10 things Apple definitely doesn’t want you to know.

To start off, we all know that apple is quite the success story.  They have new products that are sleek, in high demand, and create great marketing schemes for their items.  However, with every great company, there are always some issues.  I will touch on some of those issues that I discovered in an article online from Market Watch.  First, apple customers are worn out.  The excitement over the first iPhone or iPad has introduced “upgrade fatigue” where customers are upset about the overwhelming influx of newer models.  According to this article, when people buy Apple’s latest product, the company is usually already preparing its replacement, said technology consultant Patchen Barrs, who has owned 25 Apple products over the past 20 years.  Patchen goes on to say: “Everything we buy from them is already out of date”  Since 2001, there have been six iPods, two iPod minis, six iPod Nanos, four iPod Shuffles and four editions of the iPod Touch.  Apple has released five iPhone models since 2007 and has had three iPads since 2010.  With these many new releases I feel as though customers will get tired of what “new” product or upgrade is available.  Second, these apps are misleading.  These games are available in the App Store and referred to as “freemium.”  They’re free to play, but only for a certain amount of time or before reaching a certain level, says Damon Brown, author of several books on tech culture.  Third, apple is getting in the way.  There are several theories about why people can’t put their iPhone down. “Apple’s products are addictive,” says Larry Rosen, author of “iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us.” In fact, many users are aware of their attachment to their iPhones. Some 25% of people see their iPhone as “dangerously alluring” and 41% said losing their iPhone would be “a tragedy,” according to a 2010 Stanford University poll.  Fourth, customers spend more with apple devices.  The average iPhone owner, for example, spends over 10% more on their monthly bills than other pre-paid smartphone users—$90 versus $81—according to estimates by Morningstar analyst Michael Hodel.  Fifth, apple needs another “game changing” gadget.   It’s time for Apple to shake up the mobile market again, says Walt Piecyk, technology analyst with BTIG brokerage. He says a completely new Apple phone that costs less than the $649 starting retail price for the iPhone 4S would be a good start. Sixth, the iPhone is overpriced.  This is basically a continuation of the last point.  In short, they need to offer a more affordable mobile device.  The seventh point touches on how children wanting the products makes the adults want them and visa-verse. The eighth point talks about how apples features are falling behind, i.e. android offers bigger screens, etc.  The ninth and tenth points go hand in hand.  They touch on hooking the consumer for a life time customer and that apple assumes  the customer will stay loyal even if apple screws up a product.




One of the top 50 jobs in 2012?


After reading this article it seems as though a job in operations management is, well respected, crucial to a company, rewarded nicely, and relatively safe in these shaky times in employment.  There are about 81,000 available business operation manager jobs in the US with an average salary of about $94,000 according to the article.  These are comforting figures in both availability and compensation in a time where those two tend to not coincide.   In operations management, the job is to make sure the company has the correct people and materials needed in order to provide  the goods or services your clients hire you for.  This means that you, as an operations manager, will be making tactical and strategic decisions and communicating with a wide variety of people in your team to make sure everyone is working sufficiently to meet the goal.  Most operations managers have bachelors degrees or even masters degrees, however, The Association for Operations Management offers certificate programs in production and inventory management and certifies employees as supply chain professionals.  This will make you a more accredited operations manager, and more desired for hiring.  Operations managers need to work with all different departments within an organization.  These departments include, marketing, sales, and human resources.  In addition, operations managers must be able to interact with customers and suppliers effectively.  A business operations manager has an average salary that is comparable to a sales manager.  Operation managers make slightly less than the average financial manager, and about $20,000 more than the average logistics operator.  All in all operations management seems to provide both a rewarding work experience as well as a rewarding pay that makes it a very desirable position to have in the business world.  Operations managers are very important to a company and serve as a connection through all positions within an operation.  I would strongly advise those receiving a business degree to opt for a job as an operations manager.