Yellow Belt in college?

Over the past week we talked a lot about six sigma and how it can drastically improve the way a company does its day to day tasks. One article that sparked my interest was about how a college is going to offer a “Lean Manufacturing” course in which students would have the knowledge to pass the first exam and receive the rank of a Yellow Belt. This of course is if the material sticks and the students show interest in six sigma, but I felt this class was very similar to ours and wondered how a class like this has yet to be offered by DePaul, such as a MGT398 special topics course. One quote that I wanted to touch on is “Lean is not about making people work faster or harder; people are not waste. It’s about how you make those people more effective. It’s about establishing a system so that products or information can flow through processes at the pace of customer demand,” said Merrell. This is a very important point because a lot of people such as in the article about Starbucks believe it is going to turn companies to run more like a factory.  Becoming more and more efficient is a must for companies in this economy and companies will constantly keep changing as need be.

1.Do you think you would enroll in a class where you would obtain the knowledge to get your Yellow Belt for Six Sigma?

2.Would this be of benefit to you for your current or future job?





4 thoughts on “Yellow Belt in college?

  1. I personally would not enroll in a class where I could obtain the knowledge to get my Yellow Belt for Six Sigma, but I do think it is beneficial for anyone who has an interest in operations management and who want to build it into their future career. I think that having a course like this will allow students to be ahead of the game when it comes to how knowledgeable they are on Six Sigma which could be a huge plus when starting to apply for jobs. Companies will be able to hire students out of college who already have the knowledge and background, which means they can save time and money but teaching them the skills they already know. I agree that as a world we are becoming more and more efficient and if we can teach students who will be the future of the operations industry how to be more efficient while delivering quality that will be a huge plus. The benefits of teaching and allowing students to get certified while still in college I believe will prove to be a huge plus for hiring purposes as well as for the company at which they are hired by.

  2. When talking about six sigma and the different levels of belts you can receive I would most definitely take a course that would allow me to reach a yellow belt after one test. I think that this gives you the advantage of moving up in a corporation much faster and will lead to greater opportunities after college. While I currently am unsure of what job I would be looking, videos discussing the relevance of six sigma, like the one we saw on caterpillar in class does show the relevance of the knowledge and how it can relate to many work environments. In the end a class such as this one can be of great importance for companies especially with the growing college degree population, it makes you stand out.

  3. I think there is advantage for students who want to be involved in Operations Management to learn about six sigma while in college. Since six sigma allows for an incredibly effective quality for products. Also the comparison between six sigma and the levels of belts made this post a visually appealing post.

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