Is Apple losing its mojo?

Apple has been at the top of its game for over ten years now. Apple has had great success with its invention and especially with the Iphone. The Iphone was the top selling phone each year that it came out.  Even though it’s been the top selling phone for years, Google’s Android platform is starting to make its way up. According to recent polls and editorials, the Iphone is starting to slip away and more people are starting to prefer Google’s Android platform.

  • The Android platform now accounts for 75% of the smartphone market, which is up from its last quarter’s 68%. Apple’s Iphone dropped from being 17% of the market to 15%. This shows us that people are slowly starting to make the switch from an Iphone to phones with an Android operating system.
  • Apple is known for having loyal customers. Each year there newly innovative Iphone hits the top of consumers’ wish list. It seems like that is starting to change. According to Strategy Analytics 88% of U.S Iphone users said they would stay with the IOS for their next smartphone. That number has dropped from 93% from the previous year. In Europe the numbers dropped from 88% to 75%. This shows that people all around the world are starting to switch from IOS to another operating system.

There must be a reason why Apple fans are starting to slowly switch to Android phones. A big problem that Apple ran into was with the quality of its newest Iphone the Iphone 5. There were many complaints by consumers that there new Iphone 5 came out of the box with scratches or dents. Apple is known for making top quality products, and to produce thousands of Iphone 5 with quality defects is unacceptable. There were reports that this was due to the high demand and that they could not be made in time. It seems like Apple was choosing quantity over quality.

Is Apple starting to lose its touch? Do you think that Apple will be able to recover from the bad rep it got for the quality issues with the Iphone 5?




IPhone 5 Apple Maps VS. Google Maps

In 2007 Apple introduced something called an IPhone which changed the world forever. Each year since 2007 Apple has been releasing new models of the IPhone. This year there newest addition was the IPhone 5. The IPhone 5 is the fastest and thinnest smart phone in the world.  Apple sold over five million units within the first couple weeks.  This is more than the amount of IPhone 4S that were sold in the opening weeks.

The new IOS6 firmware that was introduced with the IPhone 5 came with a few changes. A lot of people weren’t happy with some of these changes. One of the biggest shockers for users was that the maps application was changed. The previous five IPhones used Google Maps. Google Maps has been the leading maps application for smart phones for a while now, ever since they passed Yahoo and MapQuest.

Apple introduced its own Apple Maps application with the release of IOS6. There have been many complains about this new maps application. People have been complaining that:

  • The application has fewer details
  • There is no longer an option to select public transportation
  • There are misplaced landmarks

These issues aren’t really that big of a deal. Apple was looking at the overall picture when they decided to make the switch from Google Maps to their own. It took Google years to make it to the top of the market with their maps application. People shouldn’t be surprised that apples maps application is not as good as Google’s. The reason is because Apples application is still new. I’m sure that if consumers give Apple some time they won’t be disappointed. For years now Apple has been coming out with mind blowing innovations and I feel that there maps application isn’t any different.

People have been too busy complaining about the small issues that they don’t even realize that apple added the one thing that most users were asking for, turn- by- turn navigation.  Apple couldn’t keep Google Maps because Google only allowed turn- by- turn navigation on android devices.

I feel that Apples quality and effort can’t be beat.  They have been making top quality products for years and I feel that this is never going to change.–finance.html