It’s not an uphill battle that Microsoft is losing, it’s a mobile one

Microsoft recently revealed a revamped version of its Windows Phone software, appropriately deemed ‘Windows Phone 8.’  According to the company, which grabs slightly more than 3% of the international mobile market, the app store has been greatly augmented, though some of the applications will not be available until next quarter.  The article notes that Microsoft presenters mentioned their competitors several times during the unveiling.  It is apparent that Apple and Google-powered phones dominate this space and are setting the benchmark for competitors.  Realistically, however, is there anything to compete against?

Microsoft is, in general, good at what they do; they have a solid product, market awareness, and substantial resources.  This does not necessarily mean they are meant to operate in the mobile phone market, alone at least.  It’s becoming clear that they cannot compete with Apple or Google; consider the app stores: Microsoft now has 120,000 compared to Apple’s 700,000.  While Microsoft has stepped up its game and market share, they are nowhere near the size of the competition.  It is difficult to gain much traction with companies of that size working against Microsoft’s advances.  There is an alternative to the constant, losing battle: if you can’t beat them, join them.  It seems like Microsoft could benefit greatly from a partnership with a large competitor and they should consider exploring the possibility.  To do this, the larger player would have to get something out of the agreement – which might be Apple in this case.  Compatibility, as well as ease of use, between Microsoft and Apple software continues to be an issue, but a partnership could be a game changer in the mobile market.

There are a number of functions that I’m sure many Apple customers wish they had on their iPhones, namely the Microsoft Office product suite.  Business is partial to PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, not Pages or Keynote.  This is problematic for iPhone users when sending these types of documents.  Word becomes a pdf, Excel has limited functionality, and it appears that an independent app is necessary to view a PowerPoint presentation.  Consumers would likely agree with the added value if Apple and Microsoft could work together to solve this issue.

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5 thoughts on “It’s not an uphill battle that Microsoft is losing, it’s a mobile one

  1. I am a big Apple user by having the iPhone and a Mac laptop and I love using everything Mac, especially when it comes to comparing it against Microsoft. I feel like Microsoft is something I used growing up and it is in the past. With Mac, I feel like they are the innovators of the future. I do appreciate the competition that Microsoft gives. I feel like competition is healthy and could keep prices down. Microsoft needs to step up their game if they want to be taken seriously.

  2. Apple and Microsoft have been sworn rivals for many years; it would be impossible for Microsoft to work with Apple, especially with all the pride each company possess. Microsoft’s weapon is their Microsoft Office, and they would never share it with Apple. Maybe one day Microsoft would work something out with Google, but never with Apple.

    Microsoft might be a little behind in the mobile market, however, it does not mean that the products that reveals are bad at all. They must put more awareness into their phones to gain more ground and show consumers that their phones are just as good or better than Apple and Androids; or they might as well just focus on what they do best: PCs.

  3. It seems introducing a phone line and a similar app store compared to Apple was a mistake if Microsoft wasn’t going to reach a similar competitive level. Like the other comments, Apple and Microsoft will most likely (never say never, right?) collaborate because of their long history of rivalry, however I don’t feel that Google would partner with Microsoft either. I believe the only upside to having Microsoft on a company’s side in the phone business would be to integrate Microsoft Office Suite, other than that, I feel their phone software wouldn’t be as easy to operate.

  4. I agree with the other comments that Apple and Microsoft will never work together. I do believe that they could work out an agreement with Google because it would greatly benefit their phones if they can get Microsoft Office into the devices. I own an Android phone and it would help me out a lot to be able to look at Powerpoints or edit Microsoft Word documents while I’m on the go. And since many printers now have bluetooth technology, it would be great to be able to print a document or powerpoint slides off your phone. I would use it a lot as a student and it would also benefit almost anyone in any field.

  5. Microsoft definitely is behind but they have room to catch up. Everyone if familiar with Microsoft Office and incorporating that into their phones is a big advantage. I think that the major problem is that so many people love Apple are will stick with the iPhone no matter what. It is really hard to steal Apple’s customers because they are loyal.

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