The biggest day in your life

The biggest day in your life

   Spaghetti marshmallow sky tower project was really an interesting activity and it clarifies what dose project management mean: it is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.  Since it is summer time and it is time for wedding I’m going to illustrate how to plan for a wedding as a project management, planning a wedding is really exciting but it can be stressful. it need to be organized and efficient by keeping track of the budget of the bride , meeting deadlines and making a specific detail what to do , making list will help to reduce some of the stress involved .

The wedding planners are just like all project managers; typically perform a list of activity in order to manage a project:

  • Identify the requirements
  • Address the various need and expectations of the stakeholders as the project is planned and carried out
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Resources
  • photographer
  • cake design
  • the theme party
  • guest list
  • invitation design

The wedding planner must ensure that everyone involve is in agreement and all the requirements will be establish after that that the scope can be defined. A scope statement must be developed in order for the project to stay on track and so that the project objectives will be met. Each wedding differs in the degree of emphasis it places on the various constrain; some will place more emphasis on the budget, other there concern will be in different path they are just looking for a unique party that no one ever before have do it .

However to manage the project the wedding planner must define the activities and develop a schedule and control this schedule , he  must be able to identify the resources and estimate the duration needed to complete individual activities with the estimated resources. A Wedding planner is under strict time constraints to organize the wedding; the schedule acts much like a day planner that is reasonable and efficient to follow. The planning will start from the bride, groom. And wedding party has with dress / tuxedo makers, florists and cake designer. Wedding planner must obtain accurate estimates form the service provider such as caterers and florists, wedding planner must be creative problem solvers and have project management skill so he or she will be able to hold the project from A TO Z.


Finally, what I really see that there is so much information out there on the internet about how you should plan something, I mean really we live in time where everything we want to know is at our fingertips. So here my question. Those who are planning to get marred do we still need to go to wedding planner or we can precede it and manage it by our self just by gathering information and resources form the internet?


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  1. I must admit that I enjoyed reading your post, since I can definitely relate to it. I can certainly see the relation of operations management to wedding planning.
    To have a proper wedding it is very important to have operations management, which is usually handled by a wedding planner. To answer your question, I believe that hiring a wedding planner will certainly ease the stress of the bride. However, the necessity of hiring a wedding planner differs between brides. Some brides prefer to do it themselves with the help of family members and friends; I believe those are people who actually have the time to handle such intense planning. However, there are brides who are very busy with their work schedules, and sometimes even with their studies, that it is extremely difficult to find time to plan their wedding, therefore they hire a wedding planner to help them coordinate their ideas and plans for the wedding they desire.

  2. I can relate this to my brother wedding and how we were looking for the best wedding planner to manage the wedding. The wedding planner is acting as an operation manager and the wedding is the project having deadline (wedding date) and limited budget. Actually I and my sister collaborate with the wedding planner on putting all the requirements, preferences and style we wish to see in the wedding. It was exciting to work on it but it was very tough since we have limited budget and time like any project. Unfortunately, we run out of budget when we were two weeks from the deadline it was frustrating!! But at last we ended having a wonderful wedding ever. I cannot plan for a wedding myself since the wedding planner is getting better offers from his suppliers.

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