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It’s no secret that a negative mood affects everything you do whether it is work, socializing, or even sports performance.  Simple daily tasks are affected by your mood, which affect your productivity. According to the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, a negative mood at the beginning of the workday decreases your productivity by 10%.

However, there are things an employer can do to help boost morale, and increase company productivity. Simply telling your employees to say “cheese” gets them to smile. Smiling changes temperatures in your brain that help with mood.

One of my favorite ways some companies have expressed morale boosting techniques is through fresh warm cookies and fruit baskets for employees to produce positive moods. If cookies and fruits are offered to customers as well, this helps boost customer moods as well, which helps employees because they do not have to deal with a disgruntled customer. Studies show that emotions can be contagious; therefore, offering simple treats can generate better company performance.

An interesting point this article makes is allowing some open time for employees to talk. I noticed that I’m in a much better mood at work when my co-worker, Dave, comes over to talk to me once in a while. I notice a ton of conversations going on throughout my office and it seems to be working because everyone I see within the office doesn’t show signs of anger or slight depression while meeting company goals. I noticed that I actually enjoy working on my work after my conversations with Dave. My cousin on the other hand, works in a factory and the way he tells me about it seems like he really hates it. He says he can’t really talk to anyone, and the manager is always on his back about some random thing from the start of the day.

Building off my cousin’s case when a manager shows immediate frustration with small incidents, like showing up one or two minutes late will bring the employees mood down, which will decrease his productivity for the day. There are certain times when it is right to address an employee, but according this article one of the most important ways to boost productivity is by having a positive start to the day. Nobody likes getting bad news as they walk into work. Positive starts to the day carry on through out the workday, just this week my company reached goals that we had from the start of the year. We had a company meeting and we were congratulated for meeting those goals, on top of a delicious breakfast buffet to go along with the meeting at the start of the day. Who doesn’t love chowing down on bacon while working

How do your employers help increase your productivity throughout the workday?

Have you ever noticed mood affecting your or others work?


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  1. I found this post to be accurate, i once worked at a factory and it was horrible! Talking was not allowed and it made the day go by so long. I now work for a different company and i enjoy to work, and this post hit on exactly why. Everyone morning at work conversations are made with everyone, this actually makes you feel better because laughter often occurs. Also coffee and donuts are often provided which wakes you up in a good way and makes preparing for jobs much easier. So this was a post i can definitely relate to.

  2. This post is very interesting and can relate to the productivity being affected at any workplace. I could relate to this because I work in a dental clinic and our boss always finds ways to increase productivity. He always finds time to say a joke and often brings in cake or pastries for the employees. I think that brightens up everyone’s mood,increasing everyone’s performance.

  3. This article is spot-on with the experience that I have had in different jobs. In the past, my employers have done everything from playing a sport as a group once a month in the morning, having a barbeque at lunch time, or just as simple as making Friday casual dress days during the summer. I believe comradery with employees is a very important part of the job. As you stated it can increase performance and overall employee well being. I think there is a balance that managers need to look into in which they efficiently produce work but also have their employees enjoy the job at the same time.

  4. I agree with all your posts and I just wonder how they can increase productivity in factories. Since I worked in one too, I didn’t have to work on the assembly line luckily I was just maintenance. However, how can a manager improve an assembly line’s productivity by keeping workers happy? I can see why you can’t talk, because its a continuous process and its a really boring operation if you don’t switch people up like they did in that car company we watched in class. Corporate life is much better in my opinion, camaraderie is very important and helps people with wanting to make the company grow.

  5. I have to agree. Being able to socialize with other people at work from time to time is nice. You get to learn new things and feel part of a team. Often times, the people around my cubicle and I might take breaks together. This really helps you focus in on work when it’s time to work, but it also helps you build better relationships with those around you. I always start out the day by eating breakfast. I feel that this is what provides me with the energy that I need to get through the day. I am very productive in the mornings but right around lunch and a little after, my productivity takes a dive.

  6. This is definitely an interesting post, and I agree wholeheartedly. I say this as a retail worker who deals with customers on a one-on-one basis. My mood and how I present things definitely affects the customers’ moods and attitudes towards me.

    However, sometimes, I may be completely pleasant with some customers but they will be rude back.It probably has to do with how their day started, but it isn’t always the case that my good mood will put a customer in a good mood.

    My employer allows us to talk to our co-workers as long as it doesn’t affect our work, which I think is fair. She tries to motivate us by creating fun ways to achieve our company goals, which makes all the difference.

  7. When the office is in high spirits it always translates to better performance, At least it is what I have noticed at my work. When you have a boss that brings your mood down instead of building you up with positive reinforcement it makes coming into work a dreadful experience. If you want a team working as a unit towards one goal you need a great leader and a team in high spirits.

  8. I think that productivity in the workplace is one of the most important things to consider when looking at the operational aspects of a company. Specifically this has to do with improving the mood of works to heighten their productivity in the workplace, an effect that I definitely think is prevalent in the workplace. Whether you allow employees to socialize or provide them with snacks and treats, I think that improving the mood of employees can always allow you to do better business and increase your business’ output. To create a truly productive workplace, it means starting with the people who are a part of the organization and increasing their happiness so that you may better your business as a whole.

  9. I believe that mood definitely does have a role in the productivity of the employees. If a manager is in a bad mood, they can say things in the wrong tone of voice that will automatically put their employees into bad moods as well. My manager does often use food or raffles to increase the productivity and achievement of the goals. Also, the incentive of a “jean weekend” seems to help us ask customers to rate our store survey high. Food and jeans may seem like little things, but they’re the little things that make us feel like we are appreciated and that we did well for the week.

  10. Great post and I completely agree!
    At my current work place it’s more relaxed even though it is a business professional environment. You’ll see people getting up and talking to each other, even going into the offices of their managers and having personal conversations. This was a huge difference from where I used to work, which was at a retailed store. Customer service was our priority, and if it was super slow then we were to make sure our areas were clean. Anything outside of this was prohibited. We couldn’t have small conversations with our co-workers and it made it difficult when we were having a bad day because you had to talk to each customer that came by you. You couldn’t talk to a co-worker, who actually could’ve helped you feel better in 5 minutes. If I were a manager I would definitely promote this idea in order to help my employees have a better productive day.

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