Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US

In case most of you have not heard, Apple is suing Samsung again and after the first trial Apple has won but Samsung is fighting for an appeal. Apple says that Samsung stole some of the software that is to be in the new phone. One of the biggest problems faced was Siri, Apple said that Samsung is using voice recognition something like Sir I but it not the same because Samsung is using the data base of Google to get the searches not wolfram alpha which is what Siri uses. Apple has also claimed that the new design and feel is the same as the apple iPhone which I think is a crazy claim because so many phones look alike as long as it is a tough screen. If you ask me the new design looks nothing like that iPhone design judge for yourself. 



Samsung Galaxy Nexus
There are some many things that every phone company uses that are similar and its apple that is making the claim in most cases. 

Do you think that Apple is getting scared of their competitors because they know other companies are on the rise as well, or do they have a legitimate claim against the other companies?


Tablets vs Smart Phones

The new generation of electronics is all about the tablet more than any other item and every major company is slowly stepping away for the smart phones and laptops and moving towards the tablets. First the laptop replaced the desktop, and still the laptop has still controlled the market but slowly the smart phones were reducing the use of the laptop, but the laptop was still needed to do work and papers and things like that. The table made its way in to the market and it made the laptop slowly disrepair. Samsung tried to get a little more innovated and tried to combine the table and the smart phone when they introduced the Samsung Note, which was meant to combine the smart phone and the tablet. It was 6 inches big and was not as popular as they anticipated, because it was too big to fit in to any pocket, so it became unpopular. Companies slowly made the transition from improving the smart phone to developing the tables.



Would you say they sound continue to focus more on the tablet and less on the smart phone,

or should they focus more of the smart phone and less on the tablets?