Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t quite an iPhone Killer

Recently I have read a review article on the newest Samsung phone, the Galaxy S III which came out this month. The Galaxy S III is the latest and the most ambitious phone from Samsung, which is available in most of the US, carries such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and a few others for around 200$ with a 2-year contract. While Samsung was aiming high with their newest phone and introducing a lot of new features, trying to cater to the customer’s wants and needs, according to the review it felt short due to some of its features not working properly.(

This week we have learned a lot about the design of goods and services, from the product decision process, to the ethical considerations involved in it. There are many decisions that have to be made and many aspects that have to be taken into consideration when creating something new or even when trying to improve a product. Samsung newest innovation the Galaxy S III has definitely undergone many decisions involving the price, software, design, as well as the different apps that are designed to use on only for this phone. The price of the phone is pretty affordable, as long as the customer would be willing to sign up for a contract with their service provider. The other good thing about the phone is that it is sold across the five US carriers. The phone also offers fast processing, a new voice recognition feature called S Voice, a display that is sharp and bright and a very light body. While this newer version of the Samsung Galaxy has been a big improvement, it still is not quite enough to over shine some other phones such as iPhone or One X. Some negative things that were pointed about the phone were, that the new feature S Voice is not really working properly and is no match to Apple’s Siri, also the sharing features are not really thought through out and could be improved upon. As many other phones out in the market place, this phone is not perfect, all of the phones have some features that still might need to be improved on. Even with its few flaws, I believe that this phone is a great new product that caters to most of the customers needs with its low price, easy accessibility and newly innovated features.


What do you think about the Galaxy S III?  Is it a product worth buying?

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t quite an iPhone Killer

  1. I’ve been hearing many good things about this phone. I recently read that demand for this phone was so high that Samsung is very under supplied for the phone and cannot meet the growing demand. Samsung is very big overseas, perhaps even more popular than Apple in some markets. Giving the iPhone a close competitor is a great benefit for the consumer as it gives us more options to chose from.

  2. I think Samsung is a good example of design of goods and services. Of course, IPhone is the biggest competitor of Galaxy S. So, Samsung, need to think what kind of product can beat IPhone. Thus, they produced Galaxy S. Galaxy S is targeting all kind of customers, especially IPhone users. They have larger screen, faster speed on Galaxy S. So, those are the selling point of Galaxy S. People named Galaxy S as “IPhone Killer” because it is the only one smart phone can be the same quality or even better than IPhone. All the companies wanted to beat IPhone, but there not smart phone better IPhone expect this one. I think if Apple can’t improve IPhone to other level, there are more and more customers would try Galaxy S. In addition, I think Galaxy S is better for T-Mobile customers because T-Mobile don’t have partnership with IPhone. So, IPhone missed a large group of customers from T-Mobile. On the other hand, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other companies are selling Galaxy S III; they try to cover all kind of customers. For me, I will buy Galaxy S III because I got bored to use IPhone and I want something new.

  3. I am a Galaxy phone user and very happy with it. As the author mentioned, every single product has its strengths and weaknesses, especially when talking about electronics. Customer chooses according to his/her needs what phone to use.
    Samsung has made a right choice introducing new phone into the market. Even if it does not over weigh famous Iphone it is still a valued competitor to Apple. The design, quality and price are significant factors in designing a new product and therefore Samsung achieved it. In addition, I think right marketing of the new product will increase interest and demand for it.

  4. I think the price is right on the product but I don’t think I would buy the Samsung Galaxy S III. The reason why I say that because the product just came out and they already have problems. As time passes by and more people buy the phone they might find more things that are wrong with the phone. I would rather buy the IPhone 5 when it comes out because one thing I like about Apple is that if there is something wrong with the phone they will try there hardest to try to fix the problem.

  5. I absolutely agree with a title of this post. Even thought Samsung created a good quality and well advanced phone it is still not a match for an iPhone. Apple is simply making it impossible for any cellphone brand to compete with iPhone. They are doing it by buying out all the new patents that other companies created making it impossible for anyone to create something more technologically advanced then iPhone. Galaxy S III might be a great phone but it has nothing new to offer that isn’t already available in iPhone, and even if it does, I am sure iPhone 5 will exceed that. I am an apple person for one simple reason, their product is the best quality and it is worth spending those few extra dollars. Therefor, I would pick an iPhone over Galaxy S III.

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