Are Consumers Ready To Start “Wearing” Technology?

Google’s latest project, Google Glass, attempts to revolutionize the way we use our smart phones. But will it be successful in getting us to completely change our habits and behaviors in regards to using them? Google Glass is essentially a pair of sunglasses that functions as a regular smart phone. If you want to make a call, take video, surf the Internet; you can. The device is said to be unbreakable, flexible, and gesture controlled. Basically, it’s a wearable cell phone. While it may initially seem like an amazing idea, this article takes a deeper look at if consumers are really going to be open to the idea of give up the standard cell phone that we’ve become accustomed to using.

The author of this article seems to think that Google is going to be unsuccessful in being able to change the behavior of cell phone users within a year, and he may be right, but this is an ever-changing world. I’m sure nobody imagined we would have portable telephones in the 70’s and I’m sure nobody imagined we’d have the Internet in the 80’s.  I’m positive that nobody thought we would have portable telephones that allowed us to use the Internet today. I thought this was an interesting article, especially after the activity we did in class the other day. If there wasn’t a Navy seal persistent and innovative enough to try and change the process, we would still be shooting rockets with 3% accuracy. Another thing that got me thinking about the connections between this article and class was the airplane activity when nobody asked the customer what they wanted. Google is about to unleash a technology that is one of the most innovative we’ve seen in a long time… but do we really want or need it? Google is a great company, so there must be customers that have given them the indication there is a need for this technology.

Personally, I would not wear these. I am totally fine with my iPhone in my pocket. Pulling my phone out and holding it to my ear really doesn’t inconvenience me enough to wear a pair of glasses every time I need to make a call, but there is probably a market for this. Of course, the article brought up Apple as a potential competition to the Google Glass, and that also got me thinking. Apple has been relatively quiet as of late, so there is a good chance that they are planning something. Apple, to me, is in the business of improving, rather than creating. They took the MP3 player and made it stylish and easier to use. Then they made a cell phone with features that early 2000’s cell phone users couldn’t have ever dreamed of. What’s next? Do you guys think Apple is going to pounce on this right after it hits the market? Before? What other potential problems do you see with Google creating this device? Would you even wear something like this?

Google Glass: what you need to know

8 thoughts on “Are Consumers Ready To Start “Wearing” Technology?

  1. This is interesting because it really hits on the idea that no matter how revolutionary or innovative the product is, it does not matter if no one is interested in purchasing it. I think Google is smart to start moving in this direction because current cellphones are beginning to hit a lull in upgrades and innovations. However, I think this product is not something for your average consumer and should be better marketed on a specific user basis. It could be a really great addition to business people or those who are current “bluetooth” or other hand-free phone device. If google works on creating a specific use or agenda for this device it could have some great potential and allow google to dominate a market that has been so heavily dominated by apple or samsung.

  2. I think this new innovation is really interesting. I agree that a lot of the unimaginable has happened such as the touch screen phones were probably never thought of before the iphones came out with it. I do think there is a demand for google glasses because it is being talked about and there is market already waiting for it’s release. Obviously Apple is already working on something new as well, Steve Jobs did mention on his last interview about Apple TV as his next great invention which could be a response to Google glasses.

  3. I think this is a very interesting product and I think people will find it interesting to learn about,but I do not see most of them actually taking the plunge and buying a pair. While we like that technology continues to grow and new products are always coming out, I don’t see the current version of a handheld pone disappearing. Maybe this product will become successful in the future, but not anytime soon.

  4. I hear your concerns about people actually wanting to wear these glasses. While it seems like a really interesting product that could have great benefits, it all comes down to whether people want to wear these glasses around all day. In my opinion, the Google Glasses will have to be truly revolutionary to be accepted by the mainstream crowd. If the initial buyers like it and the reviews are very favorable the glasses can go mainstream, but if the product fails to deliver in any way, it could crash and burn.

  5. Steve Jobs once said “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. I agree that Apple is in the space of improving, innovating and delivering a well designed product that’s easy to use. Walkman’s and CD Player’s were clunky and inconvenient, and you had to carry tapes and CD’s. The iPod was a magnificent invention. My pursed used to have a phone, a camera, and an iPod when I was on the go. Now my iPhone has it all, along with instant access to the internet. Everything I already have packaged into one thing. I even do my banking on my phone. It’s amazing. Where am I going? Who asked Google for glasses? I highly doubt the general public has generated a lot of requests for such glasses. It makes me wonder why Google’s stock price is so high when they don’t seem to be producing anything new or of use.

  6. I found your article really insightful regarding the mass market’s readiness for wearable technology. The way I see it is this; in order for people to want to wear Google’s Glass, they need to feel comfortable doing so. This is why the bluetooth headset, while it was an amazing idea, has not really caught on. When people see other wearing a bluetooth headset, we don’t really consider it “the norm”, especially when you think you hear someone talking to themselves, but then they turn and you realize they’r eon a bluetooth. People are self-conscious about looking stupid when wearing a bluetooth, and the same will go for Google Glass. I think I speak for pretty much everyone when I say that in order for me to buy these things, they need to be affordable, and I need to see a lot of people wearing them. The best marketing is by seeing others using your product. Until a lot of people are, I’m not going to buy it.

  7. In the article the flexible screen coming out of a pen was way more appealing than Google Glass, and let’s be honest if Apple designs this flexible screen first, there is no competition. Another thought: there has to be potential health concerns with that band of technology strapped to your face all day. How do I text? Nobody is talking on the phone these days, we’re sending texts, we need buttons!

  8. I believe consumers will be ready to start turning to augmented reality within the next 2 years. I do not believe the technology is at its prime but is still developing towards it. A friend of mine was working on an Augmented Reality startup and raised 250k but this was 2 years ago and I believe he was ahead of his time. Now its beginning to come to fruition but still is in its BETA so it needs to develop more.

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