What’s leadership management?

When it comes to management strategies, we are firm on our beliefs and behavior towards the approach we take in managing a staff. We attend classes and read books on the appropriate methods of managing a team, but what if I told you that everything you know about management leadership has been wrong all along.

When you attend a leadership class, you discuss the tools and techniques you can use to alleviate the situations, but the real issue is never address. The major issue is people. When entering the work environment you are forced to work with many different personalities. With all the different personalities, you are bound to clash with someone. In perfect world, we would all agree and get along but unfortunately, this is not the case.  If the issues you have with people are never address, conflicts arise and create big problems. When attending leadership training this issue is often over looked by trainers.


In leadership classes, it is clearly defined that leaders have a fundamentally different task from the people they are overseeing. With the title of a leader, you are given an extra power that is linked directly back to fear from your staff.  This is the issue in leadership and corporate leadership.  If fear can be removed from the equation, staff will be more willing to communicate issues and ideas they have. Instead of looking at someone as a threat, you can be viewed as someone that was placed in the position you are in because you have put your time into the company and you are very knowledgeable. What if this was the message that employees received instead of the thought that the person who hired you has absolute power over you. It is no secret that real leaders use influence rather than the use of power to achieve goals, yet corporate America continues to run organizations as if this is unheard of. We have all these large corporate leaders attend these leadership training courses but the common worker is never invited. Why is that? Is it that magical secretes are exchanged and only the elite can understand them?

This style of management is not the way to go. We live in a world now that is so diverse that we can benefit from the exposure of different people, cultures, and ideas. Technology and global markets have given us the window of opportunity to take advantage of this and learn from each other. It is clear that the best people will not follow this style of management, they will not submit to the fear of the manager.  We need to start listening to all the issues and address them from the bottom and go from there. We need to consider everyone and see each other as equals and work together as a team with a common goal. We need to eliminate fear.



Are you inferring I’m bad at mathematics?

It’s amazing to think that with a simple program you can increase any companies sales growth without any of your help. In the case of Vik Singh, a 28-year-old engineer, thought it to be easy and is on a mission to prove it. Vik Singh has created software using simple mathematical formulas and algorithms that will allow create sales growth and accurately predict sales.

On April 23rd in Palo Alto, California, Vik Singh had a coming-out party presenting his new company “Infer”. Infer has raised 10 million dollars from Redpoint Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Social+Capital Partnership, and Sutter Hill Ventures. Infer has been diligently working on creating the technology for about two years. Singh already has a variety of customers that include Yammer and box, and Silicon Valley. In addition, infer has worked with traditional companies that include health care and insurance providers. Singh is not only in the business software industry he is an extremely brilliant engineer. He has helped in creating programs and systems for companies like Google and Microsoft. If these projects are not impressing you, Singh has also built a completely new search system for Yahoo at is still being used today.

Infer applies software to your company information that uses algorithms to locate your buyers. Infers software starts with the basics of your company, by searching for your customers and locating there name address and company. Then it starts surfing the web for more information about the company itself, at this time it determines all the important information such as headquarters, demographic information, hiring rates and any information it can use to determine the company’s needs. Singh determines the company’s outlook of trademarks in a certain area that can show growth. Once he applies all these factors to the sales system trends start to emerge and tries to relate certain kinds of customers in different states with similar sales.

The initial companies that Infer worked with verify the successful results. When you compare sales data and compare outcomes with predictions. Singh verified that the company nearly predicted the outcomes of other companies perfectly. Infer has yet to release any documentation proving these claims in sales growth.

Companies already spend millions of dollars trying to find sales. With this new Infer system, companies can focus on the sales its self and not worry about locating their next prospective client. With this technology, it will enable companies to forecast sales by determining the demand and volume of leads the system is creating. If companies can predict sales accurately it will complete eliminate old forms of forecasting and effect every aspect of the way to run a business.

With this new technology, do you think this will become the new norm in forecasting sales and production? Does Infer really have a revolutionary product?