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Microsoft new windows phone 8 offers a lot of improvements from the previous windows phone 7. New much-needed tweaks and snazzy new features that rival those on the iPhone or most popular Android devices. The analysts think that Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iPhone by 2016, gaining 19.2% of the market How can Microsoft’s catch up to the industry’s hares? With strong hardware partnerships, relentless marketing and tight ties to Microsoft’s more successful brands, including Skype and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Phones will be available on Verizon’s network for the first time. Windows biggest boost might be the new Microsoft ecosystem which could make the very similar Windows Phone 8 a more attractive item. Microsoft is building an ecosystem of gadgets that play nicely with one another.

Microsoft has gone through an improvement on their phones similar to the one of Quality Systems of Six Sigma. Microsoft has contributed to enhance the organization performance. They had to define the problem which was that their phones were not competing with the competition. They analyzed the problem, found out what was the problem and why their product was not on the same level as the competition. Microsoft measured their current process, they came up with a new goal. The company then began to implement solution that would address the problem. After doing their research and a lot of collected data Microsoft has come out with the new Windows Phone 8 which they believe has a much better chance to compete with the competition.

Do you think the Windows Phone 8 will in fact be able to compete with Apple and the Android and if it does by when do you think this could happen?

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  1. This is an interesting because with the continuing success of the Iphone it seems that every company in the phone business is trying to catch up. But i doubt that even with advances in technology from other competitors such as Android and Microsoft are going to catch Apple’s hold on the smart phone market. I say this because Apple has such a loyal following of consumers that they don’t seem to want to switch at all. We can see that android is trying to attach Apple in their ads currently but its not helping them overwhelmingly. I think that the people at Microsoft have way to high of hopes for this phone the phones to come to think their going to gain 19.2% of the market in the coming years because Apple isn’t slowing down and neither is there cult following.

  2. I think there has always been a big windows market. The iPhone has “dominated” the market for people wanting “whats cool” but when it comes down to it, the Windows phone offers much more for much less. Very interesting article.

  3. Yes, it think Windows might have a chance. We are seeing them really try to differentiate themselves in the market, while still trying to compete with Apple. They have launched numerous marketing ads everywhere to try to appeal people to buy Microsoft Surface. When it comes down to it, I feel that Apple is starting to reach a shortage on creativity. They started the shift towards touch-screen and smartphone electronics. However, now they are not doing much when it comes to creative updates. It will be interesting to see if Apple will still be the number one demanded product brand in 2016, or if Microsoft might take lead.

  4. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 does have a chance to compete with their competitors Apple and Android. This would obviously need time because they started out in the market late. Microsoft would need to appeal to their consumers how they are different from their competitors. Possibly offering at a lower price to appeal and create a loyal customer base.

  5. A recent poll has shown that Windows phones and Android phones have actually surpassed the iPhone in sales and demand as of late. Albeit, not enough to jeopardize the iPhone’s market position, but enough so that it raised a few eyebrows. I think that Windows’ ties to a variety of other applications and systems such as Google and Skype to name a few, does give it a competitive advantage. With this advantage I do believe Windows phones could compete with the iPhone, especially given that as of late its sales are slightly higher than that of iPhone’s.

  6. Yes, i think Microsoft will be able to compete with apple and android. The main aim for for windows 8 in desktop and cell phone is to integrate and sync all the devices a user has. The phone, the computer and now windows surface is out; the idea is to fully sync everything a person works with and have the same windows 8 feeling in all devices.

  7. I also agree that the windows 8 phone will be able to pass up the iPhone in the coming years. Apples market share for smartphones is actually decreasing and this could be the break that Microsoft needed to make a bigger impact on the smartphone market. I have been a IPhone user for the past six years and must admit the new windows 8 operating system is impressive. Besides features microsofts phones are also built with high quality. With Apple recently lacking in quality this will also help Microsoft expnd there smartphone market share.

  8. It’s a very interesting article about windows phones. Yes, I do think that windows will eventually compete with Apple and Android. The phones they offer is way less than those two companies. The other thing is their operating system that people are familiar with.

  9. I think that for past 6 years apple has over shadowed windows by their systems, applications, and services in general. Apple is considered to be a more desirable brand than Microsoft but i believe that Microsoft has done many changes to their brand to earn the likes and trust of the customers they lost in the past years. since android has been introduced Microsoft have been making continuos updated that eventually lead to better processing system since they first came out. Microsoft is on the way to regaining their reputation as it was years before apple overtook the market and they will considered a strong competitive brand along Apple.

  10. I don’t think Windows 8 will be able to catch up to I-phone’s or Android’s operating system. Even if Microsoft produces comparable devices quality wise based upon six sigma, the tile ecosystem to me that Windows 8 offers is just not as user friendly as I-phone or Android’s. I feel that the mobile phone industry is very polarized at the moment with Apple and Android and a third player is much needed.

  11. Although Apple and Android have a head start on Windows Phone, it will become a significant player in this space. In their ecosystem, your laptop is your tablet and your tablet is your laptop. They have developed a family of products that make your life digital. Your smartphone is part of this family of products but it not just about your smartphone. The products have to connect you, your family, your home and your work seamlessly. Microsoft has a significant advantage because of their market share in gaming and personal computing.

    In addition one size does not fit all when it comes to customers and technology. Apple lacks options. Android is complex and intimidating for some customers. Windows Phone 8 is another option in the smartphone category.

  12. It blows my mind how Windows has been unable to adapt with the changing technology market, and it seems now as if Microsoft is playing a game of catch-up with Google and Apple. Although they may be playing catch-up, a wise investor should never count out Microsoft and the rich resources they have. While Apple seems to dominate the headlines and the conversation, keep in mind that the vast majority of computer users in the world are using Windows and Microsoft products. Businesses worldwide rely on Microsoft and their software to conduct their normal course of business. Apple and Google have attempted and failed at eroding Microsoft Office’s market share on the document composition business.

    I think what Microsoft needs to focus on is leveraging their strengths they have with Office, XBox, and Skype, and develop their mobile platforms around those competencies that they have already established. If they can get Windows to mesh with Windows phones, XBox game consoles, tablets, and even the work space, they will have developed a formidable opponent that Apple and Google would have a difficult time dethroning.

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