The iPad Mini: Bigger Problems for a Smaller Consumer?


It comes as no surprise that Apple has done extremely well over the past year.  They have released a new iPad, the iPhone 5, and are now apparently gearing up to release the all new iPad Mini.

There have been many rumors circulating around the release of the new Apple product.  However, none of them can be stamped with a guarantee.  Apple has been very quiet when it comes to questions about the new iPad Mini.  There are many speculators out there though.  Some of these speculations are as follows:

  1. The Screen:  The screen of the iPad Mini will be smaller than the previous iPad models.  It is said to be roughly 7.85 inches (diagonally).  This does not seem to be a shocker though, it is called the “mini.”
  2. No Retina Display:  The iPad Mini will not have the same screen resolution as the previous iPad models.  The newest Apple products are highly valued for the excellent screen quality.
  3. The Lightning Port:  This is a new feature that is also part of the iPhone 5.  The Lightning Port is where the iPad Mini will connect to supplementary technology, as well as chargers.
  4. Storage:  The iPad Mini will most likely fall in line with other Apple products.  The model(s) will most likely be available with 16, 32, or 64 GB storage components.

The iPad Mini seems to be a great idea to the naked eye.  People say it will be more convenient than the original iPad and easier to use.  There are also many rumors circulating that say the iPad Mini was designed so that it can be marketed to children and people who might have a lower income.  The iPad will be cheaper given the size of the product.  This could allow for lower income consumers to purchase and use the Apple product.  It is also said that the iPad Mini is going to be marketed to lower level educational institutions.  The smaller size of the iPad Mini allows for it to be more functional with children and young teenagers.  The interaction between child and technology allows for more efficient teaching inside and outside of these educational institutions.

Although this product sounds amazing, there are many questions that come along with it. There are a number of skeptics who are saying the iPad Mini is just simply a scam.  It is nothing but a shrunken version of the iPad.  It also seems to be very convenient for Apple to be releasing this product, which is going to be heavily marketed towards children, right around the holiday season.  The consumers will not only have to purchase the iPad, but they will also have to purchase the new adaptors for the new Lightning Port.  This being one more thing the consumer has to spend money on.

Apple is well aware of what they are doing.  They know that people have millions of accessories for their Apple products.  The release of new products that require adaptors is a whole new revenue stream for Apple.  Old products are going to be replaced by new products that are able to function with the new Lightning Port.  Some of these adaptors already cost upwards of $3o.00.  This is interesting too because Apple has to now forecast a whole new sector of business.  The Lightning Port provides Apple with a whole new realm of consumer purchases.  Adaptors will need to be produced and consumers will purchase them.  The iPad Mini also requires a new level of forecasting.  If they are in fact going to market to a younger generation, they will have to compensate for many younger age groups, schools, and other institutions.

Apple is the only one who can support or disprove these speculations.  However, one could still ask – what do you think?  Is Apple just trying to pull a fast one?



10 thoughts on “The iPad Mini: Bigger Problems for a Smaller Consumer?

  1. After reading this post pertaining to the launch of the new Apple iPad Mini, i dont think that the new device is a scam. I think it is Apple finally coming to terms with there products and the demand for the tablet device. they are coming off of there high horse thinking that there iPad is still a craze. The thing is that this new iPad Mini boast asimilar features to the original iPad (No retina display, most likely a slower smaller chip to keep the price point down, ect.) and there marketing it at a $250-300 price point. The only thing that could be construed as a “scam” is that a similar device with similar manufacturing costs is being sold now one generation later for half the price. Is this a “scam” i dont think so, its merely the evolution of the product and perfecting of the technology. However, I have hopes that apple will integrate some sort of water resistance into the mini iPad, give it will be used in a multitude of strenuous situations and its not that difficult to seal the devices case and 3 or 4 ports/openings.

