us rent free, including technical support for the event. We also had a few other sponsors, Canar who provided us with funding for the event and Janahi Design who created our banners and flyers.

In terms of logistics, it was very simple as the venue was fully equipped with chairs, speakers, screen and projectors. It also conveniently had a food area to set up stalls. For food and beverage, we had those delivered by either family members or the vendors themselves.0c8d8c404bbe8b521245f9dec24cdc8b

Also, plenty of parking was available as the event began after regular work hours, so a lot of free parking was available by then.

In terms of revenue, we charged entrance fees for 3 BHD (Bahraini Dinar) and for snack and beverage, we sold popcorn, nachos, chips, chocolate, baked goods, soft drinks and water.

We managed to have 75 attendees which equated to 225 BHD from entrance fees alone, 130.2 from snacks and beverages, and we also sold 87 BHD worth of autism accessories provided to us from the society. In addition to the money we received from the event itself we managed to raise 878.2 BHD worth of donations, so total funds raised were 1381.2 BHD. All in all we managed to create a very successful event in a very short period of time.








Advice for Future Teams

  • Make sure all of you communicate well with each other, because communication is a key factor in helping you succeed. Use the most compatible means of communication for your team. Ours was meeting before and after every class and creating a shared whatsapp group.
  • Make sure you plan and document everything from the get go.
  • Have contingency plans in place, and if you’re doubtful of getting last minute approvals from somewhere or someone it is ok to work in parallel with your contingency plan.
  • List down all the possible challenges and consider the mitigation process in order to overcome any surprises.
  • Most of all, remember you’re doing it for a noble cause, so have fun with it and remember that it is very possible! We only had 8 days to deliver, so anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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Lessons Learned:

We learned three main things from this project:

  • Planning. Planning is a key element that will contribute to the success of your project, it will help you think of every detail that you might have missed, and it will definitely help you avoid any risks.
  • Communication. We made sure we always had a way of communicating with each other; the workflow of our project went very smoothly thanks to that.
  • Commitment. Although a lot of us had prior engagements either with work or our personal lives, we were all committed to completing our tasks and meeting deadlines. No one fell short in that aspect in our group and everyone delivered on time which is what helped make our project so successful.  food2foodsponsor3sponsorsponsor1

The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)’s new SIP

Bapco has long been one of the oldest companies in Bahrain, it was established in the 1930’s and is one of the biggest companies in the kingdom.  in the past decade Bapco has launched the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) and has spent 1.2 billion US dollars on this investment. Bapco wanted to upgrade its refinery, thus, taking up this initiative which in turn will allow the company to produce increased volumes of higher value products and meet anticipated future requirements of customers.  the reason this blog is important is because of the sheer size of the projects that were planned for the next decade.  one of the most important was the use of solar power, Bapco collaborated with the University of Bahrain to bring in 2,000 solar panels which were put in and around the university campuses. “The University of Bahrain played a pivotal role in the success of this project by placing 2,000 solar panels at various university facilities, with each panel generating 200 watts of electricity, for a total of 400 kilowatts,” said University of Bahrain vice president for planning and development Waheeb al-Nasser.  this would create a source of “clean” energy for years to come.  this is a huge development for the kingdom of bahrain as economists state that this project will contribute to the growth of renewable energy industries, as well as provide a lot of jobs for locals as well as others.  this will also reduce the kingdom’s dependence on natural gas and oil power sources.  as well as solar power, Bapco has also invested in a waste water treatment project, this investment required Bapco to merge with the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, the two companies did not see eye to eye in the past but now that Bapco has invested in water treatment the tension has eased.  the water treatment project will be a big player in protecting Bahrain’s wildlife and natural sites.  the plant is supposed to limit the polluted discharge into bahrain’s seas.  and treat water for farming and domestic use.  because Bahrain is surrounded by sea it is essential to keep waters clean, and try not to pollute it too much.

these projects gives different industries the chance to cooperate and work as a team even when it seems that the companies have different goals and initiatives.  this investment conducted by Bapco is a prime example of project management as it had a budget, time limitation, and it partnered up with several other companies and institutes to achieve this amazing 10 year project.

in my opinion, i think Bahrain should have invested in solar panels along time ago, as it is sunny all year, and natural gas and oil are running out.  and same goes to the water treatment because bahrain relies so much on the sea it is only wise to keep it clean and prevent it from contamination


Staying On Track

Having a clear documented goal is the way to go. Many projects change in direction or deviate some point in the process. This is due to many reasons such as finding a better solution or a better way to accomplish the project’s goal. If that’s the case, then that’s a plus given to the team. However, if the direction changes or deviation is caused by an unclear or blurry goal, then the project will yield different results.

