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Recently, Apple announced that they would be developing their very own map app for mobile devices. There are already several map apps available for mobile devices, most popularly Google maps. What will make this app different and better than Google app. Why spend time, money and labor on something that already exists? Apple wants to be in control with this new app.

If Apple’s succeeds in creating this app that works efficiently and effectively, as other map apps or even better, Apple will continue to reign supreme in the technological world. Apple will need to establish product differentiation, and prove that this new app is worth the switch from Google app.  Their new replacement for the Google apps might not go as well as Apple hopes. Some people do not like change and may not be as responsive to the new app as others. Their forecasting for this new app will be hard to do. They cannot be completely sure that the population will take to this new app kindly.  While apple has had luck in the past with their innovations, there is no telling how the response to this particular new app will be accepted. Apple’s forecasting will simply be ball park numbers or guesses. The will definitely need to do research and development. Also, be sure to have surveys and a research panel to test out the functionality and like ability of the app. They should do this before their forecasting to have better numbers and get a good idea of what the public will think about the app. They can also find out what they don’t like, and possibly make changes and fix it.

Apple hopes to maintain the competitive advantage which they hold in the industry. Apple has a history of doing things out there or differently from their competitors. This innovative thinking has been prosperous for them, but this new app comes with concerns. Concerns that they need to take into consideration when creating this app. A good manager must be aware of all their possibilities that exist, negative and positive. With the possibility that this app will give you a view of the map that is clearer and 3D, compared to Google maps. Privacy issues arise. Apple needs to be sure that all information given by this app is one hundred percent accurate, else they could have possible lawsuits just like Google. For now, this app is in the developing stages and it is unclear when its final product will be available. Changes could be made from now till then but hopefully Apple can deliver something that will prove that Apple is the pioneer in the industry.

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  1. When it comes to map apps, whether it be for your phone, pc or tablet I find it to be an incredibly tough market to get into considering that google maps and mapquest have dominated the market. While reviewing apples mission statement along with there GDP, I found the company took very risky moves but almost 100% it payed off. So this article is very interesting, seeing that apple wants not just to dominate the computer industry but the app. industry as well. In the end I do feel that with proper management, batas/testing this company can make a great app. and I look forward to seeing how it will turn out.

  2. Apple is a very competitive company and I am pretty sure that it will bring out amazing maps application. However, I don’t think that this is a smart business decision. One, it is very difficult to compete with google maps which has many great features like (Satellite,3D and street views, Traffic, Weather, Directions, etc) even if Apple’s map app does all these things, it will spend in enormous amount of money trying to convince people that it is better than google maps. Two, by taking this step Apple is making a new enemy just like they did with Adobe; because there are over 50m iPhones out there not to mention the number of iPads that uses google maps. So this could damage google a little bit but for the long run it will harm Apple more. I’m looking forward to seeing how the consumers will react to this new app.

  3. I have to disagree with the previous comment regarding the fact that “Apple will be spending enormous amounts of money trying to convince people that it is better than Google maps.” While the fact that a lot of money will be spent marketing this is true, as we have seen previously with Apple, money spent by Apple convincing people their products are better than their competitors have obviously have paid off. As of April, 2012 according to USA Today ( Apple’s worth was some 600 Billion dollars. I think they have not only succeeded in convincing people their product is better they have proved it over the years. Should Apple succeed improving the map software and app.. there is no reason why they won’t soon own the market too. Any money INVESTED in promoting it will only greatly improve their marketshare and overall revenue from iPhone and iPad sales.

  4. I feel as Apple is in their developing stage of the map, they can not only market their new map by what they have created but also just by using their Apple name. People go crazy for anything Apple and will continue to, which is why they will not have to spend a lot of money on marketing the product. People will continue to buy Apple because they pride themselves on quality, which is why I believe this app will pay off in the end. The quality they put into their product also is what gives them a competitive advantage in the technological industry. I do still feel Google maps will reign supreme in the map industry because of the many PC lovers and current users of Google maps. Overall Apple is making an app that can be put on all their products and continue to drive their name higher in the technological industry.

  5. I definitely think that a map app for Apple is a good investment and will become a big success. People are crazy about Apple products, and there are always enormous lines in front of stores to get any new thing that Apple comes out with. At this point I don’t really see how they can go wrong with having their own map app. It probably would only increase the number of people that would be willing to buy Apple products.

