Emaar readjusts the top management structure to focus on project management

Emaar As a construction firm, having to work on little developments of cementing a parking lot to constructing large skyscrapers, effective project management is compulsory for successful projects.

Emaar, the contractor of sophisticatedly planned and remarkably constructed property, malls, and hospitality developments across the world that add to the quality of life. Known for their single determination to ensure finished projects of high standards and efficiency that add value to their local economy, and therefore they have taken their success to high standardsof international markets, where they deliver world-class developments such as Burj Khalifa known as the worlds tallest tower, that emphasizes their assurance of quality.Burj Khalifa

Recently, Emaar constructed a plan to reform its organizational structure with a focus on project management. As the top management of Emaar was progressing, changes were expected. There was a shift of numerous top executives to the AbuDhabi developer; the former chief of Emaar Real Estate was also designated as an adviser to the Chairman of the firm. Moreover, Noel Madigan, the former Dubai-based contractor was also nominated to lead the project manning and programming department, where he will be responsible for “project management programs and ensuring the timely completion and on-schedule delivery of Emaar’s projects department”. The former executive director of finance and group chief financial officer Amit Jain at Emaar was also chosen to be chief operations officerand chief executive at Emaar Dubai as he will be dependable for the overall operations and financial matters.

Having effective project management in a firm with similar responsibilities as Emaar is crucial to keep the business ahead of the game and creating long-term value. Project management helps managers and organizations improve their project performance. Emaar had a purpose in changing its organizational structure. After gathering all the knowledge, expertise and proficiency they have in the management, the corporation purposely assigned certain members into positions they would work effectively in and therefore will enhance value to the particular department and the corporation as a whole.

This year, Emaar announced several new local developments such as the Dubai Creek Harbour at the Lagoons community, the development of Dubai Hills Estate with Meraas Holding and the Opera District in Dubai Downtown.

Dubai Creek HarbourHaving to decide on huge changes in the organizational structure, do you really think it will have a vital impact on the quality and performance of their upcoming projects? How strong will the influence of the new positioned members of the management have on the collaboration, iteration, reflection, adaption and value of the corporation?





2 thoughts on “Emaar readjusts the top management structure to focus on project management

  1. Your writing made me form an opinion of the significance of project management in projects. This post is relevant because it aids the reader to understand the significance of proper managing of projects. I can relate this approach to other organization activities, where management plays a role in decision making and planning. This made me think about ways to improve projects concerning various fields such as information technology and business.

  2. Very interesting topic! You have made me think of the reason behind Emaar’s success. Truly it is all about strong project management. The newly positioned management members will effectively influence the company by adding new thoughts and expertise into managing projects and directing the labor force.

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