A clear documented goal and the way to accomplish it could be reached by creating four documents. The four documents are as following:

  • Charter: The document outlining the project’s Scope & Objectives, Impact, Deliverables, Interfaces and Risk & Constraint Management.
  • Project Plan: The steps that should be taken to accomplish the project’s desired outcomes. It could be shown at a higher level breakdown of major activities and tasks and broken down further to show individual tasks assigned to project members.
  • Team Roster: The document containing information about the project team and external people involved in the project. It provides names, roles, email addresses, organizations they belong to, and their Full Time Equivalence (FTE) in the project.
  • Reporting Template: Where progress of the project gets reported in periodic basis. In this document the project team could report their % completion on the project, % completion on each milestone, issues and risks being faced, a mitigation plan, current focus area and changes required on the project team.

By having such documents “under the same name of different names”, the project team could always go back and recheck the progress and direction to ensure movement in right direction. The Charter is the document to be checked at the completion of the project. It has what needs to be done and accomplished. The project plan is the path towards completion and accomplishment. The team roster is who is on board and what contribution and role is played by each. Finally, the reporting template is the health check and prescription to any issue.

Without having this set of documentation, the project might deviate from the original path and give different results because there was no written and clear direction and requirements guiding the team. From personnel experience, people act differently and commit more to documented process and requirements. Many projects have failed in organizations due to blurry paths and not having the book to go back to and validate what they are doing. Moreover, ending up with the wrong results might cause a restart from point zero and having to spend more time, money and energy to accomplish what was supposed to be accomplished.

The key element is to stay focused, and to do so, a project needs a clear documented goals and way to accomplish them.

Emaar readjusts the top management structure to focus on project management

Emaar As a construction firm, having to work on little developments of cementing a parking lot to constructing large skyscrapers, effective project management is compulsory for successful projects.

Emaar, the contractor of sophisticatedly planned and remarkably constructed property, malls, and hospitality developments across the world that add to the quality of life. Known for their single determination to ensure finished projects of high standards and efficiency that add value to their local economy, and therefore they have taken their success to high standardsof international markets, where they deliver world-class developments such as Burj Khalifa known as the worlds tallest tower, that emphasizes their assurance of quality.Burj Khalifa

Recently, Emaar constructed a plan to reform its organizational structure with a focus on project management. As the top management of Emaar was progressing, changes were expected. There was a shift of numerous top executives to the AbuDhabi developer; the former chief of Emaar Real Estate was also designated as an adviser to the Chairman of the firm. Moreover, Noel Madigan, the former Dubai-based contractor was also nominated to lead the project manning and programming department, where he will be responsible for “project management programs and ensuring the timely completion and on-schedule delivery of Emaar’s projects department”. The former executive director of finance and group chief financial officer Amit Jain at Emaar was also chosen to be chief operations officerand chief executive at Emaar Dubai as he will be dependable for the overall operations and financial matters.

Having effective project management in a firm with similar responsibilities as Emaar is crucial to keep the business ahead of the game and creating long-term value. Project management helps managers and organizations improve their project performance. Emaar had a purpose in changing its organizational structure. After gathering all the knowledge, expertise and proficiency they have in the management, the corporation purposely assigned certain members into positions they would work effectively in and therefore will enhance value to the particular department and the corporation as a whole.

This year, Emaar announced several new local developments such as the Dubai Creek Harbour at the Lagoons community, the development of Dubai Hills Estate with Meraas Holding and the Opera District in Dubai Downtown.

Dubai Creek HarbourHaving to decide on huge changes in the organizational structure, do you really think it will have a vital impact on the quality and performance of their upcoming projects? How strong will the influence of the new positioned members of the management have on the collaboration, iteration, reflection, adaption and value of the corporation?



Senior Management in a Family Business

Senior Management in a Family Business

Senior management governs the success and the continuity of family businesses. Family businesses usually start up with informal structure and centralized decision-making. And usually the top managers are exclusively the founders or close relatives. As the business gets bigger and bigger, a more formal structure and decentralized decision making are needed to guarantee the success of a family business for another generation.

Furthermore, appointing the right senior manager is very crucial in this case; professionalism and expertise should be taken into consideration. Senior management selection pool should include family members and non-family members according to their qualifications and value addition to the company. Hence, a clear and formal succession plan would ensure business continuity and survival. Such a plan should start as early as the new CEO is appointed. By creating career development plan system, the nominated managers will go through gradual promotions and training in order to prepare them for CEO positions.

Although the necessity of having succession plan, many families in businesses postpone planning due to complicated implications in a family business environment. The reasons behind this delay are:

  1. Avoid any conflict between the potential CEOs available within the family.
  2. No capable family members for CEO position at current time.
  3. Avoid discussing potential loss of a family member.
  4. Not to admit that company could survive without current CEO.

Good networking, defining roles, establishing boundaries, and fair promotion and reward policy within family members in the business might reduce the conflicts and lead to better environment for success.

