Modern Marvel

Marvel Studios has successfully managed to create a universe on screen that millions of people have been craving to visually experience since 1940. With the utmost secrecy, Marvel Studios has planned out 2 phases of Super Hero flicks into the future and they hope to create an abundance of unified story telling for many years to come.

The after credits sequence, although now synonymous, with this particular movie genre was not really a thing until the world got to see the end of Iron Man. In Iron Man we were revealed Samuel Jackson in a black trench coat and an eye patch; whom the die hard fans understood was Nick Cage the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. otherwise known as the man to unite The Avengers. This was the quintessential moment in defining what Marvel was planning to do and how they were deciding to manage their properties. This was a huge leap when it came to the movie business as we’ve never seen an intertwining of such hugely successful properties before.

All of these plans are based in secrecy as the blogs are a huge element to the hype and criticism of each Marvel film released to the public. With the giant enthusiasm by fans breeds very high expectations for film creators. The strategy for Marvel is to find the best talent in the business in order to appease the vision all fans have shared of visual spectacles with heart.

Marvel strategically reveals their plans for the future by way of Comic Con as extremely eager comic books fans await to see if their favorite super hero will be played by the caliber of actor they desire or if the film will be in the right hands of a suitable director. They often listen to fan opinion in the blogs when it comes to their hiring choices and are highly motivated by fan desires. This relationship between the studio and their audience is fairly unique as Marvel relies on anticipation for much of their success. Blogs, big reveals from comic conventions, events in the comic books, and after credit scenes add fuel to the immense burning fire Marvel Studios masterfully sustains.


Kevin Feige, the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios have had immense success. Avengers alone gained $1.5 Billion worldwide ( and Avengers II: Age of Ultron is expected to surpass that with the incredible amount of anticipation behind the upcoming film. The studio has crafted a sophisticated formula to build an audience even before the trailer for the movie is released and we can all see it’s paying off.

There are clearly a lot people invested in the planning of this cinematic universe; from the fans to those behind the scenes creating the film. Knowing this, do you believe the super hero genre is here to stay? Why/Why not?

Marvel Studios is creating programs for Netflix featuring heroes like Daredevil and Luke Cage; would you like to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe continue to expand or do you feel there is a ceiling to the genre?

Is Redbox Instant the new Netflix?

As you all may know, Redbox kiosks have been a great sensation to today’s generation. It started as a box kiosk filled with movie options to rent for only $1/night. People loved the idea of not having to have a traditional movie store card/membership in order to rent out movies. The locations of most of the kiosks are very easy to find and most of the time are located in places where you might stop for other errands as well. According to the Gadget Review, by the end of June 2011, Redbox had 33,000 kiosks in about 27,800 locations. It was everywhere!

Today, the Redbox sensation is about to get a little better. Just when we thought Netflix offered one of the best services in streaming movies, Redbox will now go INSTANT! With the help of Verizon wireless, Redbox will be streaming movies online, just like Netflix. According to John Matarese, from the prices will be a tad bit cheaper than Netflix as well. However, the number of options Netflix has to offer with movies and TV Shows does not compare to the lower number listed under Redbox, since there are no TV shows being offered.

Many may think that this is a huge competition for Netflix, as Redbox does tend to have more up to date movies choices. However, it has yet to be released that ALL movies offered at Redbox will be streamed online. This will cause Redbox a lower advantage over selling more than Netflix. Netflix’s variety of options may be higher, but when we look back at how Redbox took over the movie/game rental industry as compared to Blockbuster, the lower variety of options did not stop it from taking over. Blockbuster definitely offered a greater amount of movies but it was Redbox’s way to present their product and easier access/availability that made them succeed.

Just like Blockbuster and RedBox, the comparative advantage for these two companies, RedBox and Netflix, will be very high, as the launching of Redbox Instant gets closer. According to Russell Holly from the winner to this will only be the company that is really offering what people want to see. It is being able to offer the TV shows, movies, games, and all that at the right time. Most people subscribe to these services for their content and availability. Today’s generation does not seat in front of the TV waiting to watch a show, not because they don’t enjoy it but because there is no time. The fact that streaming videos of that one episode you missed can be found online makes this “issue” very easy to solve.

Netflix has already been competing with other online streamers, such as Hulu, but their fan base is still huge and what has kept it alive. Do you really think Redbox Instant can change the game?