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In my professional Career I must say this project was the most effective and rewording of all.  I will quote my professor from today “Emotional and personal commitment to a project will create capabilities beyond measurement to the success of the project”.  In my case creating a better living environment for the ill in a hospital was it.  The delima that created  the project was the 350 bed hospital with dual capacity patient rooms, so that’s 2 Tv in every room which caused a noise problem for all the patients as well as the nursing staff in the wards.  Also another problem was lost or stolen Tv remote controls with almost every check in and check out.  As a communication officer for the facility at the time I realized we were loosing over $200000 per year in materials and labor in addition to the stress added to our patients during their stay.

After extensive research and planning an initiative was adopted to interface a stand alone device in the patient room with the existing nurse call system called the pillow speaker to control TV operation as well as lights and nurse call into the room.

may risks played in this project: the major ones were:  Technical customization to different brands of televesions sets, and the acceptance of the manufactures to buy in. 2nd most critical was the lack of technical installation team in kingdom to complete as this was the first time such interface exist in the kingdom.  3rd most critical was the time line for completion while in full operation of the facility with minimal civil work in the rooms.



I must say with multiple obstacles in the path the driving power to succeed was the comfort level for our ill patients and the improvement of the overall experience.  I compiled a series of training sessions for the technicians to complete the install correctly, initiated training sessions for nursing staff and Medical professionals to  use the new system.  The new devices interfaced to the wall units in the room with a special connectors to secure them and keep them from being lost or stolen.  we phased the project implementation in three months depending on patient census. 70% of completion was done during the month of Ramadan we had the lowest patient admittance at that time in the hospital.

Overall the experience was most rewording raising the satisfaction level among our customers.  Technology at its best serving the population.

  • Designed and implemented pillow Speaker interface that reduced noise levels in patient rooms and impacted cost saving of over 200000 USD per year.
  • Initiated, designed, and completed implementation of pillow speaker interface system first in kingdom to integrate operations of multi-parameters in patient rooms in one device, room lighting, TV operation, calling and communicating with a nurse all in one device.


  1. Interesting post! What i believe was one of the key drivers to the success of this project was the fact that the customer was put first. As explained, the whole project was initiated to increase customer satisfaction and with that solving another operational challenge which is the theft. I could still see that kind of project motivation continuing in today’s world as people interest switch to different interest. I anticipate the next project for this hospital to be battery wireless mobile charging, or an ipad for every bed and who knows a pre-screening mobile application the patient might use on his way to the hospital which could help him avoid insurance queues and general check up procedure. Thanks for the post.

  2. Your writing made me form an opinion of the relevance of will and commitment in project management. I found myself wondering how one’s psychological effort can contribute so much towards improving project management. This post is relevant in understanding how self-motivation plays a significant role in improving projects. I can relate it to the success of several past projects.

  3. I real like this post because here they really thought what is good for benefit of the hospital and it is true because there is a lot of theft is going on that definitely would increase the material cost and that could effect a lot of departments that are not even part of the problem. from the patient side it will be very comfortable to him to use the facilities without even calling the nurse and that will lead to concentrate on patients that will more care.

  4. I enjoyed reading about this project as the comfort level of ill patients in hospitals is often overlooked. There seems to be various funding for research and other aspects that ultimately help patients with treatments, but the comfort level of the patient now is sometimes overlooked. This project also helps hospitals in terms of economic impact as well which is great. I hope to bring some of the ideas of this project to my group.

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning how a pillow speakers control the lights and TV in a hospital room. I can understand that having this on hand can help patients make themselves comfortable while receiving the medical treatment they need. It is important to remember that taking the time to do some research and compare several pillow speakers can help you find the best one for the type of needs you have.

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