Open Your Doors……………….MBWA is The Best Way

Management by walking around
(MBWA) is the best and effective way of managing your company or business,
being in the middle of things makes your more aware and faster to react.
Mangers at the top are often behind closed doors and are not aware of the daily
processes in the organization. Having a large gap between top management and
other employees can very dangerous, in fact it might destroy any successful
business. It’s very important and critical for mangers to monitor all
operations very closely, which is why they need to think about MBWA as a way of
managing people.

Take any large supermarket chain
as an example; often you will never see top management walking around with customers
in the store. All you will see are employees and maybe floor mangers, that is
why by having open doors employees can talk to top management and give them their
ideas. Not only that but mangers can be more contacted with both employees and customers,
by using MBWA they will understand all the on floor activities in the supermarket.
Management by walking around will make the gap between top and bottom small
which will help the overall performance of the store. On the other hand by
having a large gap top management would not understand customer preference,
target market and other important aspects. In the previous example you can see
how effective and critical the gap can be when making big business decisions.

Working environments are linked directly
to effictvness and productivity, which is why mangers need to make sure they
can provide the best working environment for their employees. By being close to
their employees they can determine what is needed to create and find that
productive environment. In my opinion management by walking around is the best
way to move your business forward, even though some might argue that it has
many disadvantages I still think it’s a must in some organizations.


Do u agree with MBWA? Does it
have disadvantages? Where does it best apply?            

Research The Ongoing Process




Research is viewed by many as a step to be conducted before starting the project, but in fact it’s needed throughout
the Product Life Cycle (PLC). One of my friends recently opened an Italian takeaway
restaurant in Riffa (JOEYS PIZZA), he conducted exploratory research at the start
before starting his small business. He just finished 6 months in the business and
is looking to expand soon, in class we talked about the importance of reacting
to competitor’s quick and being able to switch from one strategy to another.

When JOYES first opened they were the only Italian restaurant in the block and where able to generate good
revenue during the first three months, they started with a small simple menu
and added new dishes along the way. The owner of JOYES thought that his research
phase was over, but one morning he was surprised to hear that two new Italian restaurants
will be opening soon in the area. He needed to research the market one more
time with two new businesses competing for his customers.

JOEYS had to look at their competitors pricing, food varieties and marketing strategies. At the beginning people where
complaining of his high pricing, which was because of the high quality ingredients
that he uses in his dishes. He was worried that he might lose some of his customers
so he lowered the prices even though there was no competition at the time. On the
other hand today he has managed to deal with the new challenge in the best way
possible and was able to maintain his customers. At the end I think that his quick
reaction and research helped him deal with the situation in the best way

In this example we can see how important
and critical the research was for JOEYS PIZZA success, but now he needs to answer a
lot of questions, dose he expand? If yes where to? And how can he keep his
loyal customers away from others??