Can My Boss Do That?

    All employers want their employees are doing a good job, but employees do not want be monitoring all the time. They want to have their own privacy. This is the essential conflict of the workplace monitoring. Let’s assume your boss can monitor any  phone, company-owned computer or any other technology.  Deleted computer files and emails are not completely gone. If it was ever on your computer, it can still be found. They may find our your personal things that you do not want your boss know, or it is not good for a boss to know. New technologies make it possible for employers to monitor many aspects of their employees’ job, especially on telephone, computer voice mail and so on. Such monitoring is virtually unregulated. Therefore, unless company policy specifically states, otherwise your employer may listen, watch and read most of your workplace communications.

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Your boss can monitor:

  • Internet use
  • how long your are on your computer
  • software downloads
  • Documents on your computer
  • What websites you visit
  • Emails
  • Chatting

However, bosses have their own reason for monitor their employees:

  • Make sure employees do not share secret company information
  • Exposing computer viruses
  • Working during working time
  • How hard the worker are
  • bandwidth use

Currently there are only a few law regulating employee monitoring. However, there are several groups that are actively involved in workplace monitoring issues and that advocate stronger government regulation of employee monitoring activities. Obviously, the laws are on the side of the employers.  The employer has the right to telephone monitor, computer monitor, electronic mail monitor, voice mail monitor, postal mail monitor , and video monitor, which the employee cannot say no to these. If i were the employee and under these monitors, i may not feel like comfortable. I feel like there is a person who are watching me.

So for workers, how could they feel more comfortable under all these monitors? In my opinion, if they do not use the computer to do any personal thing, it will never be a problem their boss to find on their computer. Next,  it is better for the employees to use personal email account instead of working email, but that does not give you the total protection, however,  your boss will know that you are doing your personal thing and may not care about that. All in all, put most of your working time on working, do not do any other things that is not related to your work, such as read the facebook, shopping online, then your boss will know you are not lazy and will not fire you.

Do you think the boss can monitor all these?

If Yes/No, what is the reason?

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Is that easy to be a restaurant manager?

    Is that easy to be a restaurant manager?  Most people’s answer will be YES. I was working at a restaurant before, so i know it is not that easy to be a restaurant manager. On the contrary, it is under many pressure. Restaurant management involves in many different aspects, including inventory ,dealing with staff, public relations, customer service and so on. Managers are responsible for the business performance of their restaurant as well, such as service, health and safety, and maintaining high standards of food. Restaurant managers also ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation. They must coordinate all kinds of activities.  Moreover, restaurant management combines strategic planning and day-to-day management activities, such as shift pattern organization and so on.

As a restaurant manager, there are many tasks for them to complete. Tasks of the restaurant managers are depending on the type of the restaurant, but usually include:

Business activities:

-Taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant. – Organising marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes  – Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and sales and inventory. – Planning and coordinating menus.


– Coordinating the entire operation of the restaurant during scheduled shifts. – Managing staff and providing them with feedback. – Responding to customer complaints. – Meeting and greeting customers and organize table reservations. – Recruiting, training and motivating staff.


-Maintaining high standards of quality control, hygiene, and health and safety. – Checking stock levels and ordering supplies. -Preparing cash drawers and providing petty cash as required. – Helping in any area of the restaurant when circumstances dictate.

Absolutely, the working capacity of the restaurant manager  is very largePersonally, I feel like it is not that easy to be a restaurant manager. However, how to be a successful restaurant manager? Here I have two advices:

1. Start out in a small role and learn the business. Some of the best managers started with their  careers as waiters or hostesses, and they  worked their way up from that position.Once you know everything of the restaurant, no matter who make any mistake, you will quickly know what happened and how to solve it because you have ever experienced it.  As a restaurant manager, you must know everything of the restaurant. For this reason, try  doing all the role at the restaurant so that get familiar about all the position.  Career progression is very important when trying to move forward as a manager.

2. The customer is always right.  This is the  golden rule of business. It takes patience and a commitment to always putting the guest first and everything else second. Even if you don’t agree with a customer’s complaint, how do you handle it will determine if the customer comes back to your restaurant next time?  It is actually a issue about the image of the restaurant. If a customer complains for no reason, but if you still serve them as they are right, they will be happy and will give you a positive feedback. They may recommend the restaurant to their friends and visit the restaurant next time. On the contrary, if the restaurant tell the consumer that it is not their fault, they might be angry, and give the negative feedback to others about the restaurant. They will never come back again.

Hope these tips are helpful for the people who are interested in the restaurant management. So do you still think that it is easy to be a restaurant management?