Office Hour at Home

Home-based jobs are not a new phrase to people who have being an employee or who are still looking for a job any more, many reports reflect that the tendency of this kind type of jobs will increase in the future. “Telecommuters” is the term which names those people who are doing their jobs far away from the offices of their companies . Applying the knowledge about project triangle we have learned in management class, we can find that this type of jobs which allow people staying in home is more challenging to managers to test the “performance, time and cost” compare with the traditional style of going-office-work. 

In the article “What People Really Do When They’re ‘Working From Home ’,” Venessa Wong depicts the facts about the things people doing at home during the normal office hour are mostly not related to the work. Author cited the survey from Wakefield Research that “43percent watch TV or a movie and20percent play video games” during the time when these employees are suppose to dealing their works. Also, the survey shows that some of these employee having drink or naps during the working time. While we think this type of job may not be an appreciated one for employers, author provides us a turning point of view that “according to preliminary findings fromStanfordUniversity’s study,” those telecommuters, although have so many distractions, still performing a more effective and productive work “than their peers in the offices”.

At this point of view, we can see that home based jobs seem being in its introduction age, where we can hear many criticizing and agreeing comments about this type of job. On the, we can observe the 8 benefits from home based jobs, which concludes by Lyve Alexis Pleshette in her article “Why Work at home”. We can see the benefits are “to gain the person freedom, to reap financial benefits, to exploit tax advantage, to be with the family, to reduce stress, find a job enrichment, to increase productivity, to harness competitive advantages”. However, there also having some counterpoints which indicating that it is actually restrict employees’ freedom where workers have to keep in touch with officers, otherwise they may become the “missing teammates”.  Some people also prefer to wearing formal suits, working at an office, and having lunch with their colleagues where they can gossiping their boss.

In Venessa’s article, she concludes the views from many reports which interviewed the bosses of home-based-employees, that the performances are depend on the arrangement scheduled by employees themselves. They think that as long as the works have been down appropriately, the processes are inessential.

Do you think home based jobs are nice jobs to all employees? Do you think the self-controlling-time employees gain from this type of job has been used effectively? 


Stay or Go

In the article written by Bruce Einhorn “Apple vs Google: Starkly Different China Experiences”, author narrates the different approaches two companies used when they entered market in China, and how the results, which basic on the management strategies they applied, varied as the time going. As we all know, Google has been obtaining the popularity for a longer time compare with Apple, and it also had entered Chinese market much earlier than Apple did. In the beginning, Google had an ambition to replace BaiDu, which is the champion search engine known in the market. However, the development didn’t work out the way Google wanted. First of all, the similarity of searching function between Google and BaiDu is high; secondly, Google, which is so used to the condition of marketing in U.S, tried to maintain the same way of management in China and failed to deal the relations with foreigner government, therefore, after awhile of adjusting under hard circumstance, Google decided to quit itself from mainland China instead of struggling with the awkward situation.

While Google seemed had a horrible nightmare, the story what happened to Apple is totally different. Author mentioned in his article that “China account for 20 percent of Apple’s sale in the first quarter of this year and is now the company’s second biggest market, after U.S”. Acknowledging the good management is the first step toward success, we can see that Apple, as a star that rising rapidly recent years under the leading of Steve Jobs, created its kingdom over worldwide. People give the admiration of the fancy models of new innovation of technology it provides and willing to spent money on the products.


What’s also a sagacious idea in managing the development of a foreign country, according to author, “there are only two stores in Beijing and three in Shanghai,” we can observe that Apple didn’t occur as an overwhelming brand, instead, the few stores create an even nice market where the number of demand is much more than the number of supply, therefore, in China, where now has the phenomenon that in every new season fans of Apple go to Beijing or Shanghai to purchase the products. Now, further step was built, that Apple is looking for a partner for iphone in China. As we can see that it is developing along the route it went through in U.S, meantime, it is approaching the goal in a different managing way.

Apple is a leading technological brand which is representing the technology people have during this time period. We cannot deny that Google also owns a huge market, yet Apple is more sophisticated in the management of a foreigner country, like China, which is “the second-largest economy in the world”. Nowadays, when everything is turning to the global market, the ability of creating a nice fitting management is a key to success.

What do you think the management for a foreigner country? Is it always functioning the same for every market that company enters?