  6. I think that Apple is going to succeed in getting people to use their app instead of Google’s. The reason why I say that is because people think whatever apple comes out with is the best and that they could always be trusted. When the map app that apple is currently comes out they are going to put it on the IPhone and that will already make it successful because IPhones are the hottest selling phones and millions and millions of people currently use IPhones.

  7. Apple has a really good chance of successfully competing with Google in the mobile map market. Apple has the most powerful marketing team in the world, and there is no doubt in my mind that people will easily adopt their mobile map. I am not sure what their forecasts are like, but I know that if they successfully market their new mobile map, the results will exceed their forecasts.

  8. This post is very interesting yet not surprising. Apple is known world wide and is very popular among various users, young and old. It will be interesting to see how well they will do with this new project. This will probably be the toughest one they will undergo, due to how consumers are usually not in favor of change. I, for one do not like change either, unless it tremendously benefits me or it is more efficient and affordable. In this case, I would make the switch if and only if, Apple somehow adds an innovative feature to the map app, instead of it being just your average app.

  9. Apple Company has built long term relationship with their clients. They have built the name that speaks quality. I think one of the reasons that the new app will be successful is because of loyal customers. Even if the new app is not that great of invention the long term clients will stick with it anyways. The customers believe in quality the company represents and therefore purchases its products.
    The pressure on the company is high. However, half of the job is done. Apple has earned the name and loyal customers. I think the right promotion of the new app will make it successful.

  10. This a very interesting article, I believe we should have discussion over this in the car. Now coming back to the apple map, as you mentioned in the second paragraph “Some people do not like change and may not be as responsive to the new app as others. Their forecasting for this new app will be hard to do. They cannot be completely sure that the population will take to this new app kindly. While apple has had luck in the past with their innovations, there is no telling how the response to this particular new app will be accepted. Apple’s forecasting will simply be ball park numbers or guesses.”

    I believe that’s the fun part of running a business. In order to taste success, it is important to take risks in your life. So far, apple has proven themselves that are the best at what they do. I also believe, that they will be successful with the new apple map because of their target market. Apple’s customers loves to keep themselves updated with the technology and their apple products. Hence, in spite of having old iphones, many customers get in the line to buy their new products as soon as they come out. However, in order for this to happen, apple really needs to differentiate themselves besides other map applications in the industry.

  11. In my opinion, forecasting is so important to develop this app. Nowadays, most people used to use Google map when they need to find some places. Also, most IPhone users are using Google map app on their phone too. I think it is so hard to compete to Google map app, thus, it is not a good idea to develop what is already exist. Apple may have new design or new function on their new app. But I don’t think the new apple app can totally replace the Google map app even on the IPhone as well. Apple had better create some great and new ideas to compete to Google map app otherwise it is not a great move and Apple will lose a lot of money. For me, I would not spend that much money on developing this kind of new app because it costs too much to produce this app and I don’t see any benefit in this case.

  12. The issue of the map app seems to be a bit overblown by the media. In my opinions, people just want to know how to go somewhere quickly and easily. Both google and apple are likely to incorporate voice commands into their next map apps. It they do, the two apps will be so similar that any difference between the two apps will be minuscule. I don’t think that the map app is a bigg revenue driver for any of the two companies, rather it’s a convenience for the customers of iPhones and androids. Sunce the next iPhone will contain the new apple map app, it will be interesting to see if apple really can raise the bar with this new app.

  13. Apple moving into Maps is a very key part of growing a company. With endless piles of cash they should enter come out with a map app and new map software. It really is not that big of a deal for them to pursue this.

  14. That is Apple in a nutshell, they HAVE to be in control. How are they going to get customers to feel like they need to upgrade their Iphone 4 or less? They do so by creating their own map and finally integrating voice control. Not just any voice control though, no, this has the gimmick software Siri! So, everyone with an iphone 4 or less will not have any of the benefit of the maps traffic because you NEED Siri. Even though the phone is already capable of running the software, they try to force you into their pocket. Lets not forget all of the current navigation software that will essentially be wiped out. The good new is that out of those companies that may have to prepare for losses, TomTom luckily got to partner with Apple on this undertaking.

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