SOS Children’s Village Illinois

Project Description:

Our team has created a Holiday Giving Fundraising page on the organization’s website. Our team is Ayuda SOS – DePaul Alpfa. This page will help aid with raising money to help buy holiday gifts for these children residing within the SOS foster care organization. Furthermore, our goal is to also bring awareness to the SOS Children’s Villages organization as help is needed all year round.

We will be hosting three separate events:

  1.      Specialized DePaul DePaul MBA ALPFA Cohort II t-shirts proceeds benefiting SOS
  2.      Volunteer day to decorate homes for Halloween and provide Boo Kits to the foster families
  3.      A 5K Run/Walk

Our holiday giving fundraising page:

DePaul MBA ALPFA Cohort II

Charity Description:

We’ll be working with a non-profit organization, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. This organization focuses on providing children in foster care additional resources, keeping the siblings together, and providing the emotional support these underprivileged children need.

  • Focus on keeping siblings together
  • Growing up in a private, single-family homes
  • Cared by a professionally trained full-time foster parent(s)
  • Provides children with resources, recreational facilities, mental health resources, emotional support, educational support

Project Objective Analysis:

Our overall fundraising effort was very successful. We met and exceeded our project objectives, both, in delivery and financially. Our team was able to deliver a unique Halloween experience and BOO kits to the SOS Lockport Village while keeping COVID restriction guidelines in mind. In particular, the BOO Kits was a special touch and brought joy to the children on that day. The engagement in our social media (Facebook and Instagram) helped bring traction to our donation website resulting in additional donations to the Holiday Giving Program which contributed to the success of exceeding our initial fundraising goal. Contributing to our fundraising efforts we thought a creative way to generate additional donations and remaining engaged with the donors is by participating in a virtual 5k run. We offered a raffle that included a month’s worth of health supplements and coaching along with the virtual 5k run. Our fundraising would not be complete with the amazing help from our sponsor Armando who was generous enough to donate funds for the Halloween decorations and BOO kits supplies.

Lessons Learned:

  • Ensuring that you identify any key adversities you may face and planning contingency plans for them in order to ensure you have a back up plan.
  • Setting key milestones and due dates is key in order to ensure items are completed timely. It also helps to delegate so individuals know the priorities they need to complete.
  • Organization and communication is key!

TIPS for Future Teams:

  • Communication continuously
  • Set goals, milestones and due dates for those goals
  • Contact a key personal immediately
  • Set goals in the beginning so you don’t go around in circles.
  • Ensure that you have a tracker and expectations for each team member

Project Photos:

DePaul MBA ALPFA Cohort II (

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