Sustainability with a LUS(H)cious Twist

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This generation continuously asks questions. Some of the major one’s that companies are asking revolve around sustainability. How can we become sustainable? How do we incorporate sustainability into what our company stands for? The company Lush Cosmetics has found a way to answer those questions in a very luscious manner. Lush is a company based in the UK that creates organic soaps and other body products to free consumers from chemicals typically used in such products. This company prides itself on finding ways to keep the world a healthier place. Therefore, Lush has decided to incorporate ‘CloudApps’ into their management strategy.

CloudApps is a multi-award winning sustainability program that helps companies monitor their carbon footprints. This software also covers performance management and reporting, energy management, and employee engagement along with the carbon footprint management. This system is very intriguing because it’s not only incorporating the sustainability factor for energy and waste, but it is also helping to create a sustainable and resourceful work force throughout the international company.

lush youtube backgroundBy introducing this new operational infrastructure of the company, Lush has been able to get creative in being resourceful in the companies shipping process. All of Lush’smanufacturing factories are over in Europe. This would essentially mean that shipment is not cheap and very wasteful. Instead of allowing this waste to be created, Lush took it upon them selves to find cheaper and lighter ways to fly products overseas. Most of their soaps aren’t individually packaged allowing them to ship more for a lower cost. This reduces the use of extra waste and in my opinion is the best way to ship a fairly durable mass quantity of product.

Not only has this system helped create a more resourceful company, it has also tied recycling into the companies outlook. Since recycling begins at the design, the company has invited customers to return the empty containers that are left over so that they can recycle them internally and be put towards a new container. The company even reaches out as far as asking for all of their customers empty bottle tops so that they can be melted down into a new container as well. I feel that Lush is doing a sensational job with this. They have cut down on packaging by 62% just by taking advantage of recycling!

Monitoring the carbon and operational infrastructures of the company has also influenced regulations and reputation for the company. Pressures on employees to recycle and think resourceful have made an even bigger impact on what the company can give back lush_cosmetic_product_shot1.28sweui6r78kcc804wgsk0gsg.5r15frdicg4kos40gwk400wsw.thto the environment. The company uses the CloudApps to decide what employees get specific bonuses based on how much they are recycle and energy consumption. It is shocking how one little change can help a company produce a number of healthier environments. They have shaped the work environment of the company as well as taken ethical actions in producing a healthier global environment.

Do you think that this approach to their staff will back fire one day? Is the need to monitor and reward the future of management? In comparison to “The Skies TheLimit” spaghetti and marshmallow project, do you think that if we (students) would perform differently if were told about a reward for the highest and most stable tower? How does this act sustainability take part in a better future for other companies?

5 thoughts on “Sustainability with a LUS(H)cious Twist

  1. This is a very interesting article. Given the fact that Lush products are not cheap and are often found in high end stores such as Macys, it makes sense that operation managers are trying to find ways to reduce shipping costs in order to keep prices from skyrocketing. The implementation of CloudApps seems like a good addition to their management strategy because customers will value the work that they put into sustainability and will have more trust in making business with them. I also think that more people nowadays are taking recycling more seriously because not only is it bad for our earth but also for our pockets since companies waste more money on producing new products from scratch. I think Lush will gain a competitive advantage because its customers will feel good when buying their products knowing that this organization is committed to making a profit but not at the expense of our global environment. I also think it is excellent for them to demand their employees to think about better ways to recycle and be resourceful. This strategy will allow Lush to keep the employees who believe in their mission and will add value to their company. Overall, I think Lush is setting a great example for many companies by building their reputation with the different “going green” type of strategies they are implementing.

  2. I am impressed by what this company has done for two reasons: one, it not only cares for the environment but is seriously taking actions to reduce their carbon footprint and alleviate environmental woes, especially by taking old containers from customers and recycling them internally; two, by tying employees’ efforts in recycling and reduction of energy consumption through CloudApps, they have established an environmentally-aware culture in the company which again is a serious action they are taking for the sake of the environment.

    However, there are always setbacks and one may be that staff will feel the system is unfair because some people may be dealing with more recyclable material than others, for instance. This can be resolved though by considering such factors and taking them into account when deciding about bonuses.

    As for monitoring and rewarding; management has always depended on both of these elements. The only difference is that the environment is additionally considered in this case which certainly contributes to a healthier, improved future and provides an excellent example for other companies.
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  3. I personally commend Lush for focusing on an environmentally friendly approach with their makeup and management. I think that using CloudApps is a great idea, considering their makeup is organic and costly, so it is plausible that the shipping prices are outrageous. I think that’s great that the company is monitoring their energy and waste through the software, and they are being rewarded with lower shipping prices. However, like all things, the CloudApps have some drawbacks, like people vying with software for a position, glitches within the system, and security issues. Right now, this approach to their staff seems to be working efficiently and is a good idea. Time will tell if this approach will be maintained and working effectively in the future.

    As for the rewarding of employees for a job well done, I personally feel that this is an effective approach because it motivates the employee to do a better job, and they are rewarded with something extra aside from their paycheck. A happy employee creates a happy workplace.

  4. I think it’s great that Lush wants to cut down on their carbon footprint and reduce their waste. I personally think more companies should look into doing these types of studies in order to reduce their waste. Not only does it cut down on waste, but it also cuts down on packaging and shipping costs.

    It sounds to me like Lush doesn’t have a punishment policy, just a rewards policy. If Lush’s focus is going green and creating a more recyclable product, then the incentives program is a great way to do so. Since one of their core values is creating a better environment, and less waste, then why shouldn’t their employees follow the same pursuit? The employees should believe in the company’s ethics and policies, so why not implement them into their personal lives? I’d imagine some of their employees were attracted to the job in the first place because of their unique mission, so I think they should be rewarded for following in their company’s green initiative.

  5. Wow! I have been a fan of Lush cosmetics, but I was not aware that they did so much to create a better, sustainable environment. Previously, I took a course on “sustainable management” and I learned how important and advantageous it is for corporations and large companies to engage in sustainability. It is not only beneficial for the company for themselves i (such as helping their budget in the long run and can help many companies cut large costs), but it helps the world and environment. We analyzed that many companies are now starting to take a step towards sustainability because it feels good to give back and they are also gaining many loyal, consumers who care about those things.
    When I think of sustainability Starbucks and Chipotle are two companies that come to mind and they are both companies that I personally admire because they have taken the steps to become more eco-friendly. And it’s amazing that a company like Lush (who is against animal testing already) has taken a further stance on sustainability.

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