Samsung to set out the next big thing?!

This month has been filled with announcements including the new iPad mini made earlier this Tuesday, followed by Samsung on Wednesday, and Window’s 8 unveiling with Surface RT tablets on Thursday. With the holiday season around the corner, Google is expected to launch the Samsung 10 tablet and the LG Nexus smartphone next week. With Samsung becoming the closest competitor next to Apple with their latest product in the market, the Galaxy S3 has become a great success in the smartphone market.

In the ongoing legal issue between Apple and Samsung, Apple is expected to switch from using the A-series SoCs to TMSC, Taiwanese-based semiconductor firm which are used a lot on Android products. Samsung had originally manufactured the chip but didn’t get the chance to implement it into any of their products. I guess that means in the near future, Apple apps are going to look like Android widgets, so we are expecting to see changes in the future with our iphones and ipads. As Apple might be going downhill soon, Samsung on the other hand continues to rise in innovation. With Korea being the leading world in technology, Samsung puts amazing designs to make their products appealing to consumers. Not to mention, their graphics are better than the iPad 3, and apps are faster and can multitask a lot faster on the current Galaxy tablet as shown on one of their ads, you would see a woman turning over to the Galaxy tablet from the iPad. With all these numerous technologies emerging today, do you think Samsung will someday become the leading company in technology following the success of the Galaxy line?



Drug Dealers Targeting Walgreens Supply Chain

On September 14, the Drug enforcement Agency shut down shipments of oxycodone which is a controlled substance at a Walgreens facility in Florida after suspiciously detecting a high number of sales on pain killers at a half-dozen Walgreens store in the states. Like any other retail pharmacies, Walgreens would receive scam orders from customers who would come back after two weeks to refill a 30-day prescription or  ordering two different prescriptions from two different doctors. They even have customers making up their own prescriptions. In the system, the computer has the ability to track down their customers prescriptions to see how often they would come back, and their profile. The illegal diversion of oxycodone was likely the result of a person or persons trying to “game the system with fake orders,” said Brian Kilcourse, a managing partner for retail consultant RSR Research.

I think it’s interesting how Walgreens or any other retail pharmacies has this type of technology to track down their customer’s prescription, what I don’t get is any getting the prescription several times shouldn’t the system flag the customers account to prevent them from ordering further prescriptions. I have no idea how retail pharmacy works, but as I recall revisiting the doctor a while ago, I noticed they only give you a sheet with the prescriptions they want me to pick up from any pharmacy, the only legitimate thing I saw from the piece of paper is the doctor’s name, address of the clinic, and a logo, and the drugs he told me to prescribe. I went to a Walgreens as well to drop off my prescription they just take the sheet and ask me to come back in half hour or next day pick up. I’m just curious how these a vulnerability in the supply chain management system and technology may have created an opportunity to divert oxycodone from one of the pharmacy chains and into the black market.