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Brief description of the project


A_m_b_l_y_o_p_i_a_ _is also called ‘l_a_z_y_ _e_y_e_’, it’s a disorder of sight. It involves decreased vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal, or out of proportion to associated structural problems of the eye. There is much more damage to or impact on vision in that eye than is predicted. This disorder has been estimated to affect 1–5% of the population. The project’s scope is to visit one primary school in Bahrain and examine 200 kids. Since it’s a Community Service project, no revenue is expected.

Our team shall conduct screening in a primary school “Abdurrahman Kano International” to help diagnose early stages of this disease. This session will be a pilot, if successful to be proposed to the Ministry of health to become a nationwide program.

The aim of this study is to raise awareness in the public for the overall vision care in Bahrain. Detecting cases and treating them in time will save vision for the population and improve the quality of life for countless generations to come.

Factual analysis of success in terms of project objectives and meth­odologies used

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To conduct initial screenings in a public school in Bahrain for 1st graders the screening will be carried in three stages. 1. A vision test for the entire population. Phase 2. Identify any students with vision less than score 6 to advance to the next stage Dry refraction. Phase 3: identify any positive cases of any time of refractive errors to be referred to Salmanya Hospital.

To elevate the awareness of the general vision health and educate the kids

End result of this program will lead to Zero present of Amblyopic in Bahrain.

  • Study Area: Primary School
  • Study Subjects: 1st graders in Abdulrahman Kanoo Elementary School in Bahrain
  • Study design: Case-control and triage of patients by a practicing licensed in Bahrain Optometrist.
  • Sample Size: 200 kids
  • Sampling technique: Three stages of screenings using state of the art calibrated and certified Medical Equipment.
  • Data Collection methods: three phase Screening that will identify and segregate the entire targeted population


Advice for future teams doing similar projects


In charity projects such as ours Education and planning plays a vital role in the team commitment, which in turn will guarantee success.

In such projects many factors can go wrong it is essential to develop a micro detailed Risk assessment plan to manage any risks associated with the project as well as securing all compromises and contingencies needed to ensure success and smooth completion.

Checks and balances very important to measure and track before the project, in preparation stages and during the execution of the project.


Time line and deadlines must be realistic and synchronized with project scope and objective. Best starting point is during the brainstorming stage to keep in mind the time line achievable goals.

Select the right project manager with a bird’s eye view vision that can give freedom for creativity and still monitor the overall scope and progress.


Two or three lessons learned about managing projects


Legality of our project and securing all permits and licensing helped the success of the project from the initial stage.


Kids Friendly Team members the female motherly presence factor Helped secure total cooperation of the kids in the screening and assured smooth execution. Special thanks to Manal and Nujood from our team.


Passion and Team Commitment about the cause and the project overall objective Gave us tremendous will power to never give up and succeed.


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7 thoughts on “MGT 598 TEAM 2 PROJECT LAZY__ EYE

  1. i have not had even one person who did not agree with me that this project was by far the most influential project held at all Bahrain universities level. It set a corner stone and a framework to establish a strong foundation to fight the Amblyopia among kids. The impact of changing and improving a child’s life is but a proof of how impactful this project was. A great lesson was given here: When you align you passion and your will, resources become easily available and change will surely happen. hats off for those who made this project and thanks for the lessons shared!

  2. i thought this project was a complete success, not only with the way it was initiated but also with the idea of this event. amblyopia among children is a very serious issue, this condition can lead to one eye being completely blind. the team memebers here did their part to examine and help the children that needed it before it was too late. i am pleased with this project and would like to thank all team members.

  3. This project is an excellent example of generating good will. My group in our initial conversation, debated heavily over the validity of a service or fundraiser event. In resolution we decide on a hybrid model and are measuring our success across social impact.

  4. What I like about this project is the articulation of 3 phases, specification of study area, subjects, size, techniques, etc. and the long term focus in mind of the program impact at the country level. It demonstrated well organized planning and thorough thought process as well as team dedication to this serious issue and desire to address the problem not only as a local event. I hope that the project will continue to exist beyond this program and will successfully grow to the nationwide extend.

  5. I also liked the three phases in this project as it gave a structure and was very easy to see the effective plan of delivery. A good point in this project was also getting the licenses and permits required to carry out this service event. Although our group is not currently looking at something that would require an official license and/or permit, there are still permissions that need to be taken care of. A common theme is a timeline and structure and with the three phases of this project I think it would be a good idea to potentially add it to our group.

  6. Our group is currently evaluating a hybrid – fundraising and a service project. I find this as good example to plan the service project. I liked the way this team has selected a community service project that will help the kids, provide awareness/visibility to a major health issue and can help the government. I like the method that is used to determine success in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Also, The data collection methods are well outlined and the sample population (200)are appropriate to make an impact/ learn something useful from this effort. I’m also very impressed with the tips that are provided on how to run a successful service project- Selecting the right project manager, Setting up realistic timelines and deadline, putting checks and balances in place and finally understanding the legal issues related to the project.

  7. What a tremendous project! Uniting forces to help 200 children with a basic life necessity: vision. I am reminded of one of the attributes described in an article from the Spring 2011 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review by Dvir and Shenhar. On page 20, the authors cite one of the common traits of successful projects is a dedicated team that seeks to make a difference and create exceptional value. I applaud Team Lazy Eye. One of their comments identified their team had passion and a team commitment which gave them willpower to succeed and to never give up. That drive and determination helped to make this project a success.

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