Beats for the boss, Beats or Bose?

With the ever expanding market for newly released electronics and the countless accessories released for the past, current and future versions of these products on the market, many companies are looking to develop the next new electronic out there for each company’s respective target market.  However, recently Beats headphones have expanded the current market to include business professionals and executives, stating that they, “…want something that goes a little better with [their] Brooks Brothers suit.”

At the price of almost $300, an executive comfortably sitting on a long flight, for example, now has a device that is “good for sound quality, noise canceling, and sturdiness.” However, the price for just the logo, a new design and an endorsement from Dr. Dre does not justify the high product cost. In fact, competition such as the makers of Bose headphones produce the same item, with very similar features that include noise cancellation, better sound quality, and sturdiness, amongst other feature around the same price. What’s the difference? Well, Bose products for one have been on the market a whole longer than the Beats counter part. Bose has also not specified their target market but generally targets the most avid music listeners and not just young urban music listeners. Ironically, what Bose did before Beats was to acquire more market share and sell their product to a larger target market rather than the narrow range of music listeners aquatinted to Dr. Dre’s music and subsequently the products of his business. Bose did this by having an entire audio line of high quality music accessories.

Evidently, it was in the best interest of Monster, the Beats headphone manufacturer, to have possibly taken the sales numbers of their competition, upon the release of their products, to generate forecasts. This could provide an idea to determine how the Beats headphone would fair in a market where the next new accessory with newer features, a sleek and stylish model and quality sounds would sell. If anything, Monster would have at least some data to predict sales trend lines and production forecasts to be as profitable and cost effective as possible.

What could have Beats audio done differently provided that they could access competitor statistics to generate their forecasts? Since both brands are in the audio industry and make very similar products, does the price reflect a mass manufacturing approach to their productivity for greater profits?

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  1. I think you make a few good points when addressing the differences between Beats by Dre and Bose headphones. The first is that Bose has been in the market for far longer than Beats have, but keep in mind the producer of beats, Monster is known for very high end audio products, specifically home entertainment systems. I personally prefer Bose products for two reasons, the first is the brand is known for superior quality in personal audio electronics, the second is that Bose products are manufactured very well. The second point you made about the price difference is important, but looking at the similarity of the products, you can purchase similar noise canceling headphones from Bose that rival Beats quality for almost $100 less than that of the beats. So in turn I believe that although Beats are produced for a niche market you are also paying for the brand recognition that comes with Beats headphones.

  2. This is a very interesting article. Beats have been a huge success thus far. They have a unique and chic design, and also Dr. Dre is the man behind it, so everyone would obviously trust him. I recently bought a new pair of headphones (in ear ones, though) and I was set on getting a pair of beats. However, after doing some research and testing them myself, I found the Bose to be much better sound quality and a lot cheaper. Also, I have noticed more and more people with Bose headphones than Beats lately. It is curious to me to see how long this trend will last, and if Bose will be able to keep up with the trendy style.

  3. By getting the Beats headphones, you paying for the coolness factor, to be able to walk around with the “b” on your ear. Beats did a fantastic job by getting the most influential celebrities to endorse the product, which set it at another level above competitors. When I purchased the headphones, I did it for just that reason. I tried them on before purchasing them, along with the Bose headphones, which I knew were superior, but still ended up getting the Beats. Eventually I got buyers remorse and returned the headphones because I didn’t want to pay $300 dollars for the headphones, which seemed to me like $25 dollar headphones and a $275 dollar logo. Apparently I’m not the only person to feel this way, judging by the comments. When you price the beats next to the Bose, Beats is more expensive, so I think people tend to go with the heuristic that expensive equals good, so I wish someone would do an experiment where the products have no logo and people can just go by what the product actually sounds like, no endorsements, no price, just be able to listen.

  4. I think the Beats are the cheapest looking headphones so I would personally never buy them. Over the past years I have bought a handful of bose headphones , the in-ear ones and the QC 15s (i think) and I love them. I do believe price has a giant impact in the audio market and the one thing the beats have done is brand very well and they are more appealing and “cool” compared to Bose headphones, but anyone who wants a quality product knows bose is the go to for that. you make some good points and it was an interesting article.

  5. Beats set itself up as not another headphone but an accessory. This was most apparent when I saw the same person with several different colored beats headphones just to match his outfit. It has become more of a fashion than practicality for headphones.

