Lockheed Martin Shuffles Operations

Lockheed Martin is one of today’s leaders in the aerospace industry. In the article I found to relate back to our class on operational management it seems as though they are reshaping the landscape of there company by consolidating their military and civil space businesses and creating a new division for their commercial operations, with these changes beginning next month. The company hopes that through this realignment that they will be able to increase there competitive advantage in the industry while making other aspects of business more streamline and more efficient. They do not have any current plans on employment such as layoff or increasing the workforce at this time.

In class we have discussed that operational managements basic functions are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. These functions are lead to ten critical decisions. I feel that this decisions falls into process and capacity design, layout strategy, and human resources and job design. These I believe will be the areas most affected by the decision to change the businesses internal structure. Also by changing the layout I believe that as a company they will be able to reduce their costs, improve there supply chain, offer better products to their customers due to specialization, understand the markets better and finally they will be improve operations as a whole.

My question to the readers is that other than shifting how the company is divided and communicates, is there any other concepts that we have learned about that could help make Lockheed a better company as far as Operational Management goes?