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Home-based jobs are not a new phrase to people who have being an employee or who are still looking for a job any more, many reports reflect that the tendency of this kind type of jobs will increase in the future. “Telecommuters” is the term which names those people who are doing their jobs far away from the offices of their companies . Applying the knowledge about project triangle we have learned in management class, we can find that this type of jobs which allow people staying in home is more challenging to managers to test the “performance, time and cost” compare with the traditional style of going-office-work. 

In the article “What People Really Do When They’re ‘Working From Home ’,” Venessa Wong depicts the facts about the things people doing at home during the normal office hour are mostly not related to the work. Author cited the survey from Wakefield Research that “43percent watch TV or a movie and20percent play video games” during the time when these employees are suppose to dealing their works. Also, the survey shows that some of these employee having drink or naps during the working time. While we think this type of job may not be an appreciated one for employers, author provides us a turning point of view that “according to preliminary findings fromStanfordUniversity’s study,” those telecommuters, although have so many distractions, still performing a more effective and productive work “than their peers in the offices”.

At this point of view, we can see that home based jobs seem being in its introduction age, where we can hear many criticizing and agreeing comments about this type of job. On the, we can observe the 8 benefits from home based jobs, which concludes by Lyve Alexis Pleshette in her article “Why Work at home”. We can see the benefits are “to gain the person freedom, to reap financial benefits, to exploit tax advantage, to be with the family, to reduce stress, find a job enrichment, to increase productivity, to harness competitive advantages”. However, there also having some counterpoints which indicating that it is actually restrict employees’ freedom where workers have to keep in touch with officers, otherwise they may become the “missing teammates”.  Some people also prefer to wearing formal suits, working at an office, and having lunch with their colleagues where they can gossiping their boss.

In Venessa’s article, she concludes the views from many reports which interviewed the bosses of home-based-employees, that the performances are depend on the arrangement scheduled by employees themselves. They think that as long as the works have been down appropriately, the processes are inessential.

Do you think home based jobs are nice jobs to all employees? Do you think the self-controlling-time employees gain from this type of job has been used effectively? 


6 thoughts on “Office Hour at Home

  1. I think that home based jobs are a good option for people who are unable to attend work due to things such as being pregnant, etc. The pros are that a person can other things done at home such as chores around the house or taking care of children. I don’t think it’s a good idea for all people. It’s not a good idea to be home all the time. Getting out of the house and working with people is necessary to keep social and active in life.

  2. Home based jobs are not for everyone, but it becomes a lot more continent for a lot of people as well as companies that do not have a lot of office space. The reason that i can be good for the person that is working from home mainly if they have young kids. The reason why it would not work is because it can be distracting to some people than others. Home based jobs are good for some people more than other but it might be a good option to have for some companies that don’t require being in the office all the time.

  3. When it comes to assessing the pros and cons of working from home, i think a lot of it depends on the specific job or situation. There are definitely some apparent benefits, especially to the worker, of working from home. For one, as long as you like your own house/appartment you will definitely be more comfortable in your own space – as long as you can still be productive and not distracted. If you aren’t on a strict time crunch and can take your time, maybe some workers will be more productive at home because they are relaxed and not worrying about some of the stress or pressure from being in the workplace – if you need to take a bathroom break or get some exercise while you work you won’t be judged. Perhaps your home is a quiet place where its easy for you to focus. Also, you are saving time if you have a long commute. Some of the cons however would be that maybe without someone watching you you are less productive because you aren’t worried about getting in trouble with your boss. Also, if you are working on projects with other team members and you aren’t meeting face to face maybe your work will be sub par or some things will get lost in translation and you hold the project up.

  4. It is nice to have an option of working from home. I noticed that some companies offer employees to work from home one or more days a week. However, there are employees who refuse to use that option and prefer going to the office every day. I think these people either enjoy being around co-workers or believe that they work more effectively in the office.

  5. I think at home jobs depend on the individual. As some have stated a pregnant woman or parents with young children will have a better use for working at home. However, for those individuals who are not under those circumstances in my opinion should work in the office. I say this only because some people are more motivated when at work and do not have the discipline to be productive without supervision. It also helps if an individual has a supervisor if they have any questions that they need to address.

  6. Last quarter in my management class 300 we saw a video about how efficient was working at home and the results were pretty high. I working at home is a good option since people can have more flexibility. I mean working at home might not be good for all kinds of jobs and there are a lot of people have to work in the office, they feel under pressure so they can work effectively.

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