Gene Mapping is Just Like Building a Skyscraper

I read an article this week in the Wall Street Journal about mapping the genes of a person. By the end of the year, if all goes as planned, Life Technologies Corp., will be able to map a person’s entire genetics for $1000. Yes, this can already be done but at a steep price of $3000 and at least a week, this new process can be done for a third of the cost and can be completed in less than a day. This could be a huge life changing development for all with the potential for saving many lives with detection of diseases or illnesses. Certain health risks may be able to be avoided or prevented because researchers would be able to provide personalized treatments.

If gene mappings were to catch on and be available to the public, the company and their facilities would not be equipped properly. Unless this is executed properly, this has the potential to be a complete disaster. With a more affordable price and a more health conscious public, when/if Life Technologies Corp. is able to make this a possibility then a whole restructuring would most likely need to happen. Because consumers are focused on quick and convenient, they would probably want the results available to them within the 24 hours.

Though this is different than building skyscrapers out of noodles and marshmallows, in theory it is quite similar. In order to deal with a high demand (the stack of papers that was placed on top of the skyscrapers), start with a plan and modify it as you go along. The worst thing you can do is continue along with a plan that is clearly not working.

2 thoughts on “Gene Mapping is Just Like Building a Skyscraper

  1. I like how you connected this with the skyscrapers we had to build. However, in our classroom activity if we did change our game plan it could cost us more money. Depending on the changes that were needed to be made. I do agree if gene mappings were to catch on right now it would be a disaster. A person always needs to ask what could happen, and what will happen. Going back to the noodles and marshmallows. Should a company just make it look good, but in the end not able to deal with the demand (those amazing skyscrapers we saw in class, but not able to hold the paper); or should a company first have a sturdy foundation and testing before making it available.

  2. Having something built falls under the category of project management. In order for the order to be successful what will be required is that an eye needs to be kept on cost time and performance. The key is to find the balance between all to a satisfactory level. Your skyscraper should be able to hold the weight of the papers that is to perform. Do not use more that we have of noodles and marshmallows and that is budget/ cost. Lastly, you need to finish on according to a schedule and that is the timeframe or just time.

    What I would like to add is that having a good plan is essential. The part that might more important than any other for Life Technologies is to have a fare estimation of the demand after they achieve what they are set to do. That is referred to as a Forecast. A good forecast will ensure that they meet the demand which will lead to high profits. The alternative will not be so favorable to the company if they do not accommodate the demand of the market because it will lead to losing clients, losing the huge investment in research and development not to mention the effect on the price of their stock.

    So in my opinion, a forecast has to be made to with regards to how realistic the set timeframe is and with regards to the demand of the market. From my experience, a well-established company like Life Technologies would have done that already.

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