Boeing’s Experiments: Death of a Bully or Resurrection of a World Leader?

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As we all know, Boeing is the largest and strongest airline manufacturer in the world and their growth has never stopped. They are the leader in commercial airplanes and a top competitor in national defense. One of the reason’s that Boeing has been so successful is because of the fact that they are a global enterprise. We learned in class, when we were studying through chapter two, that Boeing falls under global strategies by making their sales and productions worldwide (PPT Chapter 2 Slide 2). Boeing has been trying to create a new technology (“Honeydew”- cited to Pasztor) called “Honeydew” to reduce 2% of annual fuel consumption. So obviously Boeing has been trying to implement being cost efficient (reduce costs) with these new technologies. All of their new technologies revolve around reducing fuel consumption or making the flight shorter (Pasztor-2). Boeing want’s to create a very environmentally friendly, cockpit friendly (most commercial aircraft crashes are due to the mis-understanding or confusion by the pilot’s), and fuel efficient planes (Pasztor-3)

Boeing is also starting to provide much better end-products by being attentive to the consumer needs. Boeing has excelled in providing a luxurious setting for all of its customer. It is reported that the Boeing 777,787, and 747-8 will have in flight cell phone use, wi-fi capability and cleaner air (Fingas- 1)! They are also installing television sets (on certain planes you will have a joy stick where you can play a video game console) to each seat, weather your in the economy class or first class (Fingas-2) They are implementing a new technology where the era of addictive connectivity can get its satisfaction in a flight, any time and any where. Boeing has placed it’s consumers on the number one standpoint by exceeding the quality of any other airplane manufacturer (PPT Chapter 2 Slide 24).

With Boeing implementing all these new technologies, not only to help themselves be cost efficient and reduce cost, but to also help the customers have a safer and more enjoyable flight, they will remain to be at the top of the food chain for aircraft manufacturers. They have went above and beyond with their calling by reducing annual fuel consumption, implementing better resources (made from composite materials) and creating an aroma that no airplane has had in the past!

What Boeing flights have you been on it the past? Have you noticed the customer appreciation sky rocket throughout the recession? Do you consider this a luxury or a necessity?


7 thoughts on “Boeing’s Experiments: Death of a Bully or Resurrection of a World Leader?

  1. Fuel costs have been the ultimate topic of discussion when it comes to any form of travel. It is refreshing to find out that a giant in the air transport industry has started to put some emphasis on fuel efficiency. In terms of hybrid vehicles, it makes me wonder when the airline industry will shift to the hybrid plane. If this ever happened, I can only imagine a huge resurrection of the airline industry as fuel costs would drop immensely and ticket price in turn would become substantially cheaper. The amenities on a flight will always continue to improve, the efficiency of fuel consumption is the key to the success of the airline industry and airline manufacturers.

  2. I believe it is a necessity to tend to customer needs, so the fact that Boeing is implementing new technology and cost efficiency is wonderful. This will further assist Boeing with capturing their client’s attention, as well as prove to their customers that they indeed are the best. According to these pictures, who wouldn’t want to fly in an airplane like that?

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Boeing, in my opinion, is going in the right direction with this. I do believe it is a necessity to have a new, nice design to airplanes. For too long they have been over-crowded with almost no space. I have traveled a lot, and having all those extra amenities would make the world of difference for all travelers. I believe that they are definitely pioneers in their operations management strategies not just in the plane industry, but they are a good role model for all fuel products and travel. I cannot wait to see the final product!

  4. I think it will be really interesting to see whether or not Boeing is successful with their Honeydew technology to reduce fuel consumption. As one could imagine, this has been in discussion for a long time, and previous attempts have focused on weight reduction as opposed to technological changes. Ironically, however, what has held Boeing back is the major airlines requesting that they put more and more features in their planes, which counteract all of the weight-savings that Boeing makes through design changes. A lot of those decisions on what goes in the planes are made primarily by the airlines ordering the planes, not Boeing itself, so Boeing has had to adapt constantly to the increase in technology. Hopefully they can succeed and the cost savings will be passed on the the consumers. I have flown several times in my life, and my experiences have largely been the same as the commenters above: unpleasant and too expensive. It would be great to see some change, and Boeing is definitely a company who can do that.

  5. I agree that Boeing is doing the correct things to stay relevant in the commercial airline industry. Since all airlines are looking for ways to save money, it is a fantastic feat for Boeing to be able to offer the 787, which is the most fuel efficient plane of its size . The new amenities that Boeing will be offering such as being able to use a cell phone on board are something that is long overdue. I currently have a family member who is an engineer for Boeing and who has worked on the 787 Dreamliner project. My family member has expressed to me just how proud the workers are of the new line of planes being manufactured today. Although it may be awhile before many of these new planes are flying in the United States, I for one can not wait to try them out.

  6. I am impressed with Boeing’s improvements of their airplanes. I would definitely pick their flight over any others. The improvement of the plane shows that Boeing cares about their customers’ well-being. By putting their customers as a priority, it would make them feel important. Customers do value their experience and would come back for more. I would consider these improvements as a necessity because from my past experience, I do not enjoy being stuck in a cramp space for hours without any entertainment. I also appreciate the fact that they also focused on reducing fuel costs as well. Thus plane tickets would be cheaper and the customers would be happy too.

  7. Your blog is very insightful. Also, it was a great analysis of Boeing’s operations. The strategic combination of cutting costs by implementing new technologies and improving the quality of the experience for flyers is highly effective.

    The company is gaining a completive edge by maximizing the value for all of the flyers—instead of focusing on the first class. The decision to provide flight cell phone use, wi-fi capability, cleaner air, and television sets with video game consoles will set their product/experience apart from its competitors. (On Boeing 777,787, and 747-8)

    At times, companies can loose focus on the most important aspect of improving a company’s’ performance: creating a product or experience that satisfies and exceeds customers’ expectations and needs. Yes, it is important to monitor and improve overall operations. Boeing seems to be keeping an effective, balanced perspective on where to allocate its resources, attention, and effort.

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