Will there ever be a perfect design?

There will never be a perfect design. If there was there would never be a need for anyone to buy anything new. This can be seen with many products and as we first use them we think they are amazing but as time dwindles on we start to see the flaws. This is the case with the 3 gadgets that have taken over the market by storm and have now made us take a second look.  The 3 gadgets I will talk about below are the latest Mac book pro, amazons kindle and the razor 2. Reading these names must have quickly caught your attention if you are indeed a user of any of these products and if you are not experiencing any issues below you can see that the product design we may see as perfect is not flawless.

While not all of us have experiences writing on the latest Mac book pro there are some flaws that were not found in the design and production of the laptop. It was made so that it can be light and thin and taken anywhere. While that is great the lower edges of the medal casing are so sharp that after typing for more than a short period you may start to see deep indentations in your skin. Most users who work long hours on these machines say that the redness and sensitivity may last hours until their arms are back to normal. Something this easy to correct should have been seen when they were testing the laptop out and can now potentially be very costly.

Unlike the Mac book pro above the problem with the kindle has been addressed and corrected already. The very first kindle on the market had buttons that were very sensitive. Without even touching down on the button the device would change the page or start typing. While this design defect was corrected in the newest version, the old kindle is now selling online for a quarter of what it first sold for.

The third gadget we should all be familiar with is the razor 2. Being one of the original  flip phones it definitely came with things that needed to be changed. The purpose of having a touch screen on the outside of the flip phone was supposed to be to quickly get to your contacts or play music. What they did not suspect was that when people sat on their phones or hand it in their pockets it was playing music and calling the contacts that were so readily available.  Although this issue has not been fixed yet it is something that razor lovers want addressed.

As you can see from the examples above, there is no such thing as a perfect design. The designs of these goods should have been tested further before being introduced into the market but have lead the way for new product opportunities. What opportunities do you think can arise from the above?



97 Month Loan? No Problem.

After taking several finance courses at DePaul, I have gotten to know what a good deal would be and how to fall into the trap of a salesman.  A woman in Northbrook Illinois recently took out a car loan for 97 months. The reason she said she did this was because she has a child on the way and would like to pay for childcare and keep her payments affordable. As the years have passed and the costs of cars are rising, people need to take out loans that are longer in length in order to be able to afford them. This should interest all students and new car owner because it should make you stop and think, am I really saving money by taking out longer loans? The answer will always be no but not everyone will be able to afford the luxury of paying off a car quickly.


Banks and dealers are really taking a risk by letting consumers take out these long loans. By the time the car is paid back it will be worth so much less to the consumer. Also if the consumer does not pay the loan for example after five years of having the car, the dealership will not receive nearly as much as they should if they have to repossess the car. The women in the article took out the loan for 97 months and the difference in payment per month was only $5. That was fascinating to me because that is less then what an average person spends on lunch.
In our class textbook it talks about strategic approaches to competitive advantages.  Toyota has definitely stood out by making this 97 month loan and will now either force its competitors to lengthen their financing time or lose the business. This long term loan is going to appeal to a vast majority of our population and will therefore bring more business to the car dealerships. Being the first ones out there with this long term loan is going to push that Toyota ahead because the other dealerships will still have to contemplate if this would be the right move for them or if they will in fact be losing out.


Another issue that can arise from taking out a loan for such a long period is that people will keep their cars longer. The turnaround time for a new car is now extended and while the dealerships will be getting in business now they may have to wait longer for returning customers. Think about how often people in your life buy new cars? Will there be a large spike in people purchasing cars? Will this be an affordable option for newly graduated college students or lower income families? We will see.