In the last five years, my father undertook a project of building a 5000- square-meter factory in a very prestigious industrial area in Northern Bahrain (Bahrain International Investment Park, BIIP). The challenge was to build a huge factory that occupies all operations and management under one roof. And only two weeks ago, all the operations have been shifted to new manufacturing plant. Thanks to god and to my dad’s efforts the factory is fully operational now. My father established this sweets factory in 1983 and with assistance of my mother and two of my uncles. The factory continues to succeed competing in the local and GCC market. And year after year, the business became bigger and number of stuff increased from 3 labors to 150 labors. Later on, two of my sisters and I joined my father’s business few years back. He trained us to lead the business for another successful generation. We are all qualified with knowledge and experience of the industry. The question here who is my father’s successor? Due to seniority and qualifications, my father appointed me as the next senior manager!

My father always says that he has already undertaken so many huge projects, but he believes that developing a leading and knowledgeable generation was the most challenging project in his whole life.

5 Tips for Effective Executive Sponsorship

This blog is to review the article “5 Tips for Effective Executive Sponsorship” and discuss, analyze the concepts and ideas in this article.

This article initially introduced a new point, utilizing project management as a tool for initiating organizational change. In general, project management refers to the use of knowledge, skills, and resources to complete a project and meet the intended results, usually a financial goal. However, the ever-changing business environment requires managers to not only successfully complete various projects but also to constantly implement effective organizational changes to adapt to the complex and competitive business world. In this context, managers have evolved to incorporate organizational changes into projects and view them as a tool, not just a task. As such, the author pointed out that managers should use appropriate leadership styles under different circumstances and improve group culture while executing these projects.

Indeed, among all the failed regular projects, either the work conducted by a team or the work failed to be completed by the team results in the failure. In short, the failure is closely related to the human element. Thus, for projects that bear the goal of transforming an organization, it is very important to emphasize the effectiveness of leadership styles in project management, rather than just focusing on the completion of the project or the financial goal. A manager’s micromanagement of employees will reduce employee work incentive and performance in projects. Another principle is to reduce employee resistance, which requires managers to act as a role model and effectively communicate the purpose and benefit to employees. As such, managers should respect the requirements of the project and inform employees any effect that the projects may cause to every employee, for the purpose of facilitating their understanding of the project and gaining their support.

Another point made by the author is that a manager is not just a supervisor of the project; he or she is also an important participant. The author argued that the manager should be punctual to any meeting and follow up with a project until it is closed, instead of being active in the beginning and then weakening interest or control once it is on track.

This is true with many project management cases. In fact, top managers play an important role in this process. They set priorities and ensure that the project is on the right track. For instance, sometimes project goals are not maintained consistently with the overall organizational vision and strategy, because some workers have their own priorities that are not parallel with the organization’s desired goals or they simply resist to management practices. In this case, what measures can be taken to ensure that the objectives can be met?


Article Source:

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gen_iii_analog_pillow_speaker_largecall cords and pillow speakerpillowspeakersmed


In my professional Career I must say this project was the most effective and rewording of all.  I will quote my professor from today “Emotional and personal commitment to a project will create capabilities beyond measurement to the success of the project”.  In my case creating a better living environment for the ill in a hospital was it.  The delima that created  the project was the 350 bed hospital with dual capacity patient rooms, so that’s 2 Tv in every room which caused a noise problem for all the patients as well as the nursing staff in the wards.  Also another problem was lost or stolen Tv remote controls with almost every check in and check out.  As a communication officer for the facility at the time I realized we were loosing over $200000 per year in materials and labor in addition to the stress added to our patients during their stay.

After extensive research and planning an initiative was adopted to interface a stand alone device in the patient room with the existing nurse call system called the pillow speaker to control TV operation as well as lights and nurse call into the room.

may risks played in this project: the major ones were:  Technical customization to different brands of televesions sets, and the acceptance of the manufactures to buy in. 2nd most critical was the lack of technical installation team in kingdom to complete as this was the first time such interface exist in the kingdom.  3rd most critical was the time line for completion while in full operation of the facility with minimal civil work in the rooms.



I must say with multiple obstacles in the path the driving power to succeed was the comfort level for our ill patients and the improvement of the overall experience.  I compiled a series of training sessions for the technicians to complete the install correctly, initiated training sessions for nursing staff and Medical professionals to  use the new system.  The new devices interfaced to the wall units in the room with a special connectors to secure them and keep them from being lost or stolen.  we phased the project implementation in three months depending on patient census. 70% of completion was done during the month of Ramadan we had the lowest patient admittance at that time in the hospital.

Overall the experience was most rewording raising the satisfaction level among our customers.  Technology at its best serving the population.

  • Designed and implemented pillow Speaker interface that reduced noise levels in patient rooms and impacted cost saving of over 200000 USD per year.
  • Initiated, designed, and completed implementation of pillow speaker interface system first in kingdom to integrate operations of multi-parameters in patient rooms in one device, room lighting, TV operation, calling and communicating with a nurse all in one device.