Microsoft…Disloyal to customers?

Everyone was anticipating the release of the Microsoft Surface until it happened and got very mixed reviews. While the tablet looked very attractive, thin and light, it seemed the software was weak. Along with this reviews came out saying the attractive thin keyboard that was also the protection cover for the tablet was very difficult to use because of the material. The Surface also came with apps, but not even close to the amount of apps the Apple iPad has. Though the Surface is coming out with many more apps in January, it seems the hype for this product has not lived up to par.

Many customers were excited about a tablet having the Windows software, but critics are saying the software is like a split personality. There is a desktop mode that is similar to Windows 7, and then a new tiles interface but you have to continue to switch between the two interfaces.

After all of this, Microsoft got Oprah Winfrey to endorse the Microsoft Surface as one of the most desirable things. Companies get endorsers all the time to help out their products, but with all of the negative reviews do you think it is ethical that Microsoft got such a highly valued endorser when there are still many things to fix about their product? After Oprah Winfrey claims the Surface to be one of the most desirable things, many people who value her word will go and purchase this item without even thinking to look at the reviews.

And if Microsoft knows having Oprah Winfrey as an endorser will cause their sales to go up, when they still need to make the product a lot more user friendly, are they being smart for their business? Or is Microsoft being disloyal in a sense to their customers?

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector…Genius or ultimate failure


Everyone heard about the rumors leading up to the release of the iPhone 5, but no one new about the new charger that was required for the device. When Apple released the iPhone 5, one of its new features was the Lightning Connector. Not only is the new charger smaller, which leaves a smaller gap in the bottom of the phone, it is two sided, so it does not matter which way you plug it in to the phone.

Although these changes all seem positive, many people have been upset about the new change, because every Apple product (iPhone, iPod, iPad) use the same universal charger so Apple chargers were easily available wherever you went. And because of the new Lightning Connector required for the phone, stores have been selling out of the charger because not enough were produced. This has been causing people who have either lost or damaged their charger to not be able to purchase a new one right away, and not have access to a Lightning Connector because no other Apple products use that charger.

In class we have learned about generating new products and the importance of new products and the opportunities that lie within it. The most important aspect that goes into a new product opportunity is to understand the customer, and at times, new products are generated because of the users. It seems that Apple did not understand their customers when creating the new connector because many people are unhappy about this. Not only will all iPod music players need an adapter in order to use the iPhone 5, all other connections that are created for iPods will need the adapter.

Is Apple a genius for creating the Lightning Connector? They now will either make more money off of adapters for the iPhone 5, or buyers of the iPhone will not upgrade immediately because they will not want to purchase an adapter for all of their other connectors. From a business prospective, generating this new product will make Apple a lot of money, but one of Apple’s top priorities is making their customers happy. As of now, the customers are not happy about the Lightning Connector.