Apple’s Losing Qontrol

Apple’s is not controlling their quality. We have heard over and over again about Apple’s issues and problems with the newly released iPhone 5. There is a whole list of reoccurring customer complaints. The first and most prominent of the problems is the maps. The iPhone 5’s new software, iOS 6, uses Apple Maps instead of Google Maps. iPhone is having massive errors in their data verification. The maps problem is a large problem that affects every owner. There is also a large problem with scuffing. Many are complaining about scuffing on the phone right when they take it out of the box. It also is said to scuff very easily with damage. Furthermore, Apple’s new iphone is the camera, phone rattling, light leaks, and more usual problems. This brings up the relevant topic of quality control. Apple basically lacks quality control. This is illustrated by their multitude of mistakes and problems with the new iPhone 5. Many people are saying that this iPhone is the worst yet. It is a complete quality assurance failure.

I believe this directly corresponds to our in class activities and recent class topics. Quality control and assurance is an integral part of producing a specific product with a certain amount of quality. The bottom line is that Apple decided that quality control was not needed or important enough to thoroughly undertake. Find the link to the article below.

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