The Importance of information technology in project management

The Importance of information technology in project management.


In modern world, any business, small or large, needs to manage its projects wisely. With most markets quite saturated and with increasing and improving competition from almost all angles, it is important how businesses conduct their projects. In most situations, the success of the project depends on many factors, especially the project manager him/herself, his/her experience, knowledge, intuition, and sometimes, even ability to “push-back”.  What if one does not have all those traits but has a strong vision and direction of the business? One, quick solution is to find and hire individual who would help materialize that vision. On the other hand, with fast growing information technology, there are some tools that may help the project manager to improve implementation and effectiveness of any enterprise.


What is project management software? It is a software application usually available for all computer systems, which with easy to navigate and intuitive user interface allows managers to effectively control their projects. Most modern project management software provides great help to managers in conducting all phases of the project: planning, managing, and execution from most critical aspects such us: budgeting/cost, resourcing, scheduling, and many more. They allow quick and easy glimpse on the projects development, check current and predict future constrains, as well as analyze alternative project’s paths or adjusting current project settings. Such applications are usually very critical especially for big and complex enterprises that require large budgets, involve of various resources, and are time critical.  However they are also very helpful in conducting projects in small businesses as well. In any case, PM software may support project leaders to manage projects more efficiently and run business operation more smoothly.  Overall, technology has a big impact on project duration, tracking costs and overall project performance.  Per study conducted by Vittal Anantatmula, the use of technology can assist managers better communicate, share knowledge and improve processes.  Moreover, complex projects that deal with a large amount of data and information can be challenging for project managers, therefore the use of software tools that help track all this information is beneficial in successfully completing any project. (Anantatmula, 2008).

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There are different types of project management software available on the market. From the ones, designated for small businesses to the large ones, created for big corporations in mind. There are those that are web-based, hosted by the software developer applications, available in cloud, as well as software developed for desktop users. They may also come in server-client configuration, which allows central control (server) of the application with granted access to it for personnel involved in the project (client).


There are many project management software available on the market today that have helped many managers to complete their projects successfully. One of the most popular are:


–       MS Project –

–       Basecamp –

–       Wrike –

–       Genius Project –


What project management software do you use in your company? Is it really helping you with your daily work?  How difficult would your job be without the help of technology?




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