You can Expect Quality in Craftsmanship, when it Comes to BENTLEY !!!

When you buy a Luxury car, you tend to get what you pay for. For example when you look at car manufactures like Mercedes-Benz, Audi,BMW and the  list goes on. These companies really spent a lot of time of focusing on quality that makes their customers spent thousand of dollars on these vehicles and their customers have no regrets in their decision.

What if we take to the next level,the car manufacturers who are above these car manufacturers, like Bentley. What does it take for a car manufacturer of that caliber to manufacture a beautiful,elite,exuberant,over-the top mind blowing vehicle. For my audience, who are not car enthusiasts Bentley is a german car manufacturer which is famously known for its eliteness and its craftsmanship when it comes to cars and is also one of the few elite car manufacturers who are known for its speciality in niche market. Its direct competition is Rollys-Royce, Maybach, Ferrari.

So this world famous car manufacturer launched its 2014 Continental Flying Spur. The definition of luxury have different meanings to everyone but the nature of luxury is always the same among everyone. That is what Bentley has focused in this particular model. According to President and COO of Bentley Motors Christophe Georges said during in an interview with Forbes Hannah Elliot that “Without craftsmanship Bentley wouldn’t be Bentley,” Georges says. “It is part of our genes, our DNA.”  This speaks a lot about Bentleys demeanor and character.

On average the usual car manufacturers like Toyota to complete its vehicle takes about a day. BMW takes about 3 days. Whereas, Bentleys wooden dashboards takes about 3 weeks from start to finish.Paul Fisher, wooden veneer expert at Bentley motors told Hannah. He is also added by saying that he has been working with Bentley for about 10 years and in automobile industry for about 25 years. Every part of Bentley is car is carefully measured and checked by experienced inspectors. This is done to protect 94 years of tradition, beliefs and image that this car manufacturer has earned.

Every Bentley car is made particularly its specific customer and on average according to the customer detailing requirements its takes about 6-8 months on an average to make this exceptional vehicle.
According to Paul Jones,Product line director of continental series at Bentley motors said that “this car is not only a great car to drive but also a great car to be driven in”. His focus  being exclusively on its exteriors and interiors of the car which makes this new Continental Flying Spur ride  more fresh and exciting .

For our car enthusiasts this new Bentley  holds a 6-liter, 616-horsepower W12 engine and eight-speed transmission and will go 0-60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds. Top speed is 200 mph.

I am pretty sure its competitors are watching this and are on par with the level of execution at Bentley has to offer.!




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