$10 Hinge decide Windows 8’s destiny!

Recently, Microsoft has launched its new operating system–Windows 8. The most important feature added into Windows 8 is–it has a touch-oriented interface. This is a dramatic innovation for Windows system. Touch-oriented interface is very common in many tablets and touched-screen devices, but it’s the first time to be used in laptops. Windows 8 bring this innovation to reality and let PC play the part of a tablet and work station at the same time. But no one can say whether Windows 8 can success right away, because this new interface brings a hard technical problem to hardware manufacturers– they have to redesign hinges to connect the screen and keyboard in order to support being twisting, turning, and poking. Teams of engineers designing joints, pivots and connectors are working day and night to find out the best solution to this “hinge” problem. Leading computer makers such as Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, and Acer are seeking  different ideas to make hinges that support this new technology and their own product features at the same time, but none of them are confident about their ideas so far. The interesting thing is, among those components used to build a laptops, the hings are just worth $10. But this $10 component is deciding whether Windows 8 can be accepted and widely used. (Link:Windows 8 Success Hinges on $10 Component)


This recalls me Design of Goods and Services. Microsoft is creating differentiation in Windows 8. The new features is definitely a spot of this new product and call great attention from potential users. However, because of Windows’ core status in PC industry, even a very small change in Windows may lead to a big technical problem for hardware producers. Manufacturability of hardware to support a software is crucial for a success of the software. Even the software contains a brilliant idea that can attract customers, it’s meaningless if there isn’t a certain platform to perform the idea. Windows 8 was released in August but it is still not widely used, or even known, because right now in the market, no computer model can perfectly demonstrate its “talent”. In my opinion, since Windows 8 bring such a different feature that needs a great hardware technical support, Microsoft should prepare for this before releasing the new product. Either should Microsoft consult with mean computer producers so that they can pre-design new product to fulfill the new need, or it should create a special group to solve this problem and publish the solution to the producers as soon as the product releases. I understand there are confidential and cost problems related to these two suggestions, but Microsoft should really have prepared for this to avoid the awkward situation they are facing right now.


What do you think of this hinge problem and Windows 8 success?



Restaurant Management

My uncle runs a nice restaurant in Chicago. The restaurant has been expanded for twice in two years. Now the restaurant can contain more than more than 300 hundred people and still people are waiting in front of the restaurant waiting for the tables. I can not help wondering how a restaurant grows up so fast in such a competitive industry. After a long chat with my uncle, I find out managemt play the most important role in a restaurant.

I used to think that restraurants are just opening their doors waiting for customers. But in fact, if you want to make a restaurant popular, you have to be very serious about quality management. The reason people go out to eat are food and dining enviornment. The refer to the quality of food and quality of services and decoration. Since restaurants build their reputation on words of mouths, they have to keep customers’ satisfaction on both espects. To ensure the quality of food, a restaurant keep their eyes on the cooking materials, the skills of chefs, and the cleaness of the kitchen.In addition, the taste of dishes have to adjust based on customers’ needs. On the other hand, the quality of decoration and services can distiguish a restaurant from other competitors. With this idea in my uncle’s mind, he decided to employ designer to decorate his restaurant in traditional Chinese style. What’s more, he hired people to give his waiters and waitresses professional trainning because he thinks that every experience for customers is crucial and his employees should try their best to make the experience wonderful.

Another very important technique used in restaurant management is forcasting. Atucally, restaurant business is a very time sensitive industry. For example, in a day, 11 a.m to 2:p.m., 6p.m.-9 p.m. is a big rush time. In a weekend, Friday and Saturday would be very busy while Tuesday and Wednesday would be a little quite for restaurants. In a year, June to September would be the big time for people eating outside. Since food material is very time sensitive inventory, restaurant has to adjust supply orders according to forcast of demand and schedule for HR. Good forcasting can dramtically lower the cost of a restaurant and enhance its profitability.

I am sure there are more management skills that can be used in restaurant management, is there coming up to your mind?