Fashion Forward JCP? Haven’t Seen That in a While

The last time i shopped in JC Penney and left satisfied was when i bought eyeliner that was at a Sephora inside of a JC Penney.  To my knowledge their clothes were so kiddish that they seemed to have two little girl sections located in two different parts of the store.  Instead I went to Kohl’s, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe.  That is where i shopped.  Recently, however, I walked into a JCP and was immediately attracted to the clothes and in my head I though “When did this happen??”  Take about taking fashion forward seriously.

The new strategy that JCP is taking seems to be working and if sustained it will keep the company growing.  Much of the new strategy has to do with the new executive, Ron Johnson.  Ron Johnson is a former executive on the Apple and Target board of directors. What he has done was bring the store back to the original saying “Giving Everyone a Square Deal”.  You can see it in everything from the new logo to the clothes that are offered at a price that seems very fair.

If the company continues it can turn the corner and possibly become an industry leader in fashion.  I wonder what other Clothings stores can benefit from a little bit of an improvement.