  2. This article is quite interesting, seeing as how popular Apple is to the consumer. I am not sure whether this new device is a scam; however, I do not really think it is worth it. Given the features that it contains, it is basically the same as the iPad2 just smaller. You would think that Apple would think of something newer and little more innovative than just a miniature version of the iPad that is already out there. I think Apple should try a little harder with this product and add some better features than the ones listed. It just seems like another disappointment waiting to happen. It does conveniently work out for them that they are releasing this around the holiday season, where people are on the hunt for the perfect gift and given their strong fan base, consumer will buy anything Apple. Even though the price is not very high, the fact that they are trying to market to children and younger generations still makes it seem a little steep for people that fall under that age group or even people with a lower income. Buying an iPad, any version, just does not fall under the top priority list.

  3. I think it is definitely another ‘cash cow’ concept, that they’re going to continually exploit or further push forward with since the response towards the product is overwhelmingly favorable and in demand. However it does feel like an unnecessary move on the part of Apple, to miniaturize the iPad. Especially since the new mini serves the exact same function as its predecessors. Making it stylishly different they create the illusion in the consumers’ minds that this product is somehow inherently different or superior to the prior models, the key difference is the younger target demographics fall into the same traps that the adults fell into with the previous iPad incarnations. I wonder if they created a smaller iPad in order to decrease their production/manufacturing costs or if its more expensive to actually go with the mini?

  4. I don’t think this product is a scam entirely. And quite frankly, it’s something I would want to purchase. Sure, it is a smaller version of the iPad, and a larger version of the iTouch, but the reason why I would want to purchase it is because the iPad is nearly as big as my macbook. And let’s be honest here, a lot of consumers are going to be intrigued by this “new idea” Apple has come up with. It’s easy for most of us to say that Apple is simply addicting. New products, although not the most innovative products, become the spotlight immediately. If some of the characteristics aren’t as good as the iPad, isn’t that why they are making it less expensive, despite the size?

  5. It’s unlikely that this is some sort of “scam”–Apple doesn’t need to pull a fast one over consumers because they’d still have high demand no matter what they announce. Apple is easily one of the ‘stickiest’ brands in this space. Further, I think the smaller size is the big offering here: offering this device to educational institutions can bring in new revenue streams, good publicity, and probably some sort of tax break. Regarding the lightning port, I don’t think this is an attempt to make more money. The port truly is better and it’s the third party vendors who really need to make changes because of this.

  6. The iPad mini is just a response to the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has a smaller screen that people seem to like so Apple wanted to get in on the action. No matter what product Apple produces people will buy it because of their brand. It is a smart idea for Apple, especially right before the holiday season.

  7. I do not think the iPad Mini is a scam. Apple is trying to expand their market to more consumers. They are trying to make it affordable to the younger generation and those who are on a budget. They are providing the needs to their consumers by making more options available. As for the Lighting Port in the new products, I think it is a plan to gain more profit. Apple could have designed a compatible port with the old adaptors. This makes it inconvenient for those with the old products, which they are not considerate of. Apple is trying to push their consumers to purchase their new products with the new design of the Lighting Port.

  8. I agree with the comment above that the iPad Mini is not a scam. The price for the iPad mini is still high though so I feel apple priced the product very high. People will buy the product just because Apple came out with it. People love apple products and because of brand loyalty, Apple fans are going to invest in the new iPad mini.

  9. I agree that apple is not trying to scam customers, they are reacting to the market. If consumers demand smaller ipads, then that is what the consumers will get. Apple has created brand loyalty like no other company has before in the history of corporations. They innovate and react to the demand as well as create new demands for such products.

  10. I personally do not like the idea of the ipad mini. I do believe Apple’s agenda was to target children in the making of this product. I feel as if this technology as well as many other technologies aimed at children are hindering this generation’s real face to face social skills. It seems as if many of us nowadays do not even remember the times when people would be together without any technological distractions. Children of today are even more unfamiliar with this concept because most children are exposed to technology at a much younger age. It amazes me that the six year old girl I babysit is able to operate phones, ipods, ipads, and more technologies better than I do as a college student. She also prefers to “facetime” her friends versus hanging out with them face to face.

    I do not believe this product was targeted toward lower income people since Apple’s this would not comply with Apple’s image of being the “it” electronic brand. Customer loyalty is their bread and butter and Apple has caught on that they need to target a younger audience who will soon be life long customers. With Apple’s loyal customer base and cruel intensions, I am even more afraid to see the face to face social skills of generations to come.

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