FIFA World cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums’ Project

2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is one of the largest and most interesting projects that people around the world are talking about and looking forward to. Approximately, this project will cost around $220 billion (138 Billion Euros). This is actually much more than the previous world cup which took place in South Africa in 2010. The project is divided into many sections mainly are the following; around 100 billion Euros will be spent on building Stadiums and facilities, 31 billion Euros will be spent on transportation infrastructure, 48 billion Euros will be spent on training facilities and hotel accommodations for the teams participating in this event; and another 28 billion Euros will be spent on a new city which is called Lusail and this city will host the opening & ending ceremony of this event plus the top matches in the tournament.

The projected plan is two have a total of 12 stadiums around the country. Most of them which will be built are under construction at the moment, while other are current stadiums which will be redeveloped or revamped to have a larger fan capacity and more advanced technological efficiencies. The following is the list of the major new stadiums which will be built especially for the event:

1)      Doha Port Stadium – is a new stadium planned to be built on Doha port with an estimated capacity of 44,950 individuals. The stadium will be added with Air-conditioning facility along with a full security system in the stadium.



2)      Education City – this is located in Al Rayyan city, which will be estimated capacity of around 45,350 individuals. Following the World Cup, the stadium will be downsized to 25,000 seats for use by the University hockey team.



3)      Khalifa International Stadium – is a current stadium which is currently located in Al Rayyan City. It will be renovated completely in order to have an estimated capacity of 68,030 individuals. The stadium will be added with a full security system.


4)      Lusail City Stadium – The showpiece stadium and venue for the World Cup final, the Lusail Iconic Stadium will be a masterpiece of engineering. The stadium will have a near circular footprint and will be surrounded by a vast moat. The estimated capacity of around 86,250 individuals. The stadium will be added with Air-conditioning facility along with a full security system in the stadium.


Each of the above stadiums will have the ability to harness the power of sun rays in order to provide a cold and cool environment for the players, fans, referees inside the stadium, this will be done by converting the solar energy of the sun into electricity. Furthermore, once there are no games on the pitch, the solar energy installation will have the ability to export the energy into a power grid. After that, during the matches, the stadiums will be able to draw the energy from that grid.

All of the above is just one part of the project which is the stadiums. Imagining the amount of time, money, effort, studies, plans, and analysis that the project management team in charge of this project will have to put in. Will they be able to achieve 11 new/revamped stadiums, a whole new city “Lusail”, new training & accommodation facilities, a railway to the neighbouring countries to make an easier transportation, and finally having a successful event in terms of security & safety? It will all depend on a very effective implementation plan, a strong risk assessment and the efficiency & productivity of the people in order to execute this project. On the other hand, given the time period that this project must be completed in, (FIFA) Federal International Football Association’s rules & regulations on maintaining the quality must be met, so project managers will have an unpredictable pressure of maintain this quality throughout the project execution and be ready for unexpected FIFA delegates visits to assess the situation. It is interesting to witness the progress of this project in the coming years!




11 thoughts on “FIFA World cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums’ Project

  1. It’s interesting to see that Qatar is already beginning to break their promises for this massive project. The promised 12 stadiums have now been reduced to only 8 (the minimum allowed by FIFA). To avoid the extreme heat of the summer, there’s been constant talk and plans to vote to move the event to January 2022. Also, the promised cooling technology for the stadiums is yet to be proven. For such an important project/event, the risk of delivering as promised and on time is extremely high. It requires a team highly qualified project managers.

  2. Thank you for that interesting article.
    I think that project falling within a big risk and there is a very high expectation from the team working on. Delivering the scope with these entire requirement’s within this time i think it’s possible but that might increase the budget.
    It’s required a high skill team to do that work and deliver it.
    Overall i think their major constrain is time, if we assumed that the scope is fixed and there will be no major changes in it.

  3. This is an eye catching article, giving the fact that it’s taking place in a neighbor country. I would have to agree on the fact that everything is possible in this world but it may take more time, more effort, or more money towards achieving it; and in my opinion this is the case with “FIFA World cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums’ Project”. Yes it’s possible to deliver the project and the stadium in time but it will require extra resources and equipment and highly skilled project managers and also more budget must to be allocated if they want this project to be delivered in time, because time is the only fixed constraint they have right now.

