Is Apple losing its mojo?

Apple has been at the top of its game for over ten years now. Apple has had great success with its invention and especially with the Iphone. The Iphone was the top selling phone each year that it came out.  Even though it’s been the top selling phone for years, Google’s Android platform is starting to make its way up. According to recent polls and editorials, the Iphone is starting to slip away and more people are starting to prefer Google’s Android platform.

  • The Android platform now accounts for 75% of the smartphone market, which is up from its last quarter’s 68%. Apple’s Iphone dropped from being 17% of the market to 15%. This shows us that people are slowly starting to make the switch from an Iphone to phones with an Android operating system.
  • Apple is known for having loyal customers. Each year there newly innovative Iphone hits the top of consumers’ wish list. It seems like that is starting to change. According to Strategy Analytics 88% of U.S Iphone users said they would stay with the IOS for their next smartphone. That number has dropped from 93% from the previous year. In Europe the numbers dropped from 88% to 75%. This shows that people all around the world are starting to switch from IOS to another operating system.

There must be a reason why Apple fans are starting to slowly switch to Android phones. A big problem that Apple ran into was with the quality of its newest Iphone the Iphone 5. There were many complaints by consumers that there new Iphone 5 came out of the box with scratches or dents. Apple is known for making top quality products, and to produce thousands of Iphone 5 with quality defects is unacceptable. There were reports that this was due to the high demand and that they could not be made in time. It seems like Apple was choosing quantity over quality.

Is Apple starting to lose its touch? Do you think that Apple will be able to recover from the bad rep it got for the quality issues with the Iphone 5?




14 thoughts on “Is Apple losing its mojo?

  1. I don’t think Apple is starting to lose its touch at all. I feel that most consumers are on the cusp of switching over to their first smart and Android is just a cheaper alternative. I feel rather than people turning away from the iPhone more people are just entering the smart phone market. As someone who did not get their first smart phone until they were 21 I know that the market is still emerging. Apple was just an early innovator and smart phones were originally seen as a luxury. Now, smart phones are just more common and Androids are more readily available to the consumer.

  2. I do believe that Apple is losing there “mojo”. Apple usually produces high quality products with software capabilities that are slightly behind their competitors. Apple’s success seemed to lie on brand loyalty and product quality. Now that the quality of their products seem to be lacking on a consistent basis, it appears their appeal is beginning to fizzle.

  3. I would also agree that Apple is losing its reputability in producing top of the line, innovative products. With the many new advances in technology, so many players want to take part in the competition to win the greatest market share. The only problem is that Apple, at this point, is dealing with its competition in a very non-strategic way. The lack of quality from Apple in dealing with the onslaught of competition drastically affected the amount of loyal customers that Apple has. Apple can only depend on the loyalty of customers as long as the company actually has them. I firmly believe that Apple should develop a new marketing strategy in order to claim more market share. This can be done by continually improving the quality of their products. However, Apple’s strategy of releasing new generation products and then subsequently releasing “newly improved” is starting to get old.

  4. I also agree that Apple is losing its touch. Since Apple is such a well-known company, they should focus on making high quality products. I don’t think it is correct that now they are focusing on quantity over quality. They are going to lose a lot of customers if they don’t provide a product with the expectations that a consumer has. Nobody wants to pay high prices for a product that is scratched.

  5. Apple has lost market share from months and that is thanks to the Galaxy 3. Just like any other company Apple is losing market share to competitors due to changes in taste in preference. Apple has wonderful advertisements that captivate audiences, but people are realizing that they are not that special. As Samsung stated ” the next big thing is already here” and it is not Apple.

  6. Apple has the constant challenge of being the best while fighting to stay the best against its competitors. That being said, their quality can take a hit if haste is their primary concern, instead of quality or utmost customer satisfaction. But like you stated, their customers tend to stay loyal, and their reputation proceeds them, there’s a practically unshakeable image that Apple has of being the absolute electronic product providers. Glitches or physical defects with the iPhone 5 would get them a slap on the wrist from their customers and others, but otherwise I don’t believe it is enough to grant them a bad rep. They’ve spent too much time, effort and resources to place Apple where it is in consumers’ minds, it isn’t about to disappear with the rush of a single product.

