Team Humboldt – Team #6

Project Proposal

Team Humboldt, a group of 4 super fun individuals, partnered with the Chicago Park District during a Natural Areas Community Stewardship Day on May 19th in the Humboldt Park. We aimed to achieve a service event that supports our cause to enhance outdoor spaces within Chicago city limits, while raising awareness and recruiting volunteers for Chicago Park District’s future events.


The Chicago Park District is the broad organization responsible for many events such as the Stewardship Day. However, the event itself is primarily hosted by a local community group that is interested in conservation. Their volunteering opportunities can be reached out through the following link:

Analysis of Success




# of Volunteers



# of Total Hours Volunteered



# of Invasive Plants Picked


2 trash cans, 1 XL size garbage bag

# of Social Media Likes Total



Contributions from Sponsors


60 granola bars, 20 bags of chips

Have Fun

Lots of fun

All the fun πŸ™‚

Lessons Learned

  • Building the right team and choosing the right PM: Working with people who have similar visions and ideas are really important. Clicking right away and enjoying each other’s company makes working together fun and easy. It also makes contributions and coordination that much easier. Picking the right person to be the Project Manager is also a key to success.
  • Avoid Scope Creep: At some point in the project some of the team members may throw excessive ideas. Be aware, avoid and focus on your priorities.
  • Communication is Key: Find a platform where all the members can use, that will be easy to collaborate especially to all the deliverables throughout the course. We used Google Drive to upload and edit these documents and emails to keep each other updated.
  • Start Planning ASAP and Have a Plan B: You have a short time to reach out to a charity, find a service event or organize a fundraiser, invite people, think and guarantee a contingency plan etc. Starting early and planning ahead is crucial. If your event is in outdoors like ours, make sure you check weather frequently and have a Plan B and C if needed.


  • Communication is the key! Find a communication method that works for everyone and keep everyone in the loop.
  • Start early!
  • Know your risks and have a solid contingency plan.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process.



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