  4. Thanks Mohammed for amazing subject.
    I believe that Qatar has all the funds that will accommodate the resources that are in need to accomplish this project. Gas, energy, Financials, security.

    adding to that, many companies would like to work in these projects and make something for their name. But Qatar will have to bring more skilled workers and people to accomplish these projects.

    it will be a tough decision for which company should be the appropriate for doing these projects.

  5. Thank you Mohammed for this amazing post. First of all I would like to say that it is a huge challenge for Qatar to achieve such a huge event within given period and it’s interesting to watch the final results. After reading this blog I was really amazed about the stadiums that will be built with facilities and in such great designs. This project requires highly dedicated team in order to execute this project successfully. Personally I don’t think FIFA has chosen Qatar over Australia, Korea Republic, Japan, and USA without evaluating the country and the resources in hand. The only issue in my point of view will be security issues, as Qatar is a small population nation (only 280,000) and with this event the expected people will be approximate of 3,359,439 (52,491 per match).

  6. it was interesting to find out the total cost of the world cup projects in Qatar is about 220 Billion, which is more than many countries economy size!!

    Managing all these different type of projects will be a huge challenge specially the coordination between all the projects so im sure it will be a huge task on the main PM office.

  7. The Qatar story is an interesting case and besides the initial euphoria, all news has been bad. Rumors of bribery started to emerge soon after the successful bid (and investigations are currently underway). Although money was not seen to be an issue at the start (Qatar not only has to build new stadiums but they have to implement new technology so that the games are viable) it seems that they may be going for the minimum stipulation of stadiums (8 vs. 12). Recently the country has also been plagued with higher worker deaths which many say will increase significantly if the country remains on this trajectory. In the past, Sepp Blatter (FIFA president) had openly remarked that awarding Qatar the event may have been a mistake ( and since then there have been loud appeals to FIFA to grant the tournament to a different country. So guys it may come to pass that future MBA students use this to learn what not to do in a project.

    For additional information on this topic click on the following link –!GrCyM

  8. This seems to me a very expensive projects, maybe this is because the projects at Qatar have a very strict deadline which is 2020, and is believe that’s why they need to spend too much in budget, because they are constrained by time, which leads them to go with the more expensive approach, which is to crush the tasks through projects to make sure they get to be able to complete all of the projects on 2020.

    But this made me think of what will happen when the world cup finish, especially for a country with low population. Sure they will reduce the size of some of the stadiums but the rest might be like a ghost stadiums, what about the buildings?, what about the city?, will it be also empty, or is Qatar having other plans and projects to increase its population?

  9. It will be interesting to see how the 2022 World Cup plays out with the recent controversy that has been expressed regarding the awarding of the tournament to Qatar. With the allegations of FIFA bribery (nothing new to FIFA to be sure), combined with the weather (i.e. heat) that participants will be subjected to, and immigration concerns (see above posts for links), there is a very real chance that FIFA will bow to external pressure and move the event. This bears an interesting thought on any Project Plan – even the best laid plans are subject to derailment by outside forces independent of the PMs’ control. This isn’t to say that Qatar should suspend the projects until a final decision is made, but it would be interesting to know more about how these particular project managers are dealing with this potential uncertainty; how does one work such a potential catastrophe into his plans? Is there anything that a project manager could have done to realistically prepare for such an event?

  10. John-

    I don’t think a PM could do anything to prepare for the World Cup bid being revoked from Qatar. It has never been done before! I think the PM could have created a better and more realistic schedule. As Zeyad mentioned above, the number of stadiums has already been reduced from 12 to 8 and some of the technology they promised may not be ready. This is the famous blunder of over promising and under delivering.

    This Qatar WC bid is super interesting on many fronts. The fact that they earned the bid through bribery is no surprise given the general incompetence of FIFA (not to mention the IOC). I will be following the news on Qatar’s bid regularly and I am sure there will be many twists and turns in the coming months.

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