Google- Future and Change

Over the past year Google has been on a shaky path.  Google’s mobile sector did horribly compared to Apple.  Major competitors were constantly outperforming Google’s productivity and sales.  Despite the threats Google has faced, the company is not worried about their competitors.  According to the article, Google’s shares rose 26% over the past year while their major competitor’s (Apple) shares fell 36% from the previous year.  Google is very optimistic about the future.


Google C.E.O., Mr. Page, still holds his head up and says “As C.E.O., it’s also super important to keep focused on the future,” Mr. Page said. “Companies can tend to get comfortable doing what they’ve always done, with a few minor tweaks. It’s only natural to want to work on things you know. But incremental improvement is guaranteed to make you obsolete over time, especially in tech.” (New York Times)


I definitely think this is the right attitude to have.  Many companies think of great ideas but then after time they lose the innovation that drives customers wanting more.  Especially since technology is constantly changing, it is so important to keep pivoting ideas.  Google is currently focusing on different strategies and future technology products to help Google gain the creative edge against competitors.  Major projects that Google is thinking about launching are cars that drive themselves and glasses that connect to the internet also known as Google Glass. (Talk about a major headache).  But these ideas are what keep people talking and coming back to see what is going on.  Companies need to keep changing their ideas in order to be successful.

Also the C.E.O. of Google knows that introducing new products  and sales are very important to the business, but that is not the only thing to focus on.  He is a firm believer in control.  He states that the “its core business is being run more efficiently”.  Controlling staff, spending, quality will all impact the company as a whole.  By focusing on efficiency, that will improve the overall quality of the company like we discussed in class during the red bean experiment.

According to the article it seems that the C.E.O. of Google is very proactive which is a good management and leadership skill to have.  He knows that the main focus is quality, which is an important aspect to a company.  He consistently works very hard at improving quality and puts an emphasis on change.  Whenever Google faces a problem or a potential threat, Google responds actively in order to fix the problems.  They focus on the issues head on in order to reduce the possibility of any future threats towards the company.


Hopefully Google will really follow through with their future products and have a better year than last year.  I cannot wait to have a car that drives itself!



8 thoughts on “Google- Future and Change

  1. Despite having a bad year in 2012, I do not think Google is going anywhere. They have been a leader in the tech industry for many years, and I believe they will continue to hold a significant market share for years to come. Preaching efficiency is key to success in business. It is the principal that helped Standard Oil and Carnegie Steal dominate the early US economy. Also operating business on the idea that you do not have to fix it until it breaks is a great way to not be in business anymore. If Google continues to attempt to innovate the tech industry it will inevitably fail several times, but it will also succeed and reach new markets. I am excited for the launch of the Google Glasses, and whatever the tech world has in store for us next.

  2. If you research the company and their innovations that they have created throughout the years then you would be surely be surprised by what kind of applications they have created. Even recently, they have just made sending an email an easier process by having a small pop-up window come up whenever the user wants to compose an email. Therefore, the user never has to leave the home email screen and can look at who they are sending the. Also, Google continues to buy services that other companies have created and continues to expand on them. Since they have the capital to buy, they have the capital to grow, making them a very profitable company. Personally, I do not see the company going down the wrong path and it will be awhile until another company has the potential to compete and overpower Google.

  3. Every company has a bad year. So I think it’s safe to safe that Google is not going anywhere. They are the foundation of technology right along side Apple. Despite having a bad year I found it interesting to read that Google’s shares rose by 26%. I agree with you that being innovative is extremely important to success. Companies in the past the have been normally profitable and than began to fall have normally been due to a CEO not bringing in enough innovative ideas to the company. If the CEO continues to be innovative I think Google will pick up the pace in the years to come.

    Secondly, I believe Google will soon be getting a lot of publicity due to the release of the new movie “The Internship” coming out this summer featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. There share’s may continue to rise by more than 26% unlike Apple because they are making these marketing moves to continue to set their company up for success.

  4. Google has always been a top competitor in the market and are constantly creating new concepts for bigger and better technology. Apple has so many sales, but they keep upgrading their products instead of creating new ones (that we know of at least). Shares are always good to look at when it comes to seeing how a company is doing, but it has a lot of risk and uncertainty. As previously stated Googles shares rose and yet apples fell. Google will have plenty of time to catch back up and I believe they will be just fine.

  5. Innovation is absolutley key in the fast paced consumer electronics industry. This is the area in wich google dominates, and has recently become quite famous for. Google lets its engineers spend 20% of their time working on any project they desire. This has been a great success, and has led to products such as Gmail and the upcoming Google Glasses. Google has continued to expand way beyond the basic search market, and will have no problem catching up with Apple in the near future.

  6. Google is the way to go, and they are definitely the leaders in launching society into the future. No other firms stretch as far out of their comfort zone as Google does, which allows them to bring an “outside the box” thinking style to markets that have not experienced significant change for quite a while: Google Glass, driverless cars, and Google Fiber to name a few. Furthermore, it allows them to expand into other industries and grow as a company. If driverless cars become mainstream 20 years from now, Google could possibly find itself as a main competitor in the auto industry with companies like Ford and Toyota. I’m excited to see what Google will bring to the table years from now, and how they will change everyone’s daily lives.

  7. Google has come a long way from just being a search engine online. They always have something new and never done before to offer to the market. Apple will have to keep pushing its limites to stay ahead of Google. Apple products are easy to use and many people favor its IOS system. But at the same time Apple can’t offer everything that the Google is capable of. Making Google sometimes ahead of Apple but winning over Apple customers is hard do to the Apple platform. Google is definitely showing its strenghts by showing consumers what new and off the wayy technology they can produce. Which is putting them in the spot light and expanding their market.

  8. It is hard to compare Apple and Google when you are looking at stock prices. Both have very different business models and plans, even though they do compete in the mobile sector. Apple is a very product based business whereas Google dabbles in many different technologies with their own innovations. Google has grown tremendously since it become the search engine that was widely used. One innovative product to look forward to is Google Glasses, bring the internet to your everyday use.

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