bringing back the wraith

In real life, I’ve learned a lot doing and managing projects which completed with success. The projects that I have succeeded are due for a strong team work and alternative solutions that I had which made the project went smoothly.

But it’s very easy to talk about a successful project because it’s done and you are self-satisfied. But let me tell you about a project that I’ve failed and been pros pond so you can take it as a lesson.

My project was my father’s car which was Rolls Royce (silver wraith 2) 1978, I decided to make over the whole car and bring it back to life. I remember this car very preciously, because when we use to be kids in the neighbourhood we would run away when we see my father’s car.

And you are wondering why we would run away, cause I had a sister and no one is allowed to come near my house. My dad was traditional man who he was holding his culture when it comes to boys and girls.

The car had a lot of potential due for being classic and a lot of history that you don’t want to miss. At the start of the project, the car was at the agency for almost ten years and my father passed away and couldn’t finish it.

So I cleared it off from the agency by paying more than five grand. I started on the car by cleaning, washing it and see what is the easiest thing for me to start with.  I didn’t have a Gantt chart or timeline and it was my first experience to work on a car.

I painted the whole car, serviced the engine and changed the tires. And after ten years I could start the car and drove it for two days.  Then the car stopped on the highway and I said that I will do a major service.

I took it to the agency for check-up and said that I have to change the whole engine and didn’t have money enough cause I decided to study for MBA from De Paul University.

When I took the project management course, I remember the car and how I failed and pros ponded the project. And keep saying to myself, I wish that I didn’t rush things without planning the outcomes and problems when comes to handling the project.

Then we did a project for fund raising for charity, I realised that team work and alternative solutions are the main keys for success of the project.


Hope I can redo my father’s car project after I’ve learned the lesson of how to manage a project.


One thought on “bringing back the wraith

  1. When starting your first project that no one is managing you always have a lot of obstacles. It takes a few projects before you will start to learn how to plan the correct way for the worst situation, but you will never be able to fully prepare for anything that may come. It is unfortunate that you had to wait to be able to finish the restoring, but it came as a lesson for your future planning.

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