  7. I absolutely do not think Apple is starting to lose its touch. I think that Apple has overall held up very well as a company through the country’s economic downturn and that it will continue to grow in the future as long as it continues to use its same marketing and sales strategies. One of my friends just asked me last night if I would possibly be switching to an Android-based device and I told them that I will be ordering an iphone 5 in December because of my positive past experiences with Apple over the past few years.

  8. I do not believe that Apple is starting to fall from the spot as the leader of the industry. These quality issues may pose a problem for any company. The effects of such a problem depend on how the company reacts. If the company acts swiftly and appropriately then it may score points. However, if the company is not responsive then the issue may cause greater harm to the company. Because of Apple’s standing, I do not forsee this issue affecting Apple enough for a decrease in sales and a great loss of market share. Now, f Apple starts taking its following and customers for granted and loses its ability to innovate then Apple will see a decrease in sales and a loss of market share.

  9. Looking at p/s I paid $670, they are def. losing their mojo!……………………………………………………

  10. I also believe that Apple is starting to slip in a way. At the rate they release products I think mistakes were bound to happen because they are trying to create the best product on the market without taking the time to let their latest release really sink in. I know that many people are loyal to the brand but I also think that people may be starting to get fed up because as soon as you get the new iphone or ipad, a newer and better one seems to be on the market the next year. I do not think Apple will disappear anytime soon but I also think it is unrealistic to think it will be around or on top of the market forever. Many companies that were the top of their own markets for quite some time seem to be disappearing faster and faster.

  11. While I don’t believe Apple is losing its touch, I have become a little bored with them. I used to closely follow Apple – eagerly awaiting their next product/innovation. They were always on the cutting edge of technology and never released mediocre products. They used be in the business of making splashes. I still remember watching the unveiling of the iMac G4. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was such a radical change from the iMac G3 – the product had been completely overhauled and demanded attention. Today, an “overhaul” of an Apple product usually just means that it’s going to be thinner and faster. I believe Apple will ultimately recover from the slight blip created by the iPhone 5 and in five years we won’t be debating the state of Apple’s “mojo”.

  12. This article is proof that Apple is starting to lose its touch. Slowly, with every new product that has been released, people are starting to become less satisfied with it. Apple use to be known for having high quality productive and leading the way for other companies. However, slowly this is changing. With each new product that they release, they seem to be satisfying customers less. Before, all their new products had many great new features and seem different than the one before, but now it seems like they change one or two minor things and that is it. Unfortunately, with those minor tweaks, come many problems and unhappy consumers. We all know that to keep consumers happy, companies have to have good quality products and be able to satisfy consumers in a way that their competitor cannot. Apple used to be the leader in this, but now anymore. In my opinion, in order to Apple to recover from its whole Iphone issue, it will have to release something new and great, and probably soon before many consumers make the switch to Androids.

  13. I disagree that apple is loosing their mojo. Apple has actually been developing in the past year since they introduced the first iPhone. Since the iPhone was introduced there was a high demand for their products and customers had their pro’s and con’s to their purchases and the gadgets they owned from apple. Apple took those negative feedbacks and turned them into an advantage by reconfiguring and adjusting their products according to what their customers seek in their apple products. Therefore i believe that apple is maintaining their reputation and are continuously improving their products and services.

  14. Since 1985 I have been a strong Apple supporter. However, my last four retail encounters with Apple have left me highly disappointed. I would say that the area that I think where Apple is losing their MOJO is in their outlook on the customer and their willingness to follow through with decent customer support. I can clearly see a difference since Steve Jobs died, and that the soul of the company has changed. Their enormous success is based on their superior products while their retail outlets are far too impacted to delivery what used to be superior customer service. When a manager of the Apple Store in Northbrook mall in Illinois says to me when I’m trying to get my daughters phone replaced (under my Apple Care Plus package )” Do you want me to fix your phone or not?!!! I don’t have to!!!! I am inclined to re-evaluate my commitment. In my estimation the pinnacle has been reached for Apple and they are falling down.

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