Group 2 – Project Audit


  • Brief description of the project

The aim of our project was to produce and promote a safety training video targeted at women and families. The safety training video was filmed at National Fire Science Academy (FSA) in Jubail (Saudi Arabia), in accordance to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards which are utilized throughout the GCC region. The video focuses primarily on tackling incipient (basic) incidents that may occur in the home. The promotion of the video was through various social media channels and a charity organization. Our project team traveled all the way to Jubail, Saudi Arabia for a day to shoot the video. The trip helped the team members to even better understand one another and create a stronger bond among us to tackle and be able to achieve our group goal as one strong team.


  • Brief description of the charity

The Muharraq Communal Society was established in 2004 in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its headquarter is located in Muharraq City – Bahrain.

The main objectives of the Charity are:

  • Contribute in spreading awareness among the people living in Muharraq about their social rights and responsibilities.
  • Contribute in supporting the economic, cultural and social programs that benefit the citizens and push the country’s development forward.
  • Seek to maintain the historical unity of Muharraq and work toward protecting it.
  • Spread the concept of team work in the national and volunteer activities.
  • Spread the awareness among citizens about the role of the constitutional institutions and municipal councils.


  • Factual analysis of success in terms of project objectives

The main project deliverables as per the project plan were as follows:

  1. Produce a safety training video that is (2- 5 minutes long). We adapted the video to produce short learning excerpts for use on different forms of social media
  2. Obtain a total of 600 views of the video from all media channels (i.e. Instagram, snapchat and YouTube).
  3. Obtain an approval of one charity organization to promote the video through its media channels.
  4. We got an agreement with a charity organization to post and promote through various social media platforms.
  5. We have successfully produced 3 safety training videos, one that is 4 minutes long and two that were 1 minute long each. Total views exceeded all expectations at 30,000 views!


  • Lessons learned about managing projects
  • We learned that it is necessary to have a project charter and a project management plan at the beginning of every project before we start executing. Having a clear plan will save a lot of time in execution and is helpful to make all the team members aware of the project progress and focused on each task. To manage a successful project we need to have a clear plan that includes an identified scope, where each task is assigned to a team member and is allocated a specific timeline.
  • We learned that communication plays an essential role in managing projects. The message has to be clearly conveyed to team members to avoid challenges.
  • The project manager alone cannot make a successful project, the role of the team members is of equal importance.


  • Advices for future teams doing similar projects
  • Identify the areas of strength for every team member from the very beginning of the project in order to assign each task for a suitable member. This will increase the efficiency, the commitment and the fulfillment of each team member. Everyone will be happy and enjoy performing the assigned task, which makes the execution both successful and fun!
  • Start your project with planning and not with execution even if you are extremely excited! Put the plan in front of you first. Make sure that all team members contribute to the plan and have read and understand the plan.
  • Have a clear specific scope, be clear on what product or service you want to provide. Stay focused on your scope even if you encounter better ideas while you are executing the project. Remember that you have a limited timeline and you don’t want to experience scope creep.
  • Learn as much as you can, working in a field project is an amazing opportunity to learn how to manage a life project. It is an opportunity to learn how to be creative, how to react in case of a crisis and how to focus under time constrains. You can learn from other project team members and you can learn from the nature of your project itself. In case of our project, all the team members learned how to fight fire at home! we learned this new skill during the execution of the project while filming the video.
  • Enjoy every moment, during every task with every team member. Have fun! It is your project and not anyone else’s. Think of it as your contribution to the world and as your pride. Work with a positive spirit, keep a big smile on, appreciate your team members, motivate each other and work closely like a family.



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