Marketing and Project Management Combined? You Bet!

project management

When I first signed up for this Management Operations course I thought to myself,  “When will I ever need to use this in my marketing career?” I didn’t understand how management operations and marketing could go together or benefit one another. After reading this article on what marketers can learn from project managers I learned the many ways it can improve their work habits, create successful results, and not to mention increase pay.

The top six behaviors that marketers should adopt from project managers are

1. Project cost tracking

2. Independent and collective task management

3. Project Planning

4. Return on investment analysis

5. Document and task management

6. Organized document storage

The responsibilities of a project manager and someone in marketing have similarities when it comes to customers, communication, allocating resources, cost efficiency, time management and many others. Using these techniques of a project manager would help to create stronger campaigns to drive more customers. It would also help to organize the time certain projects are due for clients. As we learn about crashing projects to shorten their duration it helps me to understand how I could utilize this behavior in the work place.

As a marketing major I can clearly see how these elements would help fix any and all the typical issues that occur in the marketing department. Most people believe that marketers don’t worry about reducing costs or fixing slack they say that’s for the finance or operations department to handle. But these types of issues could easily be solved by someone who is educated in marketing and project management rather than sending it to another department of a business to figure out.

Just by taking into account what I’ve learned already about calculating crash costs, slack, and project duration I can understand how useful these skills would be in the workplace. For example if I’m working on a project for a customer or a client, I’m going to be worried about how much time it will take, how much it will cost, and delegating responsibilities evenly and to the right people. I can already tell that operations management will help me go a long way in my marketing career and I’m looking forward to everything else I will learn.

How do you feel about integrating operations/project management to your marketing degree? Do you think it would be beneficial?

What elements of this course, that we have learned so far, do you see helping you in marketing?

Even if you aren’t a marketing major, how do you fit the course material into your major?

Why do you think it’s important to learn the different aspects of each business to benefit not only yourself, but the company as a whole?


25 thoughts on “Marketing and Project Management Combined? You Bet!

  1. First off I am not a marketing major. However, I did like your post relating project management to marketing and how one skill/discipline can help you succeed in another. I feel that has a deep truth to it that I myself am seeing with my majors. In my computer science major I can see how project management will help me in my career since any program, web site, app, etc. that is developed needs a plan. This plan must outline the activities and their durations, just like we covered in class with building the Windows operating system. In a course I am currently taking we are using many of the planning concepts we have been learning, we even had to make a very detailed gaant chart! So I am fitting this course material into another course as we speak. In terms of my future work I can see these skills being beneficial as you said to plan the time commitment, cost, responsibility delegation, etc. of projects which will be invaluable compared to other programmers who only know how to program.

    As I alluded to earlier I think it is incredibly important to learn the different aspects of each business in order to benefit ourselves and the company as a whole because it will make us more valuable and beneficial to the company. Having this extra knowledge outside of our discipline can benefit our work. Having a core business knowledge is crucial because then in a situation where one must plan a project even though you may not be a project manager you can still help or at least understand the process and contribute unlike other employees.

  2. I thought your post was very interesting! As a marketing major myself, I can see a lot of uses for the information in this post. I, too, when starting this class did not see how it would help me in my marketing profession but I quickly began to change my opinion. I think understanding the tasks and responsibilities of other departments is a useful skill to have for anyone, like you said, so you do not have to rely on others when you can accomplish the task yourself. I believe being able to understand and work with project management problems would be extremely beneficial for me. I especially appreciated the top 6 behaviors you included in your post. I can see why each and every one of them would be a great skill to have. I am quickly learning through this course that operations management can be linked back to many different topics that can be extremely influential when making business decisions. Having a basic knowledge of operations management can take you a long way.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. I also believe that there is a lot of room to overlap marketing and operations. One day I read about operations, the next about marketing, and they both share the same conclusions about problem solving and approaches to problems. I also believe that all business professionals should adopt those behaviors as well. Those behaviors would definitely improve the operations in all aspects of a business, as well as create a more cost-conscious employment outfit.

  4. I really liked reading your post. I agree that marking and other business operations have a lot of things in common or would benefit from working together. I think its important to have knowledge of the ethics of business so your not mistreated or taken advantage of in the business world. Knowing the six behaviors not only would benefit business people but for anyone in the work field today.

  5. Hi Gina, this is a great post. Although I am neither a marketing major or a management major, I found it really helpful. I think these tips can be applied to any business related field. I especially connected to the part regarding learning about crash cost. As a finance major, I can see this aspect playing a major part when financing a project. Even those involved with the financial and accounting aspect of a project can learn from this technique that can benefit the company working on the project.

  6. While I am not a marketing major, this post is very true and helpful. All of the classes we take here are meant to connect with each other one way or another. Only if we were able to clearly point out how each class relates to our major/future job(s). Even though we might feel like something we are learning really is not related to our major, it is probably important. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. This post made me think about my double major in accounting and MIS. At first, I too thought that operations management would have nothing to contribute to my chosen double majors. The paper puppet activity for example, demonstrates the importance of communication and working as a team. These are concepts I believe are crucial in any major and almost any future career. Can you imagine working in an environment in which communication and teamwork are nonexistent?

  8. Man. This hit me. I am in the midst of launching E-Motion Chauffeurs and Hires. It is going to be the first zero emissions chauffeur and car rental company in chicago. As an entrepreneur, I take over marketing, accounting, financing, and operations management.

    Honestly, OPM is the most important part of the business. What we discussed in class is EXACTLY what happens in real life, except x10. Ive had multiple delays in the delivery of the cars by about 2.5 months now. Livery plates and registration got backed up a week, and not to mention a major hike in our budget, (because lets face it, I blew through the first estimate in the first week). A lot of un expected expenses, delays, and requirements come up in new projects and these key aspects are a major importance in my operations.

    Dont take this class for granted, its used in real life, but x10.

  9. I really liked your post and I think that operations management can be intertwined with so many things. In almost everything you do things are connected with one another and just like this; in a business marketing, operations management, human resources, finance, and accounting all work cohesively. One function relies on another and if there is a mess up in one function; it kind of slows the entire process down.
    I think that everything that we have discussed in class so far can be applied to everyday life. Imagine if the operations went wrong for something that was a normal task for you in the morning (such as picking up a latte at Starbucks in the morning) the effect would lead to the consumer end. So, I think that your post was spot on. Operations is so important in helping run everything smoothly.

  10. I completely agree with your post. I think for marketers it is very important to have a good understanding of operations management. This not only applies for marketing, but also other areas of business including accounting, finance, strategy, and MIS to name a few. By having a greater understanding of the other areas, in this case operations, it allows you to have more independence and freedom in your business endeavors.

    I’m not a Marketing major (I’m an accounting major), but I have similar feelings that you do. I think incorporating more operations/project management classes into the DePaul business curriculum would be beneficial. I’ve found myself being extremely interested in the subjects we have covered so far in class. With the changing economy, operations/project management will only become a greater asset to have in your tool kit.

  11. Even though I am not a marketing major I can see that project management is going to be helpful in my career towards consulting. Like it is mentioned in the previous comments, project management is helpful in any business field. When you are working on a project with a client, the knowledge on project management will help you plan better. Will help you plan in an effective way so both sides you and your client will benefit out of it. Going towards consulting, having knowledge on project management will be a plus for my skills.

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