Tweet Equity: Social Media in the Workplace Boosts Productivity

Over the past decade, social media has become a hallmark in the realm of communication. Not only has it re-shaped the way in which communication functions on a social level, social media has taken on a new role in the workplace. Social media usage in the office is no longer seen as a distraction for workers and has become a new tool towards productivity and engagement. Instead, these companies have adopted an embracing attitude towards it and have incorporated it into company culture and everyday office life.

To prove this argument, a study was conducted at by Joe Nandhakumar, professor of information systems at the Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom. Over the span of two years, the study monitored the productivity levels at a well-established European telecommunications company that practiced policies that encouraged social media use in the workplace. The results of the study show a clear rise in productivity. This rise can be contributed through the employees’ ability to respond to client and customer concerns in a quick manner, through the use of social outlets and networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Employees were also able to use these outlets to pitch products and ideas and close sales. Nandhakumar also noted that social media allowed for heightened collaboration amongst employees, both within the office and in other locations that may be farther away.

This embrace of social media within the workplace is a major indicator of the definitive changes in corporate culture and the face of business in 2013. Social media has the ability to allow a company to build a distinct culture and identity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allows businesses to grow a public presence and allow fast and direct communication with its customer base, clients, current and potential employees, and any other interested user. Social media also changes the way in which employees communicate with each other and management. In a time where telecommuting is a very common practice at most companies, networks such as Skype or Google (Hangouts) make it possible to have quick meetings without the need to physically be in the same place. Not only does this boost productivity and cuts down on time, this also has the potential to cut down on travel expenses for companies, since they are afforded with the convenience of virtually conducting a meeting absolutely anywhere. Skype and other video chat outlets have also become commonly used in job interviews, saving time and money for both the employer and the potential employee.

The topic of social media usage in the workplace very distinctly paints a picture of the how business is conducted in 2013. There is an immense embrace of transparency in business that allows for collaboration, growth, and innovation. The corporate use of social media has opened the conversation on many levels.

How do you think the relationship between business and social media will expand in the future?


6 thoughts on “Tweet Equity: Social Media in the Workplace Boosts Productivity

  1. I think in the future the relationship between business and social media will grow in enormous ways. Niche markets will become more popular because of the ability for consumers to be reached out to easily. I also think that eventually all companies will have to have a mobile app in order to be most profitable and to reach their target markets effectively.

  2. Many businesses today view social media in the workplace as a distraction, and actually block most social media websites in order to keep employees from being distracted. However, I believe that being on social media actually helps creativity and can be a great way to share ideas with groups and get feedback. I have even talked to professionals that use Facebook to talk with clients and make sales deals. I think social media has become such an important part of our lives today, that it is no surprise it actually helps sponsor productivity in the workplace.

  3. I think future relationships between business and social media will continually grow. Everyday something new comes out. Social media has found a way to cut costs in all different areas of a business. One way is through marketing. Companies can create a brand presence on the internet through their Facebook page, Twitter, or Pinterest page. Brand enthusiasts can find promotions, events, and news about their favorite company in seconds. The company gets their name out and does not have to pay the high costs if they were to do promotions or ads through TV or print. Another way social media is helping businesses is through things like Skype or Google Hangouts. Instead of flying an employee to a different office for one meeting, the employee cut out the travel and virtually attend the meeting. Social media is always growing and I think businesses will adapt to these forms of social media. I feel like the companies that don’t adapt quickly are the ones who are missing out on new opportunities.

  4. I definitely think the relationship between these two will grow but I also think it depends a lot on the industry you work in. Like mentioned in a comment above, some companies do have social media blocked from their employees because it is not something necessary for certain workers. Yes every business/firm/corporation may have some type of social media where they advertise themselves to their customers but it isn’t every worker under that firm that gets to interact with their customers through social media.

  5. This is a great topic, and I think Twitter is a very important technological function in today’s society. For a private social media company, Twitter has expanded at such a rapid rate; more so than Facebook has. I also think that when Twitter does go public it will blow companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp etc. out of the water. This platform of social media is not just for friends to interact with one another anymore. It is a mixture of advertising, news, media, virtual print, and a valuable information source all rolled into one. Businesses across the globe see this and eventually will @ themselves to Twitter. I am not sure what will happen to Twitter in the future, but I do believe that it will evolve into something extraordinary.

  6. I definitely agree that social media is a huge tool for businesses. Personally, social media is where I get my information, especially about things such as music festivals or events. I think that social media will continue to have a huge presence in the business world, and as long as it is used correctly, it can definitely only bring great things. To not embrace social media would almost seem foolish of companies, because it’s not going away any time soon.

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