Lush: The Cosmetic Game Changer

Lush is a company that has been making fresh, homemade cosmetics since 1995. Products include, but are not limited to, soaps, face masks, shampoos, bath fizzes, and lotions. Lush stays away from processed, synthetic ingredients that can aggravate sensitive skin types. Instead they use the freshest ingredients to date, so they can have the best quality products around.

In class, we touched on topics such as sustainability and ethical values. Lush has a strong commitment to their “Green Policy” by considering where materials come from. Lush’s operation crew meets with producers and visits the locations to make sure environmental impact is minimal when harvesting ingredients. They will make the decision not to purchase materials if production causes harm to the environment. Lush sets the bar for ethical standards by examining conditions for the workers and keep up with wages to secure financial gain. This helps build a strong connection with the workers so they can get the best out of their products and make a positive impact on the community.

Lush is working hard on keeping their packaging more environmentally friendly by making it less wasteful. Some of their products such as bath bombs and soap bars do not require packaging at all. By doing this they help prevent plastic and waste from entering landfills. All other products that use containers are made from 100% recycled materials. The eco-friendly company plans to keep working hard on furthering design by making it biodegradable in the future. Lush makes sustainability their top priority when producing products for their customers.

Not only does Lush promotes environmental and humanitarian causes but passionately fights for animals. They do not purchase from any manufacturer who test products on animals. Instead, Lush tests safety of their products on human volunteers. They one day hope to influence other companies in the cosmetic industry to put an end to animal testing. Lush runs a number of campaigns with their most well known being equal marriage, elimination of plastic bags, and the ban of seal hunting. Lush is constantly dipping their toes in world issues to help make a positive impact in the world. The world needs more companies like Lush to shed light on environmental and humanitarian issues.

What are your thoughts?
Do you know of any ethical companies like Lush? How do they make a positive impact to the world?


7 thoughts on “Lush: The Cosmetic Game Changer

  1. First, I find it interesting that they test on human volunteers instead of animals. At first I thought, “We’re not going to hurt animals so let’s try this on humans,” but I am sure they are far less risky with their experiments since the guinea pig is a human. One thing I always wonder when I hear mission statements like Lush’s is do they really care or is this just a marketing campaign? One other question I have for you is, does it matter if their intentions are genuine or not?

  2. I happen to be a very frequent Lush customer and use a variety of their products. Although the green initiative did not sell me on the product, it happens to be a very big bonus. I noticed myself, I will be willing to spend more money on a product that has all these ethical standards than one who does not try to make an impact in the community.

  3. Great post! I love that Lush does not test their products on animals. I hate the fact that many other companies are allowed test products on animals. It’d be amazing if they would be able to influence other companies to transition to their ways. Lush reminds me of Whole Foods. Walking into whole foods is an experience that’s different from a typical grocery store, they believe in going green.

  4. Great post! I actually only started hearing about Lush a couple of months ago and it sounds like a great company. I liked that the company doesn’t use processed or synthetic ingredients in the products and that they don’t test on animals. I’m waiting for the Lush store by me to reopen before I visit. I do think that ethical companies can make an impact on the world. The obvious answer to their influence is the environmental impact. For instance, companies that limit pollution impact the people surrounding them. Also, using less material, reusing, using biodegradable material, and recycling helps limited the amount of material in landfills. I think that these practices can also help influence other companies and individual people too.

    1. They do use some synthetic materials and preservatives in some of their products. Just because they highlight the raw value of some ingredients does not mean that applies to all of them. With that said, they are still making quite the difference.

  5. I have walked past many Lush Cosmetic stores with curiosity, but I’ve personally never gone in or bought anything. I would’ve never known all the interesting facts about Lush if you hadn’t put this post up. I can’t come up with any ethical companies off the top of my head, and it’s probably hard to put a finger on a company’s ethics because you never know what’s really going on behind closed doors, but Lush sounds like it’s doing its fair share of publicizing their ethical behaviors. I wish more companies would be into anti-animal testing, but I’m not sure how I feel about using actual people as volunteers for product testing, then again it’s their choice. Lush should definitely continue this ethical way of thinking and create a campaign for more companies to join in and be a part of.

  6. You have raised a very interesting issue. I am a big supporter of natural products, and I hope that more companies would consider going this route. Traveling across Europe, I have been introduced to many wonderful cosmetic products that are based on a natural ingredients. I do believe that organizations that stopped animal testing and gave up on usage of harmful ingredients have a strong message and solid ethical values. Most companies don’t care about the well-being of consumers and the environment. That being said the conscious, environmental and green organizations are often ridiculed. Obviously, companies run their operations to earn profit. It is sad notion that we live in a fast paced society and we don’t take the time to educate ourselves on healthier products and keep our bodies safe from chemical exposure.

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