  6. I have also experienced and researched both Beats and Bose headphones being the speaker-head that I am. I’ve also tested out many other brands as well. What I realized is that both brands provide quality sound, and that it comes down to personal preference when choosing the right one. Some people like heavier bass while others might look for very detailed sound. Other factors like comfort, fit, and design sell the product as well. As stated above, the beats are pricy because They have Dr. Dre’s name on them. One thing that they could have done differently is expand their target market, but I think it was a good idea that they targeted urban areas to fit well with the hip design.

  7. I think it is really interesting that Beats has begun trying to target business professionals and executives for their products because all of the marketing I personally have seen has been for young adults and music enthusiasts. In response to your first question, I definitley agree that with knowledge of competitor statistics Beats definitley would have changed their forcasts to account for the market share and market targets of Bose. Moreover, I think that both Bose and Beats prices are rediculous, and do not illustrate what you outlined. Personally, I believe they are both overpriced and overhyped. However, in relation to our class, Beats and Bose have very similar operations strategies and becoming increasingly even competitors. Great post.

  8. I feel even if Monster had access to the sales data from Bose, it would not have made a difference. Monster with their Beats headphones was going with a marketing strategy and targeting a different audience. Bose has always marketed their products as high end with a target audience of those that are young professionals. Monster, by choosing spokespeople such as Lebron James, Cam Newton, and of course Dr. Dre, are marketing their products towards the younger college crowd. Because of these marketing strategies, having access to data from Bose would not really have Monster.

  9. I believe, although Bose and Beats have equally efficient sound quality, Beats will continue to grow and Bose will lose sales. Beats are capturing a young audience by using public icons such as Cam Newton, LeBron, and Lil’ Wayne and that audience will grow up knowing this brand. While Bose still has a loyal audience, the audience is an older market which will eventually lose the major grip on the market. To secure a bright future, Bose needs to branch out and gain share in the younger market that Beats has.

  10. Well the thing that Beats by Dre has done to get their product out there more is bring in other celebrity to better promote these headphones. In the last 2 years beats by dre has released beats by Lady Gaga also beats by Justin Bieber. These beats are a way they are trying to reach a larger demographic outside of people who just listen to Dr. Dre’s music. I believe they have done a great job since just walking around a college campus you see so many of these headphones around school.

  11. I am an owner of Beats Studio (noise canceling) , but before I bought them I decided to try the Bose noise canceling ones, which were a lot more conveniently smaller, but the price difference was an extra $50 even though they both had the same sound quality. I think that Beats have a very good sound quality and overall quality and that it’s well worth the money. I have to disagree that you’re just paying for a logo, because with the $300 you get a touring case, an extra 1/4-inch Adapter an airline adopter and a one year limited warranty (which Bose did not offer) and of course an amazing pair of headphones. Beats are also a lot more comfortable than Bose noise canceling headphones because they have an on-ear grip. Beats may have knocked out their competition with Bose as far as headphones with some consumers, but don’t forget about other Bose products such as their speakers, surround sound etc. which are taking over the market.

  12. Because of how well Beats markets their products, I was guilty of being one of their avid fans in the beginning of last year. I quickly bought a pair for myself for Christmas, purchased the $10/month insurance plan and was excited to experience the unbelievable sound quality that everyone was talking about. About two months after purchasing my Beats, I started experiencing sound problems with the right earphone. What started out as a low hissing sound/cracking quickly turned into the right earphone completely breaking. I went back to Best Buy and got them replaced (free of charge) and then two months later the same thing happened again! After the second time, I was completely done with the Beats brand and asked a Best Buy associate what he would recommend. He took me to the Bose section and I immediately fell in love with the product. Not only were they sleek but they had an overall “sophisticated” look about them. What I quickly learned is that although Bose doesn’t throw their products in everyones face and all over the media, they are an overall better product than Beats. I find that Beats decision to target a more “sophisticated” customer is a smart one, but I believe that a smart customer, whether middle class or high class will go for the product that will last a lifetime and not the product that the popular rapper came out with.

    Buy some Bose headphones and you’ll see what I mean.


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  14. I suppose the Beats are the most inexpensive searching headphones so I could individually in no way purchase them. Over the beyond years I even have sold a handful of bose headphones , the in-ear ones and the QC 15s (i suppose) and I love them. I do trust charge has a massive effect withinside the audio marketplace and the only aspect the beats have completed is emblem thoroughly and they’re greater attractive and “cool” as compared to Bose headphones, however all and sundry who needs a great product is aware of bose is the visit for that. you are making a few properly factors and it become an thrilling article. Open Back Headphones Check it once you will get some good stuff here. Thanks

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