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Apple Corporation seems to always have something new to keep their name a popular topic. Even though the adjustments they made to their software are very minimal and there are already systems very similar out, every new launch from Apple a huge hype and gets attention from majority of people.

Every time a new software or phone is released by Apple, they have a huge Keynote that has viewers from all over the world. Apple does not spend money on the advertising for the Keynote but they are still able to have millions of viewers. The Keynote goes through the details of the new product, shows the product to the public for the first time, and finally gives the release date for the item. With the release date being in the near future, customers gain anticipation to get their hands on the product when it first goes public.

Apple now has a cycle for each one of its’ products so they are constantly introducing the next big thing. With this stable cycle, Apple is always able to keep their company on the surface and continue to be a popular brand. Although some may think Apple is making their previous products go out of date very quickly, the purpose of Apple’s constant cycle of upgrades is to make their product irresistible to the millions of people that have yet to buy the product. The cycle also manages to keep the competitors on their toes; when they come out with their first of a product similar to Apple’s, Apple is already ready to release the next generation of the product.

Apple is making their product cycles long enough to have customers with the past model upgrade at the time of release while maintaining the newest products constantly. Some people are ready for the upgrade when it comes out but even the people that are not will be intrigued by the newest release and pay the price to keep up with the latest and greatest from Apple. For example, Apple is at the 8th generation of iPhones, but when the six came out there were still lines for hours the day of the release, even after some people participated in the online preorder that Apple offers.

Thus far the Apple product cycle has been able to keep the company pretty successful and at the top of the market. Apple is able to release the newest products without spending much on advertising and having a good turn out.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s Product Cycle

  1. I switched over from Blackberry to iPhone about four years ago, and it was precisely this product cycle that brought me over to the other side. The way Apple hypes their products seems to have almost a drug-like influence on consumers. While the Blackberry seemed to have almost no notable upgrades year after year, Apple users seemed to have shiny new bells and whistles every few months. Apple is an incredible company with an outstanding business model. However, I am getting a little tired of the never ending cycle, high costs, and other frustrations that goes along with being an Apple use. I am actually thinking about switching back over to a Blackberry for its battery power, durability, and its key pad that I can type twice as fast with. The things that drew me to Apple four years ago are the same things pushing me away today. I do think Apple is a phenomenal company, but I am getting pretty tired with their infamous product cycle.

  2. The only Apple product that I own is my iPod touch which is one of the older versions. I definitely think that the cycle that you are talking about is what helps Apple stay at the top of their game. When they are going to release a new product they really hype up the consumers. They release new products but the new product is very similar to the previous version.

  3. I hear it all the time “Apple is better! No, Android is better!” and it doesn’t stop. Very well said that Apple does not put a lot of money in to finding out what people want. They simply make the product and put it in the market. Great success has actually accompanied Apple and I don’t think it’s going to stop. They are seriously on top of their game. For those who are hardcore Apple fans, it doesn’t matter if the newest Iphone does not have swipe, or waterproof, or ir blaster, etc They are simply going to buy it because it is a super reputable company and their name just stands out from the rest. Now, there is competition out there. Based on when phones are released and their cycles, this new Iphone came out and some weeks later, the note 4 comes out. Bigger and better and guess what? I haven’t heard about people standing in line for days at time waiting in the rain, snow, or extreme heat for the phone but next fall, when the new iphone comes out, oh man, The lines will be long and the news are going to cover it from every angle and everyone will want it.

    Let’s just hope that the guy who buys the new iphone doesn’t drop it on live tv live tv like the guy who dropped it even before he got a chance to put it on his hands for the first time.

    Oh, and I do have an Iphone (the Iphone 5) and to me, it’s just a phone. I don’t want or need the latest and greatest. This phone does just fine. No need to replace it because it’s not broken.

  4. I find Apple’s strategy of constantly make new products frustrating. I see that a lot of iphone users upgrading to the new and improved when their slightly older version works perfectly fine. This is a reason why I stay away from the iphone because they take advantage of people. I believe this is just a secure way for them to earn money from consumers.

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