Great Incentives for Great Employees


As a business starts out there are a few challenges that CEO’s will have to face. One challenge is hiring the right people for each position needed. The next one is retaining the employees. If you are going to try and expand and compete you have to make sure that your employees are happy. If employees know they are working in an environment that they love, then they will want to stay. By offering incentives to your employees it shows that you care about them and you want to make sure they are getting treated fairly. You do not have to do anything outrageous like Google or Facebook do in their work space. Simply adding free lunch once a week will improve absenteeism and decrease your turnover rate.


For example, Google has been known to offer on-site haircuts, gym memberships, fully stocked lounge areas with billiards and video games, on-site dry-cleaning, and even gave employees 100,000 hours in subsidized massages in 2012. Who would not want to work there? You can get all your errands done for free while you are at work. By offering incentives like these it increases employees productivity. I know if my job offered half of those incentives I would want to make sure I am doing my best at work so I can stay with the company.


Almost everyone has heard about how working for Facebook is great. Not only do they have catered meals and a insane break room, they also offer paid maternity leave for four months. They also give reimbursements for daycare and as a bonus Facebook gives you $4,000 as a gift for the new born. That is crazy to think that they give gifts like this to every single employee that works at Facebook. You would think people would take advantage of it but that is not the case. They have never had a problem that would make them want to take away the gift. They trust their employees with their company, and the employees trust the company with taking care of them.


Yes all this seems outrageous if your a small company, but just by allowing employees to wear jeans one day a week can make a large differnce. You have to find out what works best for your employees and your company. Start by asking some of the employees what they like or what they feel could help them get through a tough day at work. You would be surprised with how easy it could be to ask employees what they want instead of assuming. By making the employees feel like they have a say, they will have more respect for management and the organization as a whole.


If you can pick some incentives at your job what would they be?

Would your productivity increase if you got offered incentives?

Hire The Best & Screw The Rest


Everyone that has ever had a job knows that working with negative people ultimately brings down the mood of everyone around them. No one wants to work with someone that is always complaining, or someone that does not pull their own weight. Attitudes are very contagious, and can make or break the work environment. According to Ronald Friedman of the University of Rochester, pairing people in a room with (a) high-motivated people resulted in high motivation and work results, while (b) low-motivation people resulted in low motivation and lousy work results. Good thing that there is a way that companies can try and avoid hiring those negative people. Ronald Friedman came up with a pre-employment test that can reveal specific employee attitudes of highly productive employees. Managers of any business can use this test to try and catch the traits of their best employees in the new recruits.

Ronald Friedman called the test “Abilities & Behavior Forecaster(TM) Tests.” The first thing you want to do is custom tailor the test for each job in the company. To do this, you take your best employees in every job, and then test them to see what their typical scores are, “benchmarking”. Through this, you can confidently focus on getting those employees that test the same as your best workers. If you think about this, it is actually a smart idea. Why wouldn’t a company adopt this test if it could lower absenteeism? If you can hire great employees your company will only progress, and you will have better employee relations. Through pre-employment benchmarking studies done in many companies, Ronald Friedman found out that there were high scores on six personality traits. The six test scores that reveal great employee attitudes include:


-Follow Rules, Policies & Procedures

-Poised/Objective Reaction to Pressure


-Being Fact-Focused

-Helping People/Good Service Motivation.

Just think, if you can get new recruits to possess these qualities you can grow and prosper to levels you have not even thought about. Some people might be worried that they will not score high because they believe that they are not good test takers, however; Ronald Friedman found that there is not a link between intelligence, test scores, and personality test scores. Instead, he came to the conclusion that the better employees get high intelligence test results.

More often than not, during the interview process managers will determine if you are qualified or not just by talking to you, but oftentimes this method is not accurate. Some people are simply not good at interviewing which does not mean that they are not qualified. The Pre-hire test is much more accurate in determining someone’s work ethic.

Just remember when hiring employees to customize personality tests by benchmarking scores of your best employees. Then focus on job applicants who get the same scores for that particular job.


Do you think this is a accurate way to hire employees?

Can you see companies adopting this method?