Supply Chain Management The Competitive Advantage

In a recent survey  business leaders around the globe stated they are putting a strong focus on their supply chain management. These leaders are trying to come up with a solution to the constant changing technology up-and -down markets to the constraints of natural disasters.  Having a strong supply chain management has become very important with in the business world. Having stronge SCM (supply chain management) helps business stand out from the rest. Not only do business have to deal with big orders they now more then ever have to also work with small customers orders. This survey by PWC stated five key findings to a “more efficient transparent, dexterous and customized supply chain” to what the company needs.

1. “You Can Have It All”  Having a stronge supply chain results other areas of the business benefiting as well. Orders that are on time and correct lead to companies having on average 15 inventory turns a year. Were as companies who lag behind on their have a average of 4 turns a year.

2.”Leaders Focus on Best-in-Class Delivery” Leaders are spending a lot of time focusing on maximizing profit and lower cost while providing superoir delivery. Being able to comunicate and responde to customers requirements while keeping pressure on competitors.

3. “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”  Meeting the needs for specific customer groups has become a significant part of the SPM.  Configuring differences between high end and low end products to different parts of markets. Scheduling different delivery times based on desired time of shipment.

4.”Global Control Of Core Strategic Functions” Even thought some parts of the order might be outsourced the customer interaction is still done with in the company. Keeping a strong connection with company and customer lead to returning customers .

5. “Supply Chain Capabilities Are a Differentiator”  Collaborating with key partneres to maximize delivery performance and creating less supply chain redundancies are important in establishing a best in class delivery. This gives both companies a leading competitive edge.

Companies are changing very quickly just as technology advances at a fast rate. It is hard to keep up at times with new advancements and available new technology.  The article states that 2/3rds the supply chain management will go to automation with in the next two years. This raising standards higher then every before for supply chain management.

What do you think is the most important strategy  for a company to make to stay ahead  with supply chain management standards as they advance?  What do you see in the future with supply chain management?

Senate Votes In Favor of Internet Sales Tax Bill

When it comes to shopping most consumers turn to the Internet to find what they are looking for. There are many different benefits to going on the web to shop. One of the benefits is how easy it is to find the best deals by a click of a button vs going store to store.  Some the convince are being able to be at  home not worrying about traffic, parking and long lines. I work in retail and one of the most common comments I get about online shopping is how customers are able to avoid taxes. Customers always want to get the best deals possible if they could save by shopping online they will. It is hard being a sales man and trying to match online “in cart” prices. Many times a discount has to be added on top of the sales price to get the sale of the product to accommodate taxes cutting into profit.  Congress is currently trying to get a bill passed to make online businesses required to collect sales taxes.

The current law states ” companies could not be forced to collect sales tax unless they had a physical nexus in the state: a warehouse, a production facility, or a sales representative”. One of the more well known cases is the how Amazon was targeted to collect sales taxes.  One of the benefits is that the State who in turn rely less on Income tax. Which would be beneficial to the tax payers. I personal think that congress should search somewhere else to collect revenue. I believe this would have a major effect on what shopping online is all about. Completion between Online and Store Fronts will increase. Online stores would have very completive pricing due to the fact of less overhead to worry about vs a strore front.

Buyers and seller always find a way around things but we won’t know those strategies till or if the bill is passed. How do you feel as a consumer who buys many products online about the bill? Will this cause you  to go out to shop?