The Ebola Virus Strikes Fear

The article, “Hazmat suit maker’s stock up 50% on Ebola fears” by Paul R. La Monica describes the effect of the Ebola virus on the demand for medication. The article states that with the cases of the ebola virus around the world fear of contracting the virus has increased dramatically, and so has the demand for preventative medications. The high demand, however, for these medications is much greater than companies are currently able to produce. In short, the companies producing the medication lack the capacity to produce the amount of medication demanded.


In short, the widespread fear of the Ebola virus has caused such a great demand for preventative medication that companies are unable to meet the high demand. What can companies do to meet the demand?




Social Responsiblity in the Workplace

Though it is not one of the characteristics that most people associate with being a manager, being Socially Responsible is key when leading a group. Being “Socially Responsible,” as described by DePaul’s Student Leadership Institute, includes taking seriously the perspectives of others, and self- understanding. Being Socially Responsible means conducting business, but taking into consideration those whom the actions affect. In today’s world it is accted for companies to ship labor overseas where it is cheaper, but does that necessarily make it right? It is important for leaders to take into consideration social responsibility because it they can set the example for companies around them. More importantly, being socially responsible could mean that there is less injustice in business.

This begs the question, “Are we just in the business for the money or do we care about those who we affect?”