Windows Phone 8

Microsoft new windows phone 8 offers a lot of improvements from the previous windows phone 7. New much-needed tweaks and snazzy new features that rival those on the iPhone or most popular Android devices. The analysts think that Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iPhone by 2016, gaining 19.2% of the market How can Microsoft’s catch up to the industry’s hares? With strong hardware partnerships, relentless marketing and tight ties to Microsoft’s more successful brands, including Skype and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Phones will be available on Verizon’s network for the first time. Windows biggest boost might be the new Microsoft ecosystem which could make the very similar Windows Phone 8 a more attractive item. Microsoft is building an ecosystem of gadgets that play nicely with one another.

Microsoft has gone through an improvement on their phones similar to the one of Quality Systems of Six Sigma. Microsoft has contributed to enhance the organization performance. They had to define the problem which was that their phones were not competing with the competition. They analyzed the problem, found out what was the problem and why their product was not on the same level as the competition. Microsoft measured their current process, they came up with a new goal. The company then began to implement solution that would address the problem. After doing their research and a lot of collected data Microsoft has come out with the new Windows Phone 8 which they believe has a much better chance to compete with the competition.

Do you think the Windows Phone 8 will in fact be able to compete with Apple and the Android and if it does by when do you think this could happen?